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  1. Plantar Fasciitis common amongst EUC riders?

    I had another thread here about this. For me, the EUC is helping. Also, rolling your leg muscle with a foam cylinder is good. It seems to loosen the leg muscles down to the feet. Seems like foot position may be the issue for you, or shoe issue. I can highly recommend a good gell insert.
  2. Hearing loss while out.

    I would agree that while wind at 20mph is loud, it's probably not over the 85dB level. The only time I have been concerned is with a head wind making it hard to hear traffic. I have noticed how wind affects music levels from the EUC.An interesting test would be to measure the dB of the music indoors...i would guess it would be around 85dB (At head height). That is probably where the wind dB level is drowning out the music.
  3. Inmotion V3 Pro

    Great, easy to ride dual wheel EUC. Good starter for anyone, any age to try. I keep changing my mind on selling this, as it is my only back up. But after weeks of not using it after upgrading I hope someone else can. My kid let it run into a dumpster, that's the only damage (See front side pic) Less than 180 miles, so in very good condition. Has slime installed in both tires. Will sell with charger, cover, original box and manual. $250 plus shipping is a great deal. Boxed up, charged and ready. Weighs 39#. Local pick up ok.
  4. Weird accident :-)

    I imagine this is what it was like when motorcycles first hit the streets. Lots of people still have a hatred for motorcycle riders too, probably not going to change.
  5. Weird accident :-)

    That is a common thing among motorcyclists , from what I understand from some group riding sessions I have been in. There are so many parallels to motorcycle safety on EUC's it's worth noting. There is a psychological phenomena of someone looking at you and being drawn to your direction. It IS as if they are magnetically being pulled to you. Most often it is young (inexperienced) drivers, or people under the influence of drugs. So far, in my brief time on EUC's I have noticed many dangerous responses from people in cars watching me. I have seen cars stop in the middle of the street, slow down and/or veer off their lane, stop 10 or 20 feet from intersections, expecting me to just drive through (which only frustrates me, as I have to stop or slow down for them, wait, and re-asses their course of action). The bottom line is, safety is huge concern. Glad you are OK.
  6. Apparently, I have arrived.

    Congrats! It's a paradigm shift being able to change your habits. I have only taken my car to the train station 3 times in the last 4 weeks. I have learned how to gear myself up and find the best paths for where I have to go. I only have a 2.1mi ride to train station and 1/2 mi ride from station to work, but that adds up to 5.2 miles per day, and saves me from walking downtown...which puts a toll on my feet. Since I started, my average speed has gone up from 12mph to 15 mph, but that really depends on 2 horrible intersections I have to go through, in part. I have reduced the ride from 17 mins (on my Inmotion V3) , down to 8mins 10 seconds on my KS16S. The only thing I am worried about is IF something happens, as this is the defining risk factor being on only 1 wheel. You are going faster and farther than I am, so I cannot answer those questions!
  7. OMG! New Solowheel with 2 wheel design?

    This is the one Shane Chen was in the news for last year being developed as the next product, right? +1 New-ish idea , hoverboard style wheel turning...interesting +1 small and easy to ride/carry/transport, hopefully very light. Might have mass market appeal. -1 wide 2-wheels -1 small wheel base -2 probably slow ------------------------------------ Total: -2
  8. OMG! New Solowheel with 2 wheel design?

    LOL. You cray! I think I'm beginning to understand your psychology a bit now.
  9. New KingSong 18L?

    I dunno, if you compare other 18" wheels, this KS18 looks pretty nice. Awesome handle. Looks like a beast.
  10. First wheel for commuting e+, s2, v5f

    That's very similar to my spec's and daily ride. My first choice (not knowing if I would like EUC's at all) was the Inmotion V3. That very quickly told me I loved EUC's and that it was too small and slow. Now, on my KS16S, I am very happy. I had an issue with my new KS16S, but it was quickly resolved with local dealer and probably a rare instance. I really like the design and feel of it, it rides very similarly to my neighbor's ninebot. I would definitely go with at least a 16" tire.
  11. Why do EUCs attract such ridicule?

    In general, I get WAY more compliments than jeers, especially when I am going 20mph. I received a couple jeers over my first 4 months, mostly kids driving by. If lots of people aren't doing something, then you are on the fringe. It's interesting, psychologically speaking, to see how different people react to these. Some people just think they are stupid, but most people are curious. Few really dare to ride one.
  12. EUC Halloween Fun!

    Was thinking it would be cool to just throw a sheet on with 2 eye holes cut out and fly down the road. Seems like that's a very bad idea though.
  13. KS16S overvoltage and vibrations?

    @Michael Vu returned my KS16S today and it is running great. He also test rode it for 20 miles to ensure it was working. And, the loaner he let me use during this time was awesome. The last couple of weeks on it has reaffirmed my decision as a great choice to go with the KS16S. I'm very happy to have local support for this while this was going on!
  14. Help. All lithium ion cycles banned at USC

    a) I agree with the smartphone link. What are they going to do next? Outlaw any battery powered device? b)There need to be some proactive steps here to help protect our use of these devices (certification, education, petitioning our local government). I just missed an opportunity this morning to promote my use of these....as I got off the train, an on duty police officer looked at me and my EUC and said "That's cool!". I should have stopped for a minute to talk to him and explain that with safe riding these things should not be banned. I will do that every chance I get going forward. If we don't do something now to help promote their future, all they have to do is start banning them. AND, we have to do it carefully. If you just start sending out email or letters requesting that they allow their use, that will get shot down. Right now, where I am, motorized things are not allowed on the sidewalks, but it is not enforced. I must admit, I have been shying away from law enforcement on these, and shouldn't be. If we can step up in a grass-roots manner and at least educate the people that are enforcing these laws, that's a good first step. I think it helps that these are really out-door PEV's (personal electric vehicles). If they can get recognized as that, we are good. c)Maybe , as a university student, that is an opportunity to affect change. Universities love that stuff....start a student petition to change the rules, promote "training" and education, cite real-world laws being generated that recognize their use, help designate "proper" use paths (ie bike lanes, not indoors, etc.). I would think there are several things that could be done on-campus to help sway the rules.
  15. It's a good idea to have emergency contact phone#'s / email and personal allergy information on a card at the front of your wallet. I learned this tip from local motorcycle group, and it makes sense. 20 years ago I woke up in the hospital after a car hit me on my Honda 250 while I was going 15mph. So, it CAN happen. If you have any allergies, it's good to let the doc's know.