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  1. Anybody inspect an Msuper charge port? That is now on my to-do list. Thanks Marty for posting this finding.
  2. I received my V8 from eWheels/Jason yesterday. Mine also came with the wider wheel which I actually prefer, and yes, it does make a scraping noise at some points in the ride. Jason has superb service and recommend his establishment highly. He included some vinyl protective tape cut to fit the shell. I ordered a standard padded cover for the V8 this morning because it will get scratched up without it. Nice wheel. Very nimble and maneuverable. I have become accustomed to the stable heavy feel of the Msuper, in comparison, so the V8 feels super light and ready to carve.
  3. That is a perfect helmet for EUC riding. I have one as well. It does not block your view, very light weight, very comfortable with excellent ventilation. Should slide off a faceplant easily.
  4. Cool idea. Sign me up!
  5. Thank you for your expertise and super speedy response!
  6. My MsuperV3 is at 90% battery and showing 64 volts instead of 84V in both DarknessBot and Gyrometrics. Is that normal voltage drop, a problem with the apps or a problem with my batteries?
  7. The Gotway app works, I downloaded from the apple app store. You need to have wifi access when you initialize it in order to run it, not just initially, but every time. That is my understanding and experience with it.
  8. That worked. Well done, wheel paired in gyrometrics as well. Thank you.
  9. I installed both DarknessBot and Gyometrics. Neither seems to be able to interface with wheel settings such as tilt back and calibration, alarms, etc. Both seem to have nice metrics, DarknessBot looking really cool. How do you select the wheel in Gyrometrics? The list populates with at least 10 entries for me. the list does not identify the entries with names such as gotway or anything else clearly descriptive. It presents a really long stream of numbers and letters. No indication of Gotway. DarknesBot found the wheel and offered to pair right away with ease.
  10. Cool. Which do you recommend? Are you able to change all the available parameters with each? Thanks.
  11. Is there an alternative to the Gotway App if using an iPhone? The required internet connectivity is a major drawback. Otherwise, the new app works fine for me.
  12. Great picture. Worth a thousand words as they say. Where is it from and what is the application?
  13. I really did search, tried what was already suggested, but had no luck. My iphone (also tried an ipad, and an ipod touch) will not find my shiny new Gotway Msuper. Turned on the wheel, set the phone to Bluetooth searching. Nothing. I am also unable to register the app. Country Code: +1 Mobile number: Wheel Number: The numbers only, that are listed in the manual that came with it. I keep getting a server error message.
  14. Your wheel identifier will display on the bottom of the screen. Select it. The app will open and you will be paired. Hope this helped.
  15. I am not a great photographer, so sorry for the lousy images, but they help walk you through pairing your iPhone with your Gotway wheel. Your Gotway wheel Bluetooth transceiver does not show up on the iPhone Bluetooth discovery screen, not sure why. See picture. When you open the app, there is a prompt to click to scan for your wheel. See pic. make sure your wheel is on. After you select scan, the app shows it is looking for the wheel Bluetooth.
  16. BTW, for anyone who is new to using the Gotway app ... After you register the wheel, and you start the app, it will indicate that the app is searching for a Bluetooth signal from the wheel. On the very bottom of the frame/screen, your wheel will show up. You then select that device/wheel and it will pair. Not an obvious process at all. The wheel does not show up in the iPhone Bluetooth devices queue that you are used to using when pairing Bluetooth devices. It is only available for selection in the gotway app. I may post some screenshots for clarity.
  17. Ha Ha! It seems that the Gotway servers were offline for a while, (confirmed by Jason at eWheels), and without the app the iphone will not find and pair with the wheel. Once the app server was available and I could register, the pairing was available.
  18. Solved: It just started working and now I am paired. No idea why.
  19. Update: I was able to register the app, it just finally worked, but still no Bluetooth pairing to an iphone 6+ so not much use.
  20. Tareq is a master. Few will ever come close to his skill. The electronics he uses, lipo batteries, flybarless controllers (pretty much the same function as the electronic stabilization in a EUC but in 3D), battery connectors, servos, receivers, etc. are subjected to massive strain and they very rarely fail, and they are stock! EUCs will get there, eventually. One more from Tareq.