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  1. Well, it depends on how you define "self driving". Some states are specifically adopting legislation now for self driving vehicles. And there are cities in the US that are allowing prototype vehicles to operate (for at least a year now). I have had the opportunity to sit in a car with automatic braking and collision avoidance, which are components of autonomous vehicles. And, there are cars on the market now that will park themselves. So, fully autonomous vehicles may not be for sale yet, but all indications are they will be here soon. And we can see the components coming together quickly.
  2. I think that is a good point. Everyone should be more concerned about self driving vehicles, and I anticipate regulation (and news) focusing on those more. Who really care about these little EUC's anyhow?
  3. I just hit my 100 mile mark after almost 3 months (not much riding), and celebrated by taking my cover off! She looks much nicer naked!
  4. After 2 weeks of almost continuous use as a substitute to my 1 mile walk to work (1 missed one day and all I could think about was having my EUC again), I can definitely say this has helped ease the pain in my foot. I have known people with this affliction that have a) been relegated to pain medication and walking sticks, b ) had their doctor just tell them not to walk as much or c) require surgery.
  5. Dog Riding EUC! That made my day. TY! And, FYI, having regulations and them being (sensibly) not enforced, are 2 different things. Go ahead! Make all the regulations you want! Around where I live, every park, sidewalk, shopping center and most public areas you can think of are posted "No Motorized Vehicles, skateboards, etc". But I have had plenty of police officers see me, riding safely, wearing safety gear and they have not given me a second look.
  6. I also have the pro, yeah, not a lot of room to air up. Same as scooter tires. I got the $3 extension that someone else suggest on another forum, that helps a little, but is still tricky to screw on. I also did opt for putting slime in my tires. I have noticed one of my tires deflates more quickly than the other (down to 11 lbs.) but I'm still able to ride when that happen. Not looking forward to any tire repairs, and since this has 2 tires, it's twice the concern. Please update if you follow the replacement procedure in video with results!
  7. Nothing much exciting, just trying to form a new mindset to take it to work every day. Lots of small details; 1) Have to get enough sleep to be motivated to ride. 2) Learned how to pack my bag; gear, pillow and charging pack in bag. Helmet and lunchbox outside. (it's a small bag) 3) I drive to train station, do not wear gear from car to train. 4) I get downtown and wear all gear for a quick 5 block ride. and then reverse in the PM. I have already ridden straight from home to train , but holding out a bit before I make that a daily thing...hoping to upgrade by then. That's an extra 2.5 miles, so the rides I'm doing now are very short, but fast! It does help me get to the train on time to get a seat!
  8. I'm just piggy backing on your thread here....3 days in a row for me now on EUC to work.
  9. So, this is about my 4th ride to work, and my first 2-day in-a-row ride. And I discovered something; TRASH CANS! Our city has trash cans at almost every corner, so they are at the perfect spot to stop and grab onto so I don't have to dismount.
  10. Nice! 8.7Km beats my longest ride. Some noob tips/observations; 1) stay away from traffic! Mine did get away from me once and bounced into the road. I was lucky cars were 5 seconds away. If you don't have a choice, then slower speeds at first. 2) Slow down towards intersections. Bicycles and others can stop and wait, but why get off? I'm learning to move forward and backward (rocking) at lights, but still not comfortable. Easier to slow down for 10 or 15 seconds and have a good chance of catching the light. 3) IMHO hand signals from motorcycle riding applies here. I use them alot. Nice charts. 29 mins for 8.7km is good.
  11. Yeah, I rode to work today too! Taking a bit of discipline to a) get good sleep knowing I want to be fresh for a ride and b ) hauling the hardware and gear. But it's well worth it. Every day I don't ride and walk I think "I wish I had my EUC". And so jelly...49kph? Did you go back in time on that one? I'm still on my slow training wheel.
  12. A quick summary of forces and MIPS;
  13. Yeah, I was kinda thinking about this...and I did this really quickly thinking the math worked out. And I even had 2 physics courses in high school and a couple in college! I am a bit rusty. But at least I remember F=ma being important! So, technically F=m*(dV/dt). And we are talking about a sudden change in velocity over time, so F=ma applies, while mass is constant. Anytime you hit something your velocity change rate (deceleration) is what matters. See video in next response for nice summary of how gear helps reduce the dV/dt affect. When falling from a stand-still, you are accelerating with gravity, until the point of impact, which is not insignificant with our gravity 9.8m/s/s (hence the 980 Newtons for a 100kg person). So, there is some consolation if you are not at the 100kg mark! If you add on top of that any EUC velocity, you are simply adding the velocity of your EUC, plus gravity, which can be more and more significant the faster you go. I think the concepts stated in responses above are also good points. Force on specific areas is they key (hence the video focusing on head injuries). I think the force of a bullet hitting your body is much less than the impact of a car crash, but many people can survive a car crash where as a single bullet can be fatal. It all depends on where you get hit and how hard, and can come down to where you get hit being important. Also, the idea of gear spreading out the impact damage is important.
  14. Lvl34, Valor (red EUC, of course) And, Ingress...lvl15