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  1. Homemade tall seat for the Msuper

    Gonna have to try this! Thanks for the idea!
  2. Demonstrating How To Slime A Wheel

    Thanks for the video, Marty! I successfully slimed my KS-14b, but my MSuper V3s+, to slime it would require a complete shell removal to make the valve accessible enough! No matter what I do shy of that, it remains several degrees off from where I can access and remove/reinstall the valve core, even completely deflated and using a lever to force it away from the body/rim. Since I'm not exactly comfortable trying to remove the entire shell right now, and this is the wheel I will be using for long distance and high speed runs, this has me more than a little irritated. Or am I in possession of one with an unusually bad valve placement, and nobody else has this issue for their V3s+? EDIT: I see at least Marty has slimed his... I love the MSuper, but I just can't get over how stupidly the valve placement and shell placement was set up on this thing! It's almost a miracle that I can even inflate the damned thing on mine.
  3. First ride

    I'm using the fast 5 amp charger that came with the wheel when I purchased it. Most of the time I charge it to 80% and recharge at 20%. But for a max range test, 100% it is. The fast charger can be set to charge at 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 amps, and to a maximum of 80, 90 or 100%.
  4. First ride

    I personally hate drive-throughs, and I don't know why... but I will never go through one willingly. It would also not be something I would trust anyone around here driving a car with my safety for. Especially since the hurricane.
  5. First ride

    Now at 198 miles and 57% battery left, meaning I have done 31 miles on 43% battery. This extrapolates to just over 72 miles per charge so far, but it may be even better than that because every time I turn it off and let it rest a little while, the charge jumps 3 to 5% when I turn it back on again. I can now accelerate uphill and do minor carving at will at speed to avoid obstacles. Just rode it from my house to my girlfriend's house, about 2.97 miles South, and then 6.3 miles North to IHOP, and then 2.59 miles from IHOP home. Walked into IHOP during bar rush wearing full gear and only got one comment... nobody else cared. I also think I am starting to get a minor fan club of sorts, as I have people coming up to me slightly in awe saying things like, "I think I saw you out on ______, was that you?" Very amusing. I am also discovering secret back ways and shortcuts that let me avoid sidewalks, crosswalks and traffic while maintaining speeds of 18 mph+. Sweet. More and more this thing is becoming my favored form of transport.
  6. Dream Electric Unicycle

    Closed ones are 1 to 1.5 inches and open ones get to 3. Open ones compress. Neither is a serious problem, but could be if hit at the right angles and speeds.
  7. Dream Electric Unicycle

    1-3 inch pine cones and fallen branches (at night), sidewalk sections of dissimilar heights of 1/2" to 2" and drainage ruts of 2-4". I would probably be riding 18+ mh if I had perfect conditions. As it is, I average 8.
  8. It's Good to Have a Plan B

    I will say that I was surprised at how much they didn't like the idea I came up with for not having to get my girlfriend's bike a new tire tube every two weeks when she was riding it 10 miles each direction to and from work for a while there - which was solid inner tubes. So maybe you have a point.
  9. It's Good to Have a Plan B

    Thus my confusion.
  10. It's Good to Have a Plan B

    Guess I'm sliming the tire then... the bike shop recommended against it because it makes a mess. Just kind of confused why they would do that.
  11. It's Good to Have a Plan B

    I have been wanting to slime my wheel's tire, but I am still a little worried about the "it's only good for two years" thing... what then? But after riding through broken glass tonight (apparently someone decided that there wasn't already enough on the sidewalk, so they broke a large bottle, which I didn't see because the headlight on the V3s+ is so powerful blindingly powerful - I actually heard myself go through it the way there and only saw it on the way back because I had my flashlight in hand...) I have concluded that with people this stupid in PSL, I need a portable pump and slime at least with me... I'd like to use it prophylactically ( ) if possible, but what happens after 2 years? Do I need to replace the tube?
  12. First ride

    Doing a distance test. Charged from 100%, and with 167 miles on the wheel, I'm now down to 68% at 188 miles. That means I am using a little more than 1.52% per mile during this test right now. That comes out to a projected 65.78 miles. I am not sure the tire is pumped up to full, but that's not quite what I was looking for...
  13. First ride

    Looks familiar.
  14. Dream Electric Unicycle

    Here's what I want. I want a way to turn off bluetooth so the machine can't easily be hacked while you're riding it and sabotaged. I want a way to lock the damned thing so I can chain it up outside the restaurant and even if the cable is cut, it cannot be turned on. Maybe requiring my thumbprint, a password and/or a key. I want pedals that are actually big enough, and have a slight lip to help prevent your feet from slipping off. I want the damned thing to be rainproof, no matter how heavy the rain is. I want an on-machine display of battery level in percentages left, and the current speed, so I don't have to stop and/or reach in my pocket to pull out my phone, unlock it and then look. While hitting someone or something in the process. I want it to have a powerful enough headlight for me to see far enough ahead to stop in time to avoid glass, potholes, sidewalk issues etc. at night without killing myself or being limited to 5-8 mph in the process. I want the turn signals to be far enough apart that it is obvious what direction I am turning in. I want the damned thing to have a seat that is not just present, but that you can adjust the height of, so you can ride it without affecting your center of gravity and having to learn seated riding as an entirely new skillset. I want the inflator valve to be easily accessible and not require that I purchase an air compressor, fittings, hoses, etc. and then use a damned lever to force the valve away from the rim while I hold the lever in one hand, the inflator valve in the other and the tire with my foot - I want to inflate the damned tire without it being a dreaded ordeal! I want it configured so that the center of gravity of the machine is such that it's not top heavy. I want that I can ride it through 4 to 6 inches of water without frying the electronics. I want a machine that can be ridden hard and long in the middle of summer in Florida and not overheat. I want a machine that I never ever have to worry about cutting out on me while I am riding it, no matter what. And if a suspension of some sort is genuinely possible, give me that too. That's what I want. That all seems pretty reasonable to me.
  15. First ride

    Well now that I know how to ride her, I do!