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  1. You need I.D. (that can be easily located by responders if you are unresponsive) and health insurance of some kind as well.
  2. Solar panel for charging

    The foldable panel would be the way to go for the majority of the charging, but a smaller panel that could be worn could feed the battery some juice while riding, extending the range. I will do some more research. Solar Bike: http://www.maxun.cc/ Interesting idea .
  3. Anyone try to rig up a solar panel to charge the batteries while riding? Thinking about an ultra long ride across the desert. How cool and ambitious would that be? https://www.reuters.com/article/us-race-australia-solar/solar-cars-begin-race-across-australian-desert-idUSKBN1CD04Y Some discussion on the topic in this previous thread:
  4. EUC racing?

    Anybody race EUCs? I race a Gotway Msuper V3 against my kid on an Inmotion V8, and he kicks my old sorry behind every time. I have the edge on the straights with top speed, but I lose the time on the corners. The V8 does not seem to need to slow down on the sharp turns nearly as much as the warthog gotway. Paved winding path through the woods with nobody around is ideal for EUC racing. Give it a try!
  5. We've decided to take on The Man

    2000FT? You live at the end of a runway?
  6. Repairing MSuper Flat Tire with Slime

    Another alternative to slime is this stuff. I use it on my motorcycle tires. Seems to offer the benefit of balancing the wheels as well. http://www.ride-on.com/bike-on-bicycle-formula.html
  7. Ha! Ha! I bet his friends knew that hole was there. I sit typing this with ice on my wrist and elbow from a below 5mph fall onto blacktop trying to balance a two wheeled v3 on one wheel. No gear. DUMBASS. And I preach ATGATT in this thread every time I post!
  8. If you plan on riding on any uneven surfaces such as grass or off road, or on imperfect pavement, I would venture to say that there is a 100% chance that you will be thrown off your wheel at some point. You will fall. What do you want to contact the surface?
  9. Mten3 First Impressions / Review - BUY ONE NOW!!!

    Nice video! I am impressed by your willingness to practice skills in front of a judgmental audience. That little girl ran so fast when you dropped the wheel, even in slow mo it was a world record
  10. Agree. It takes time to get fully comfortable, but once you do you can fling it about like the most nimble of wheels. Love it at all speeds. My other wheel is a Inmotion v8 and the msuper is my preferred wheel. (I started on a v3) Get used to the msuper, it is like learning to do acro in a twin engined corporate transport deadstick. It becomes great fun.
  11. Iwant to travel thousand of miles by unicyle

    So it can be done, as long as you plan charging spots along the way. That may be the biggest challenge where population centers are far apart.
  12. Iwant to travel thousand of miles by unicyle

    Is possible to go coast to coast USA staying off the highways?
  13. EWheels 84v Fast Charger Review

    I had brought this finding to Jason's attention a while back. My solution to get the batteries fully topped off and to facilitate proper balancing at the 100% capacity was to purchase a charge doctor and use the charge doctor with the normal slow charger to get the final few percentage points of charge and to balance the cells, this after the fast charger charges to the almost but not quite full point.
  14. We’re getting bum deal, say Canterbury's naked bike ride protesters http://www.kentonline.co.uk/canterbury/news/were-getting-a-bum-deal-126228/ These guys have the right idea. No clothing at all is the safest way to ride any open uncaged vehicle.
  15. "I'm sorry but there is just no solid evidence that gloves prevent injury. There is no design minimum safety standard for manufacturers to adhere to either. I've seen injuries result from gloves gripping the ground on impact and causing twisting injuries. There are also cases where the increased padding connected to the ground when a bare hand wouldn't have and could have avoided a crash. I'll stick to wearing my helmet thanks, but don't you dare make gloves compulsory! " The above is a comment in section below the following article. http://road.cc/content/news/164652-why-do-cyclists-wear-gloves Why do cyclists wear gloves?
  16. What about gloves? Any evidence that they help prevent injury?
  17. I would take the wheel apart to get a better idea of what is damaged and if the damage compromises anything such as water resistance. Looks like you could just glue the cracked piece back on (epoxy or CA glue) once the wheel is apart. The below video is one way to take the wheel apart.
  18. Yoshi's New Riding Gear

    Excellent choices in gear. Well done!
  19. There are some intense pictures found on this site that show serious injuries due to lack of protective gear. There are no pictures of persons who sustained brain injury from lack of a helmet. Further evidence that helmets do nothing to prevent injury. Perhaps I have it wrong. Perhaps we should all stop wearing helmets due to the lack of hard evidence regarding their benefit.
  20. You may be right. I wear a helmet not due to the preponderance of empirical evidence from studies, but because I know that if I hit my head on the ground, plastic and thick foam are a better buffer to my head than my hair. I also know that the skin on my face with be abraded on the asphalt, but my full face helmet will take the hit if I am wearing it. Gloves are pretty good ideas as well. Not sure about the studies that justify their usage.
  21. I purchased them from REI and they warranty them for a full year no questions asked. I will get a replacement pair. If they fail again, I will just get a refund and use the hillbilly full finger wrist protectors. I really like those and they are standing up to tough use. I was concerned about the negative reviews about the hillbilly gloves bleeding black dye if you sweat in them, but so far no issue at all. https://www.amazon.com/Hillbilly-Wrist-Guard-Gloves-Finger/dp/B0046F2EYU/ref=sr_1_15?ie=UTF8&qid=1504107782&sr=8-15&keywords=skateboard+gloves
  22. Alternatively, you could just look at it as a personal risk/reward ratio that you are comfortable with. Riding a perfect EUC that never has electronic or mechanical failure, there are still situations that everyone riding WILL experience at some point that lead to a fall. If you hit an undetected rock or rut or pothole and leave the EUC at 20mph, almost all people will be injured without gear. Take the risk if you want, but there is really no way to claim a fall off an EUC at 20mph is not dangerous. It will happen.
  23. Downhill mountain bike helmet does not block your view much at all, and has plenty of airflow. Not the in a bubble feeling of a motorcycle helmet at all. I ride motorcycles as well. I like the chin protector idea, but your teeth and nose are still at risk. This helmet works best for me. My kids wear them as well. Gear is really annoying to put on, but once it becomes habit it is absolutely worth the effort. No joy lost in riding once it is habit. All you lose is the life changing injuries and life lasting regret. ATGATT https://www.bellhelmets.com/cycling/helmets/dirt/sanction-18