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  1. Flat tires

    Tire liners are definitely a benefit. Combined with puncture sealant you are orders of magnitude less likely to get stranded due to a flat compared to going without.
  2. Paging Dr. Rehab1, another rider down!

    That vest would work, but it needs to be in a special jacket or suit, costs 1000 dollars and every little tumble would cost $150 to reset the system. Not practical. A helite vest with a teather is a better option, but at our EUC speeds, it is really not needed, just pads to protect the corners of the body, helmet and gloves. Extreme EUC, a member here, does it right.
  3. My ACM2 Triumphs, Tribulations, and Failures

    That is a software bug/software design limitation that needs to be worked around. I had the same confusion when I first received my Gotway Msuper. The percentage charge is correct, but the voltage is off. I recommend using a charge doctor for charging so that you can see actual voltages and to also allow for storage charging.
  4. Jason provides the BEST customer service of any vendor in pretty much any industry. If you are buying a wheel, he is the man to buy from. (This is not a paid advertisement )
  5. Paging Dr. Rehab1, another rider down!

    Legality of the EUC is fundamental in the consideration as to coverage. Yet, the argument to exclude would still be easy enough to make. I guess the only absolute way to know is to get it in writing from the company.
  6. Paging Dr. Rehab1, another rider down!

    I can see the underwriters working the numbers on the EUC right now ... LOL! So you have this chinese made 50 pound single wheel moving at up to 30mph that is neither certified, registered, inspected or regulated in any way, and you want us to pay for damage it causes to persons or property?
  7. Paging Dr. Rehab1, another rider down!

    I have my umbrella policy through Geico, my auto and motorcycle carrier. I pray I never need it, because I am told Geico fights tooth and nail to deny claims against the Umbrella, and the policy is not at all cheap..
  8. Paging Dr. Rehab1, another rider down!

    I would bet that any umbrella policy would fight hard to exclude coverage related to any damage you cause while operating an EUC.
  9. My fall...

    True. True.
  10. My fall...

    Thanks for sharing. I hope you have a 100 percent recovery soon.
  11. Tire slime or tube slime for inmotion v5F+?

    Yes, it pools to the bottom if the wheel is not spinning but there should be no feeling of imbalance when moving again because it spreads out quickly. I prefer this product to Slime. http://www.ride-on.com/bike-on-bicycle-formula.html It seals and balances the wheel at the same time. The substance is thicker and does not settle every time the wheel stops spinning. The balancing aspect of this material is only really appreciated at high speeds. Great in motorcycle tires as well. Like slime it has a different formula for each specific wheel application.
  12. Tesla First Impression Boxed

  13. Tire slime or tube slime for inmotion v5F+?

    Pick up your own tire pressure gauge . https://www.amazon.com/Tire-Gauges/b?ie=UTF8&node=15709131 Even the cheapest one out there is better than trying to figure out PSI by squeezing the tire. If it reads zero and you have air in the tire, the gauge is broken. Slime will not interfere with pressure gauge readings assuming you just inflated the tire and blew the valve open with pressurized air, and closed the valve by releasing the pressure of air. You should not feel any difference riding a slimed tire with the same PSI
  14. Wheel received. This wheel is a great value. I spent $500 on the V3 when I bought it last year, and the Glide 2 lite ($350 with coupon) is so much more at a better price. Kid loves it, as do I. Terrific starter wheel, backup wheel, or easily transported in a backpack wheel. I highly recommend anyone consider picking this up at this excellent price point. Well done!