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  1. WheelLog & Pebble for Better Safety in Riding

    I have mine mounted over the Flexmeter symbol and rotated 90 degrees. I got my pebble quite soon after I learnt and looking down while lifting my arm high enough to see over my chin guard destabilized me. Turning it and moving it forward helped as i could keep my arm straight out and not lift it as high. It was more difficult to mount due to the curve of the splint and not wanting to cover the charging port on the back of the Pebble Time with Velcro. I may try moving it back to where Marty has it now I'm stable but it is another option for you.
  2. WheelLog & Pebble for Better Safety in Riding

    Is this the Tesla? If be interested to hear the result.
  3. WheelLog & Pebble for Better Safety in Riding

    90amps! Holy cow. Mine is set at 17amps (20s2p V8). It hardly ever goes off. Maybe on the odd bump at speed. 90! Do you ever graph your ride data in Excel to analyze general patterns/usage?
  4. I can't speak about winter riding in general but -20C is damn cold. Standing inactive on a wheel with a 30kph breeze going by for 30 minutes in those temperatures is going to be brutal. The cells will likely cool quickly in those temperatures and not only range will drop but also the ability of the wheel to deliver high currents. I would want the biggest battery i could find to spread the load across the packs to reduce the risk of the wheel dumping you due to limited power delivery. In that respect i don't believe the KS16S is sufficient. Please note that i live in Florida though so this is theory. Many members here do operate in cold conditions and can confirm or deny this. What I can talk about though is exercise. I love my wheel, but i miss my bike. When i rode to work each day i was getting 4 hours of cardio per week for no extra time input. Since i stared wheeling in the summer I've only cycled to work 4 or 5 times. I've not put on weight but I am more stressed and have been more sick over that time. I think this is a direct result of no longer getting that exercise. I plan to try to mix my cycling with my unicycle but with the wheel sitting there it is much easier to just ride the wheel. The loss of exercise is my biggest issue with wheeling so far and i have little spare time to dedicate to a gym to correct matters. I'm still deciding how to best resolve this conflict. When you are learning to ride a wheel it will seem like hard work and lots of exercise but once you have mastered it riding is very easy and you won't get much if any cardio in normal riding conditions. Trail riding may be different but i suspect you'd rather walk on those like me.
  5. Gotway Tesla vs KS16S?

    Very well said. I basically echo your comments here in The Video Thread
  6. Inmotion v8 buy Aliexpress block Inmotion app - soluction ?

    I just double checked to make sure I wasn't spouting rubbish and yes, you can definitely do this (meaning have two apps reading wheel telemetry at the same time). Now whether you can do this from two different phones (hijacking for example) is a different matter. I have a new phone coming next week so might have to try.
  7. Bying a Monowheel

    You need to tell us how you expect to use the wheel. Does it need to be portable for use along with train or bus? Do you need to carry it up stairs? Is 30km the furthest you need to go on a single charge. How fast do you want to go? How much do you weigh? What is the local terrain like? Are there hills? Is it flat? What kind of surfaces do you expect to ride on? Roads? Paved trails? Dirt trails? What is your price range? Have you allowed for buying some safety gear in that price range?
  8. Inmotion v8 buy Aliexpress block Inmotion app - soluction ?

    Actually I have had both connected to my wheel at the same time without a problem. Maybe this is brand specific???? Anyway, What version of the Inmotion app do you have installed. I have v6.6.5 and it just connected to my V8 perfectly. You can find this in the ME tab, by tapping the settings/cog icon in the top right and then tapping "About". While in that menu try tapping the "Check Update Information" line to see if there are any updates. I think region locking only affects registration of the wheel, which in turn affects setting a BT password, calibrating the gyro, and performing firmware updates.
  9. Inmotion v8 buy Aliexpress block Inmotion app - soluction ?

    Did you try WheelLog on either of these phones?
  10. Observations on tire pressure.

    Interesting article. Thanks for posting it here. I run my V8 at around 45psi and have never let it drop below 40 psi. I see the eWheels chart suggesting 34 to 36 psi for my gross weight and the V8's 16" tire. I figured that pressures that low would risk snakebites but I guess not. I may have to try it as I do feel quite a bit of transmission of shock through the wheel on my commute. The paths and cycleways here are concrete with expansion joints which I feel quite acutely. Many are also lifted/tilted by tree roots making 1" drops and climbs a regular thing. It would be nice to soften the ride a little.
  11. Inmotion v8 buy Aliexpress block Inmotion app - soluction ?

    This is the file you should download and install to get the latest version of Wheellog.
  12. Inmotion v8 buy Aliexpress block Inmotion app - soluction ?

    It is odd that out worked with the V5 and not the V8. Before we go opening the wheel up though or initiating a return let's remove the terrible Inmotion app from the equation for a second. Search this forum (not the Google Play store) for "WheelLog" and download the Android apk file for the latest version created. This was made by several members of this forum to connect to and monitor our wheels and it now works with Inmotion devices. Install this on your phone (requires you to allow apps from third parties in your phone settings). Most of its here use this rather than the poorly made Inmotion app for 99% of the things we need to do with our wheels. If Wheellog cannot see your V8 then I would try again with a different phone just to exclude the possibility of a compatibility issue. If that also fails then it would appear to be an issue with the wheel. But let's cross that bridge when we get to it.
  13. Inmotion v8 buy Aliexpress block Inmotion app - soluction ?

    Have you downloaded the Inmotion app? The connection between phone and wheel is managed entirely in the app not in your phone's Bluetooth settings. If you are using the app then please provide some more details about what you have tried.

    I wonder if they would pay out of you were riding an illegal transportation device at the time you or the other person was injured. And yes, EUCs are inherently dangerous but I feel manufactures are taking liberties and shortcuts to rush release dates, bring down cost, and/or to claim the fastest/largest range throne. These decisions contribute to making EUCs more dangerous than they should or need to be.