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  1. I didn't realize I could get an entire new case. Well... if that's true... let's fuck shit up! lol (But not me. )
  2. Yeah, I'm gonna be trying to do this either alone or with my girlfriend, who is nothing but supportive and patient. Unfortunately the only places I know of where I think I can really do this are significant distances from me.
  3. Well, I am definitely learning, but not what I had been wanting to learn. Instead, I am learning to listen to you guys instead of rush off into action out of excitement. Today I was planning to try the foot placement I read about in the how to thread, where you have your center of gravity in line with the axle. I also wanted to try on the road for once. So I geared up and managed a 2 for 2, riding more than 30 feet both times. Both times I also managed to slow the machine down. The first time I had to ditch, I managed to do that in the grass. The second time, in the road. The machine cartwheeled down the road, alternately scratching the hell out of itself and then propelling itself to repeat the self destruction. It went down the road like that for as far as I rode it, and now it looks pretty bad. Definitely time for a strap. This of course being half the reason for learning in the grass... So, feeling a little dumb for having forgotten that in my excitement, or perhaps having ignored it in my excitement more than anything else... I came inside and fashioned a strap from a rope. But now I am relatively convinced that the issue is... the MSuper V3s+ is perhaps TOO HEAVY for this sort of treatment? Haven't tried it yet, but... 50 pounds with momentum is not going to be a pretty thing when it's that much power. I need to go buy more padding. I definitely do not see these things going mainstream unless people learn on smaller, lighter ones first. In my infinite intelligence, I spent almost $2k on one only to scratch the hell out of it and then decide maybe I should buy a cheap generic to learn on.
  4. I'm not worried what other people think. He was obviously looking at it from a point of view of what would be right for his situation, right now, and not mine. People do that sometimes. But I know that when I'm gliding around having an awesome time, he'll be the one who's getting laughed at, not me. At this point, I am of the opinion that the vast majority of Americans, at least, will be too lazy to learn how to do this.
  5. Wiped out right now, I'm coming down with some sort of chest infection I think, but yesterday I found a fence and started wandering along holding it and it was helping. Then I made the mistake of trying to have it on when I entered the house, and coming up the 3 inch lip I lost control of it, had it skid out all over my kitchen floors, fly outside and bend the handle. That upset me considerably. I left it alone for the rest of the day. Today some friends and I went out to Okeechobee and I was practicing in the grass. Had a guy in his 60's or 70s taking pictures of us and talking a lot. My friends are a couple, and the guy, Cameron, started off deriding me for my "bad decision" to spend this kind of money on an electric unicycle, but ended up spending more time on it than I did and having so much fun that he wanted to change our plans so he could use it more. I appreciate the explanations, guys. I don't think I really understood how slowly this process must go. So I have reset my expectations, and I will go with spending a little time as many times a day as possible, and just be persistent until I get it. I managed to make some progress today, and I'm learning to stay on the EUC as it falls side to side between my legs, even in grass, uneven ground and on inclines. I also managed to repeat my ~30 foot ride from yesterday, but between Cameron trying to learn it and random strangers stopping to talk, I did not get but about 1/3rd the practice I wanted to. Frustrating. Next time I'll have to find a place with a lot less people. One guy passing by said, "Don't worry, we won't laugh." To which I replied, "Don't worry - we will!" Can't take it too seriously. Interestingly, I thought I posted this hours ago, but it is still in the editor and not on the thread. Well, here goes again...
