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  1. Apparently, I have arrived.

    Very interesting suggestions. I realize that it is definitely true that I am new to high speed wheeling, so it cannot be ruled out that this is the case. I will have to spend some time trying out these suggestions, then, thank you all. I'm not really wanting to be a speed demon and ride around at 25 mph+ all the time, I was thinking a top speed of about 15 to 20 is good. But I do want to understand my wheel and how to be safe and in control at all speeds, so I will give this some attention and see if it makes a difference. Thank you all again for your time and help. Today I rode around for an hour at speeds not exceeding 15 mph and while I did experience a little bit of the wobble, it wasn't very obvious. Rode from dropping my girlfriend off at the dentist, to the park where I used to practice, to all over the neighborhood where that park is located. Found some (Florida style) "hills" (20 degrees, 20 feet tall) and explored them. Had a blast until my feet went numb.
  2. Apparently, I have arrived.

    In this case, my wheel exhibits two different types of wobble. The first is the wobble it gets when I am doing a hard deceleration, which is where it wobbles side to side. The second, which is what I was referring to in the OP, is one that results from the wheel itself being imperfectly balanced. There is a distinct rhythmic imbalance and happens in the direction of the wheel's motion, and seems to only happen at speeds above 24 mph. In my case, neither of these results from improper foot positioning, because I make good and sure every time I step on that my foot positioning is perfect before I accelerate beyond about 5 mph. Anything higher with a bad foot placement results in a definitely unsafe ride, and "ain't nobody got time fadat". I want to have fun, de-stress and get places, not kill myself. So foot placement has been a point of a lot of practice for me, and I usually get it right in one try. If not, I immediately feel it, and I adjust my feet at low speeds until they're equally placed on the pedals. I wish it was as simple as foot placement.
  3. Apparently, I have arrived.

    Thanks for the feedback guys. The wheel has probably 4.25 ounces of slime in it, and was significantly unbalanced for the first 15 minutes of the ride, after which it faded and there was almost no imbalance during the rest of the first half of the run. It is possible that the imbalance only happens at 25 mph+, and I was not able to travel that fast for the last 3rd of the first half, because there were no bike lanes and the sidewalks limit my speed to 15-20 mph as a result of their not being truly smooth. I seriously doubt it's anything to do with my legs, but it does have me somewhat concerned. If I understand correctly, the third alarm signals that you are using >80% of the remaining battery power, no? As to the heat, it is good to know that even pushing my wheel to close to it;s limits, I will never overheat it. I hope. And last but not least, I think I'll set tiltback to 45 kph. I was thinking that earlier, so I think I'll go with that suggestion. Maybe 15 mph, and see if it affects the range. I took the wheel from 82% to 50% so I'm still getting really good mileage, even though I'm doing high speeds and going over (admittedly small) bridges. Is it safe to charge the wheel every time I use it, if I charge it up to 80% 9/10 times?
  4. So today I used my EUC (MSuper V3s+) to replace my car going to lunch and back, a 16.5 mile round trip. This was the first time I felt comfortable enough to not only ride the whole way, where possible, in the bike lane, but do so during the day in normal traffic. On top of that, I achieved a new speed record of 28.3 mph, and a new temperature record of 51 degrees C. Prior to the trip, I used the Gotway app to set the alarm so that only the 80% warning alarm remained active, and I set the tiltback to 47 kph. During my ride, no alarm sounded and no tiltback was experienced. It took me 67 minutes to get there and back. I was able to successfully bring it into the restaurant, as well. Naturally, fully geared up, with a backpack to store everything in while I was there. So apparently, I have arrived as being able to use almost all of the speed and power this machine has to offer. This really excites me. I've started being able to carve at will, and I guess now I can start learning stuff like going backwards. To those with more experience, a few questions: 1. Is it normal for the wheel to become slightly unbalanced at high speeds when you have slime in it? 2. Is a tiltback of 47 kph safe, or could it potentially overload the battery and cause a cutout? 3. Is a temperature of 51C something to be concerned about? Thanks all.
  5. We've decided to take on The Man

    As I read current Florida Statutes, EUCs do not meet the definition you say they do. There does not, in fact, seem to be any current classification that fits them. I've talked to several police officers, and a couple have told me that since it has a motor, it is technically supposed to be in the bike lane, but some of what I have read statutes wise seemed to contradict that and said it should be in the sidewalk. But no specific category of vehicle fully describes an EUC according to current Florida Law, unless maybe I missed something.
  6. Sold! Monster it is for the next wheel...
  7. 50 out of how many possible on a single charge?
  8. Due to me living in a city designed for cars, probably 2.95 miles in the city and so far about 6.5 orherwise. At this point, it's about having to step off to cross roads.
  9. First ride

    Probably not, lol. Based on what you say being what I was noticing, and the fact that that beeping? "Ain't nobody got time fadat!" Plus, that extrapolation was to 0% battery, which we all know isn't going to happen. So I'll estimate a maximum rage of about 67 to 70 miles, if I was forced to ride through all that beeping. But, you also have to factor in that during that test: I rode at high speed for about half the time, I rode over some big bridges a few times (effortlessly accelerating uphill is a strangely thrilling activity!), The recent hurricanes mean I was getting some pretty heavy wind resistance at times, low speed or not, I was at times practicing riding in the grass, and I ride mostly at night, with the light on all the time. Given that, I would say that under more nominal conditions that I would typically encounter during just riding around my city, 70 miles per charge is probably reasonable to expect from 100% to 20%.

    As to foot pain, my experience has been that I got foot pain in the beginning because subconsciously I was afraid of falling off the wheel, and I was trying to grip the wheel pedal with my foot instead of just riding. I figured out that this is what it was because over time, I stopped having that pain, and then it appeared again for a while each time i have fallen off. Significantly, the shoes I wear while riding have had a huge impact on removing that pain. Old worn out soles = pain. Mountain boots with aggressive highly grippy tread = no pain. The foot fatigue is a different discomfort that, as Marty has predicted, is fading with conditioning. Just my 2c.
  11. I just got my Msuper V3s+ today! Surprised by the look!

    I got my MSuper V3s+ for US $1,950, and I'd say it's worth every penny of what I paid. I can't compare it to the KS-18S yet, but the MSuper V3s+ is a fantastic wheel. I fall more in love with it every time I ride it, and every time I fall more in love with it, I make it a point to ride it more often. If you don't think it's worth $750, then you have strong preferences elsewhere. That's not necessarily to say that it's not worth that; it's just not worth that to you, right now. I'm looking forward to getting the KS-18S and trying it out. But is it worth $2k? Not to me, not right now, because I don't have that kind of money to toss around and because I have something that fills that niche just fine right now. Will it be when I have one and have put a few hundred miles on it? Maybe... depends on whether or not it compares favorably to my MSuper for what I want it to do. It's all in the eye of the beholder.
  12. I just got my Msuper V3s+ today! Surprised by the look!

    I have to disagree. While I only have the MSuper V3s+ and a KS-14b, and I cannot compare the V3s+ to a KS-18 of any flavor (yet), I can assure you that that video reviewer is wrong. This is a wheel that demands you have skill to ride it, yes; but you can grow into it from nothing, and I am living proof of that. That is exactly what I have done. I am not a master of riding yet, but every time I ride I have more skill than before, and more fun than before. At this point, I am putting miles on it like they are nothing. 6 miles used to be an astonishing feat to me, just a month ago. Now I do it practically in my sleep, literally futzing around wishing I could go for a REAL ride when I don't have the time. Any wheel can be learned, grown into and mastered from scratch. The question is, are you willing to put in the required effort? The first wheel you learn to ride is going to be the one you most likely prefer. The one(s) before this latest one will most likely be preferred, because they are familiar and easy. The more wheels you master, the more you develop a universal mastery, and can then do anything with anything. So again, it's just a matter of what you're willing to do to learn that wheel. My KS-14b feels very alien to me right now; I have not found a graceful, consistent or easy way to mount it, and it's very squirrely compared to the MSuper. I don't particularly like it just yet, but I still practice on it. Doesn't mean I won't like it when I have enough experience with it. Doesn't mean I can't learn and even master it with enough determination and perseverance!
  13. And when they do, we will all be superhero celebrities!
  14. First ride

    Well so far on my distributed run distance test, I have gone 49 miles and have 35% battery left. This extrapolates to a potential distance of a little over 75 miles from 100% to 0%, 60 miles from 100% to 20%, and 45 miles per charge if I charge it to 80% and discharge to 20%.
  15. Demonstrating How To Slime A Wheel

    Aha, that looks like a very probable solution! Thanks, Marty, that is much appreciated. Yeah, the plastic cap worked for the KS-14b, but not the MSuper. I shall take your advice and get that and try again.