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  1. 63 old guinea pig

    One more thing, once you get used to your wheel, think of loosen your toes from time to time while riding. It helps a lot on long run
  2. 63 old guinea pig

    I'm 57 and started in june with the V5F. Check the pressure, usually those wheels are delivered almost flat. Put some padding the protect it during the learning curve. Don't forget to wear good knee and hand protection. It took me two short afternoon to be able to stay on it for more than 50 meters. I've done a lot of bicycle and motorcycle not so long away but it didn't help. It's just something new your brain need to understand, exactly the same way we learned bicycle. I did about 300 Km with the Inmotion within a month and the switched for a gotway Msuper V3 820 Now I'm never leaving home without my wheel. If I'm not driving it, I put it in the back of my car. I call it "my personal magic carpet" :-) Have fun !
  3. The reason is that if I can decide to take a risk for myself, I can't decide for a friend. Therefore I can't recommend it. Gotway did not officially said anything to customers about the issue. If they were professional neither you or me would have fallen 10 days after the first occurrence.
  4. I must admit that, seeing how they handled the issue and how they provided information about it, I can NOT recommend any Gotway product to anyone.
  5. My MSuper Firmware Re-flashed And Tested

    I got mine Msuper V3 reflashed today by Patrick, Belgium, Brussels. Thank to you @Marty Backe I was a lot more confident to ride it again. Done a short trip about 15 KM, 10 Mi, on all kind of different surfaces including good old paved road without any issue. And my face is healing very well Go ahead !
  6. My new MSuper V3s+ and Gotway Screwed Us

    Thanks a lot @Marty Backe for the test. I will help us to regain confidence. Still waiting for mine to be reflashed.
  7. From There I met another forum member which was at the shop for a board replacement. He fell down the same afternoon but at lower speed. The dealer did apologise , was deeply sorry and already called me two or three times to keep me informed about the resolution progress.
  8. Any firmware downgraded yet ? For some Belgium distributor it should be available tuesday.
  9. My new MSuper V3s+ and Gotway Screwed Us

    I found a lot different models on aliexpress A complet set
  10. My new MSuper V3s+ and Gotway Screwed Us

    Nice, do you have a link for the chest protection ?
  11. My new MSuper V3s+ and Gotway Screwed Us

    Whatever the wrist guards I had, I can still feel my ribs from friday firmware crash. Not much that can be done to protect theses.
  12. My new MSuper V3s+ and Gotway Screwed Us

    Hope the dealers will get the flashing tools before the week-end. Glad your hand is going better @Marty Backe, let us know when your wheel is flashed. Do you have an IronMan Armor for the first rides ?
  13. I attached a cam to record the point of contact between the wheel and the ground and I tried to reproduce the issue at low speed at the area where it occur on my way back from the crash but I wasn't "lucky" either. Probably because I'm far less confident, my position on the wheel must be different. As it occurred while the wheel was bouncing, weight and tire pressure also have an influence.
  14. There must be a flaw in the PID control once the wheel leave the ground. The limit they have introduced caused oscillation amplification instead of damping. They should probably work with the maximum acceleration ramp instead of limiting current
  15. My new MSuper V3s+ and Gotway Screwed Us

    I did experience the issue on my way back after the crash and it was at walking speed. I suggest that you start a small acceleration just before the bump until it's behind you. I think putting slight pressure on the front of the wheel will increase the oscillation probability