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  1. German Discussion Group

    Hey guys, I just want to know if there are German people out there. I asked the admins for a native Language group - here it is. So, I'll switch over to German language. Das Hobby scheint hier zulande noch nicht wirklich populär zu sein. Ich wohne in der Nähe von Soest. Ich fahre seit ein paar Wochen Einrad und bin quasi infiziert. Ich habe ein generisches Airwheel aus China importiert um mal rein zu schnuppern. Ich plane den Kauf eines Ninebot One. Da ich nicht die Katze im Sack kaufen will - gibt es mitinfizierte Ninebot Besitzer in der Nähe, die mich mal probefahren lassen würden? Oder jmd der mich durch Worte überzeugen kann vielleicht? Grüsse Manu
  2. App questions

    Hi, I am not a big fan of the Inmotion App. Ist has more functionality of a Messenger/social media App. Really bad is the missing Apple Watch/ Smart watch Support! To have the most important informations available directly at your wrist is nice an a safety Feature. For iOS, I found These usefull Apps that supports Inmotion and the Apple Watch: Gyrometrics: nice Status on the watch, track recording. Temperature of the Controller board not supported DarknessBot: Temperature of the Board is shown in the App and Watch, you may enter the Wh of your Battery. The App calculates the remaining distance while you are riding! Things which should be included in the Inmotion App.
  3. New Inmotion V5F+ Firmware?

    Well I have got the new firmware screen again and again. But it is the actual one!
  4. New Inmotion V5F+ Firmware?

    Sorry guys, I didn't want to make you nervous :-) There was a Message coming up yesterday when I connected my wheel to the iPhone App. "Warm Tip, new Firmware X.XXXX available." I pressed cancel and cannot remember the version No. I will have a look when I am back home again, maybe it was an App Error. I´ll check it again (and definitely not update) this evening again! Manu
  5. New Inmotion V5F+ Firmware?

    There is a new Firmware available for the V5F+. Anyone brave enough to try it? Changelog?? Manu
  6. Hi, I really like 3D printing and would like to start an EUC related collection of STL files. I start with two: I always lost the charging port dust cap (original is made of rubber) and drawed/printed this one:
  7. Inmotion V5F+ review

    @Paddylaz I am using 40 Psi also! It feels comfortable for me on uneven ways with stones and roots. Currently I am driving on Sardinia. You don't want the tire to be pumped up too hard on these streets!
  8. Inmotion V5

    You can disable all sounds with the Inmotion App!
  9. Battery Longevity

    I was talking about storage only, you should not charge or discharge a battery at low temperature. The Lithium battery ages because of chemical degrading caused by chemical reactions. It is a fact, because of thermodynamics, chemical reactions can be slowed down by lowering the temperature and slow down"aging". Works with food and: batteries. But again, using the battery when cold is bad because of the high inner resistance. But the best way: just drive your wheel all over the year...
  10. Inmotion V5F+ review

    As I mentioned more than once, I am on vacancy in Italy now. The final destination is Sardinia, but we have an intermediate stop in Varese. The Palace Hotel is on a small hill, today I drove the serpentines down to the village and kept an eye on the battery level. Well I already knew this from the Ninebot, but the V5F+ has a regenerative brake as well! Started with 75% Battery, reached the Village with 80% Battery. Going up was really nice, the wheel is powerfull. I met some Italian guys that followed me uphill a while. I stopped to let them pass by as the road was quite narrow. But they told me they just want to see me riding, turned their car and went down again
  11. Inmotion V3 & V5 Protective Covers

    @Jason McNeil Ups, sorry! Off course you are right, it was the mud-guard which made the problems installing the hook. But I like to get the cover off quickly and leave the hook unfixed...
  12. which brand should I get?