  6. Well you see... we have rain every day in Florida during this part of the year, and the timing shifts from day to day, but it's usually in the early afternoon. Until yesterday I was working during that time. I only got to go to a decent park because I had to take my girlfriend to her dentist, in a different city. In my city, there is only one place that, as it turns out, has decent conditions for learning, that I know about, and which is legal for me to use - which is a park where one does not go during the day without attracting a lot of attention from swarms of kids (which I don't want while I am learning to ride) and one does not go to during the night without attracting swarms of police. This leaves me with.... * My street, where people speed carelessly... * My driveway, which goes downhill into the street... * My yard, which is full of high grass right now and various minor potholes... I've been trying to use the street and driveway, which has only shredded my padding and messed up the wheel. So I try to go in the grass, but half the time I can't accelerate because the wheel is in one of those potholes without me realizing it, because the grass is too high. Lawn people won't mow because its raining every day. Literally, I lean forward to accelerate and the wheel does not move. I just fall off. The wheel does not appear to have enough power to go when it's in one, and somehow I cannot easily tell when I'm in one. I'm actually quite surprised at how fast I am learning this, but the constant interruptions are very frustrating. I want a day where I can go out and do 10 to 30 minutes at a time, with 20 to 30 minute breaks, until I really get it or I am too sore or tired to keep going. Today I went to a park where I would have both an empty parking lot and relatively flat grass to work with, only to have to leave right after gearing up because the bathrooms were out of order. I came home and went in my driveway and front yard. I always do try to accelerate. On a hard surface this seems to result in destruction of padding or wheel. In grass it results in success about 20% of the time. That's how I managed to have a 32 foot ride today. I ran out of yard between my driveway and the edge of the property. Of course... now it's thundering. There will be a lightning and thunder storm momentarily. But then... there has been an ongoing theme of failure, frustration and delay in my life for 6 months now. I guess this is really no surprise. Forcibly learning patience isn't fun.
  7. When I say drive off and hide, I mean, hide from all the distractions so I can ride my darned wheel and get it! I don't mind putting in the time and effort, or dealing with developing the muscles... but this "Oh, you have 10 minutes and then it starts to rain" or "you get all geared up and then you find that you have to leave" or "you have 5 minutes on the thing and then are forced to go do something else" is very much getting on my nerves. That must be why I feel like I will never get it. I am a very determined man when it comes to doing something I am really wanting to do. Just need reasonable amounts of time to do it.
  8. I think I am finding it very frustrating because I do not have a reasonable amount of time to do this... too much shit to do otherwise, even on my "days off". Or a decent place to do it, where I won't be accosted by people. I'm forced to do it in a horrible location and for just a few minutes at a time. Just enough to either get frustrated or get excited, and then I have to stop. So it maybe more than a few more days, if this no time crap keeps up. I think I'm going to drive off and hide for a couple days if this keeps up, lol
  9. Interesting situation today. I managed 32 feet ridden, in high grass without any help... but I feel like I am never going to get this. I see myself advancing rapidly in being able to stay on while the unicycle is falling by leaning my body back and forth so it just turns instead of falling over, but... I feel like I am never going to get this. What the hell! Is this normal? How can I be making such good progress and still feel like this?
  10. I'm probably too new to really be able to welcome you, but welcome anyway! I'm actually kind of enjoying being all geared up, it feels like wearing armor. I do the helmet, wrist pads, elbow pads, knee pads. Gonna get gloves and maybe a reflective orange vest. Then maybe I'll put some aluminum foil on my helmet for good measure, lol But... yes, I also hope you decide to join Group One.
  11. As a pedestrian, and as a hover board rider, I have had various insults and even physical objects hurled at me by car riding passers by. There is, unfortunately, nop cure for stupid. I'm not going to be surprised when it happens on my wheel... but at least it's not very common where I am.
  12. Today I got a solid 45 minutes to learn some stuff at a park. I was practicing in the grass for the first few minutes, but that was about pointless, so I got on the wide sidewalk, where nobody would be walking. Managed to make solid improvement. Mounting, dismounting, balancing, riding straight, turning (instead of falling off). I managed to travel approximately 21 feet on it today so far. It is getting scratched up, but... such is life. I'm very pleased with my progress so far. This morning I woke up with sore muscles in places I definitely did not expect. I suspect the same will happen tomorrow. I am beginning to understand the "ankle biter" thing, too... but how much fun is this to learn?!
  13. This damned work project keeps rearing it's ugly head. I thought I was done, still have a couple more hours to go. When I finish, I have exactly 2 days free before I start another major (probably months long 10+ hour days) project. Such is the price of high job security I guess. So I'm gonna spend all the time I can tomorrow and the next day trying to learn this thing!
  14. Seemed to be if the tube tore, etc. But I am not really very concerned with it at the moment. How does one add slime to a pressurized tire? Is it in a pressurized container? Do you deflate the tire first?
  15. Seemed mostly to be about making a mess.