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  1. EUC Umbrella

    Check out "Da Brim" I use it on my bike for sun protection in FL. Great for keeping rain out my eyes too. Not tried out with the EUC as I have a full face helmet with visor. It can catch the wind though. Tilt your head and it soon resolves itself.
  2. InMotion V8 tried to kill me Suddenly

    Just to expand upon your "takeaways": Litium Ion batteries do not have a memory so you do not need to fully discharge your wheel before recharging (in fact this is bad for the battery life span). To prolong life of the battery when you charge your wheel consider the ride you expect to take on it. For your V8 if you are thinking a 10 mile ride then I would not charge it fully (maybe to 90% capacity). Likewise to prevent cutout on a downhill section right after charging also do not charge to 100% as you need to leave some capacity for the batteries to absorb the regenerative charge. If you do not regularly charge to 100% then do so every 5 - 10 charge cycles leave the charger on for an extra hour or two . This ensures all the cells get a balancing charge and then no one cell should be the "weak link in ther chain". Under standard full discharge/full charge conditions you should expect about 500 charge cycles from the LG MH1 batteries (0.5C charge/discharge) rates before the manufacturer considers the battery at the end of life. We do pull more then 0.5C during certain conditions so I'll reduce the count to 300 to be safe. On a V8 with about 22 mile range this is about 6600 miles but other things affect battery aging. Leaving the battery fully charged between uses can drastically age the battery. A fully charged litium ion battery sitting at room temperature can lose 20% of it's possible capacity in just 3 months. So, if you know when you want to ride leave the battery at about 30% power and just charge it before you want to ride (allow a 30 minute rest period after charging before riding).
  3. InMotion V8 tried to kill me Suddenly

    Oh and 1 more bit of info. At 25 - 28 kph crusing on flat ground current draw is nominally between 7 and 10 amps. So you can see that acceleration puts a massive extra demand on the battery.
  4. InMotion V8 tried to kill me Suddenly

    In the interests of science (and because I forgot my work pass today so got an extra ride home and back this morning) I managed to test my V8 at 30% bettery to determine the tiltback speed. 47% 29.89kph 41% 29.19kph 38% 28.56kph 30% 28.01kph 29% 27.87kph 28% 27.85kph Several of these tilback alerts came as I was accelerating out of a curve and some of those were immediatley preceeded by a high current draw alert. In particular when I came out a curve at 30% battery the first alert I received was "High load at speed 27.41 and current 24.99" followed by "Tiltback at speed 28.14 at limit 28.01". 24.99 Amps! And honestly I wasn't really even leaning hard into the wheel! Think about that for a second. The V8 is equipped with LG MH1 batteries (rated at 10A max discharge current) in a 2 parallel configuration (2 x 10A = 20A max discharge current for the pack). At a 24.99A draw I was pulling 25% more power from each cell bank than the manufacturer rated and I wasn't even trying. This is on a fairly new wheel (2 months) with 250km on it and just a handful of charges on the cells. This is probably why I got through this without a fall. Knowing this I feel that if you accelerated hard at 25kph and with only 30% battery on a wheel with 1000 miles on it (multiple charges and some aging of the cells) you quite simply overwhelmed the ability of the battery pack to supply the required amount of power to the motor. The wheel could not provide the torque to catch up your lean and you faceplanted. The V8 is a great wheel but it has limitations. It is a mid range wheel and you are asking high end performance from it. If you want to be doing >25kph and still lean hard you need to look at a KS16S or better still a 18S or one of the Gotway models.Oh and pad up to the hilt.
  5. InMotion V8 tried to kill me Suddenly

    Yes it does. Mine has shouted at me several times for this. Normally at higher speeds with a lower battery and when I got a big bump/depression in the road. Looking at the log from wheellog confirms high current draw at speed alert. If the warnings are turned off then obviously you won't know this alert was given. It hasn't so far be accompanied by tiltback which makes sense as the act of causing tiltback would increase the current draw even further and risk a cutout when one wasn't necessary. these events have also only happened on bumps so the high current event is over almost as soon as in begun so there is no time to cause tiltback. Such overload conditions on a hill might be different.
  6. WheelLog Android App

    On the first screen the title "Average Riding Speed" is wider than the screen causing the end to be cut off.
  7. Do you leave the chin bar attached when putting the helmet on? I always remove the bar as I take the helmet off and put the bar back on after I have put the helmet back on. This allows me to use the strap to open the helmet slightly as it goes over my head (ears). I have to remove my glasses too. Have you tried the thinner pads for the jaw area? I got used to the double d ring strap quickly. I agree I'd prefer a quicker clasp system there but it has turned out to not be a problem. My bike helmet had a plastic clasp and I used to find the strap would slip over time and loosen. At least with the double d system you get it just right each time. I've hardly ridden my EUC without a full face helmet so I guess the need to look down was with me from the start but that is interesting feedback for the full face helmet design. Lucky for me I have wheellog and a Pebble now so I don't have to look down. Sadly not am option for you. Come back with more feedback over time. I'm really interested to hear the opinions of others. Be sure to add them to the helmet review thread of not already so there is one place for people to see everyone's views on the helmet.
  8. InMotion V8 tried to kill me Suddenly

    The kill switch is disabled at any speed over around 5 kph. This can be easily tested by walking quickly with the wheel, app open to monitor speed, and keep pulling on the switch until it stops working. No need to ride and risk falling off. Knowing this I now ride with a tether and the kill switch enabled. Zero problems.
  9. This was exactly my conclusion. The G-form gear is super comfortable and discrete. I feel it will protect well in an accident although concede that one major crash could result in the need for replacements.It is a base layer so I'm hoping that trousers and shirt will take the brunt of the abrasive forces saving the gear for the next ride. I still intend to review the set. My parents visited for 3 weeks and then I spent the last 6 days outrunning Irma. Been busy!
  10. As long as the shape works for your head then I think you will be really happy with your new choice. Heat has been zero issue for me...even in Florida. I love my Switchblade.
  11. Gotway ACM just died @ 30kph+

    I've hit similar bumps at lower speeds and not heard the alert. Based on the text in the Wheellog data it would seem this alert requires speed and a high load.
  12. Gotway ACM just died @ 30kph+

    I've had one alarm from my V8 so far related to overpower. If going fast (27-28kph) and I hit a bigger bump in the road it gives the overspeed alarm sound but no tiltback. Looking in the log it says something like "high current draw at high speed alert".
  13. The Cold is Coming!

    From what I have read here the ability of the battery to deliver the necessary current to keep you balanced is an issue in colder weather. Be wary of snow and ice but also of your wheels ability to keep you upright even when well charged. Ride slow and steady and reduce unecessary sudden current loads through sudden speed changes and bumps etc.
  14. Riding in the urban jungle - your thoughts

    Having recently found my shoe laces tangled while walking resulting in a 3mph faceplant like fall on to concrete and subsequent wrist and hand xrays etc I can confirm you can badly injure yourself at slow speed. 3 weeks on my little/pinky finger still hurts.
  15. And that helmet isn't actually downhill rated. Look at this video of the Met Parachute that is rated. I'm sure you see less deformation of the bar during impact.