    In the Inmotion Section I made a direct comparison between my E+ (drove it for 1 Year) an the V5F+: NB E+ vs. Inmotion V5F+ And don´t forget, this is my own, personal conclusion!
  13. Inmotion V3 & V5 Protective Covers

    When I ordered th V5F+, I got the protection cover from france two days before I got the wheel and thought: if the wheel is made of the same quality like the case was made, it wil be awesome. And: I wasn´t disappointed while unboxing. The rear hook can´t be installed when the handle bar is installed. Nevertheless the cover stays in position! For transportation you can put the pedals into the cover as well! So it is protected in the trunk..
  14. Inmotion V5F+ review

    No it does not shut down while there is any kind of balancing activity. Sometimes I leave a foot on the pedal an tried to switch of the wheel. With some light movements you are not able to switch of the wheel off wether by wheel button nor the App power button. I guess rain won´t be able to shut down the wheel as well...
  15. Inmotion V5F+ review

    HEC, the water thrown to the inner casing by the spinning tire is my biggest worry! If you run fast on a wet street with little puddles, you get jets of water. The area where the two half of inner shells connect is an area where water could enter the casing, right? Time will tell. A tear down after some weeks in winter time will show up problems with leaks. The protection bag I own is also a little protection against rain...
  16. Inmotion V5F+ review

    Did already anybody drive the V5 in the rain? In germany it´s raining since days now without a break. Well I am getting nervous with my milage hanging around at 155km... What about the sealing of the V5? 3 days left for till my trip to sardinia - I don´t want to risk the health of my wheel by driving it in exessive rain so close to my holidays! But there are some Ingress portals which I should fill up with XM Still need some portal keys for remote maintenance...
  17. Lubrication for the wheel

    No, never. I do fly two MSH Protos and a Minicopter Diabolo 700, the belts are not lubricated. Hours of flights and I nerver changed them, they look good. Every 20 flights a drop of oil were the swashplate hits the mainshaft, same with the tail sliding sleeve. Advantage of oil: it is not sticky, dirt will be thrown away when spinning. Disadvantage: the oil also... But: I was talking about bearings. They are "service-free". If they sound strange, I change them. The worst thing you can do is to put oil on them as the grease filling becomes liquid/changes viscosity and they run out.
  18. Lubrication for the wheel

    master255 wrote The place where the bearing touches the shaft -> there is no motion! The motion takes place in the inner of the bearing. This is the place where you need as less friction as possible. HQ bearings have got a special filling with a kind of Lithium based grease. If the bearing is worn you have to change it. I do fly modell helicopters with many moving parts with thrust and radial bearings. You never lubricate them. If you have problems with friction between a shaft and the bearing, you usually stick it with loctide to the shaft to prevent to wear in the shaft... By the way - is it possible to insert an additional quote when editing the post?
  19. Anyone bought 1radwerkstatt battery upgrade kit?

    The most important thing: as you put the batteries in parallel, they have to be at same charging level. The upgrade battery comes with a level of 100%. The remaining battery in the NB should be at 100% as well befor you connct them, otherwise the difference in level will result in high currents and a melting fuse!
  20. German Discussion Group

    Ich bin 1 Jahr ohne irgendetwas durch die Gegend gefahren. Dann wäge ich mich halt in falscher Sicherheit. Eine private Haftpflicht brauche ich eh - so what...
  21. Amsterdan

    Hi, does anyone know the legal situation in netherland? A friends wants to visit netherland for holidays and asked me about it. Thanks!
  22. Inmotion V5F+ review

    Well from 20 to 30% I did not feel any difference in tilt back. I made some accelerations and brake tests from high speed to zero. The wheel still responds as usual, feels nice and save! Back and forth is no problem with a battery level of 20%. I did not expect that! I drove with a friend of mine, his Ninebot E+ started to decrease maximum speed at 15km mileage. I brought him back home and continued wheeling for one more hour/20km. Came back home with a big smile in my face. And the Battery was still not dead. What a difference!
  23. Inmotion V5F+ review

    I am just back from my longest ride with one load. I made 35km with 20% left in Battery. Below 30% the wheel started with soft tilt back if I reached 23km/h. Nice! 40km is realistic - but not at full speed!
  24. German Discussion Group

    Ganz genau! Ich bin mit meiner Privathaftpflicht umgezogen, bei der VHV sind Einräder ohne zusätzliche Beitragskosten mitversichert. Interessanter Weise Motorflugmodelle bis 5kg auch - ich spare mir auch noch die Versicherung bei der DMO
  25. German Discussion Group

    Ja, ist gestern gekommen: