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  1. Compensation for 18S owners?

    Interesting. I really noticed that on my 2 wheel scooters I used to ride. The initial power to get moving is significant. I imagine that frequent breaking and restarting also would consume more power, vs a long cruise ("a body that is in motion tends to stay in motion"). And, weight is probably a significant issue combined with starting and stopping. I am (sad to say) about 200 lbs right now, but have been very impressed with my 22mph ~25-30 mile range, sometimes even with a 10lb pack on. It would be nice if there was some metric advertised for riders of different weights, but then there are so many other factors, you can never make everyone happy. I think the advertised numbers are sufficient imformation.
  2. King Song new model KS-18S

    Yeah, Jason was super helpful to me when I got started. And, from all of my business experience (even when I worked behind the counter at a convenience store while in school), you can refuse business to anyone at anytime for any reason. Just because you have a business, does not obligate anyone to be helpful in anyway. If you walk into any brick and mortar store and ask a sales rep too many questions, they may even call the police on you to get you out of the store. Heck, I've even had a job offer retracted because I asked too many questions. That seems unbelievable to me, but that also helped me know I didn't want to work there!
  3. My Safety Gear Update

    I was looking at all of my Triple 8 stuff and noticed something else yesterday, all of the Velcro is double stitched! My cheaper set of pads had the problem of coming apart, so I had to restitch the Velcro myself, kind of a pain. Good quality.
  4. EUC racing?

    This thought crossed my mind yesterday. After about 7 months of riding, I am getting more used to high speed turns and maintaining higher speed at different conditions. Plus, I started bending my knees more to realize a lower center of gravity. All of this seems to add up to great opportunity for some X-games stuff. All the top EUC manufacturers could get together to sponsor races for prize money. Other companies could sponsor racers to represent (advertise) them in the races. This really could work. @Diana@szkingsong.com, what do you think about that?
  5. Call me a wimp but...

    Yesterday we had 42DegF temps with high wind chill as the front blew in, so I rode in what felt like 32degF. That is about the limit for me. I'm sure if I was "used to" that kind of weather, I would start acclimatizing myself to it, but to start the afternoon out at 72degF and then go to freezing temps is a bit of a change for us down south!
  6. thinking of getting an ebike for high speed.

    I agree with the "to each his own" statement. For me, getting an E-bike would be going back in the other direction...towards motorcycle. But, I can see how some people may prefer that. Some the vid's I've seen on modified E-bikes are simply crazy as far as speed goes...very much into motorcycle territory. As for the foot pain, I think that is something to address. For me, personally, I had significant plantars fasciitis in both feet when I started riding EUC's about 7 months ago, and for me it really helped me reduce the pain from everyday walking. Now, I have almost no noticeable pain (no pain really, just can't bring myself to think it's gone!) in one foot and very little in the other, and I can tell the more I ride the EUC the faster both feet are healing (after putting up with this for more than a year!). I am able to go on 5-10 mile rides without a problem, and am now planning longer trips. If you cannot get rid of the foot pain, it is understandable to be searching for something else.
  7. Call me a wimp but...

    Ok, it was closer to 40F this morning. Any longer than 10 mins with just a hoodie and I would be an ice cube.
  8. The Photo Thread

    @Michael Vuwow nice pic with Hollywood sign!
  9. My Safety Gear Update

    @steve454 Oh, sorry, guess I missed that. Yeah, I have the Trip 8's KP22's.
  10. The Photo Thread

    Who's taking your pics?

    I hope I never get this certificate.
  12. The Scorpion EXO Covert Helmet

    Yeah, Scorpion makes some good stuff. After selling my MC I still held onto my Scorpion jacket and helmet. I got my last helmet upgrade for the eye shield, and thought I would want it just for reducing the sun light in my face, but in chilly windy weather it really helps shield the face too.
  13. My Safety Gear Update

    @steve454 I wore mine this weekend and today and do NOT have to take my shoes off to put them on. The butterfly flaps just wrap around my leg and then I put the straps on.
  14. My Safety Gear Update

    The one's I got were KP 22.
  15. Call me a wimp but...

    yikes The first time I drove through Oregon (for a Spring Break in the early 90's) we decided to head up to some mountain park, with a "Wizard Island" in the middle of the lake...I think it was an extinct volcano or something. As we drove up the snow got deeper and deeper...when we reached the top the park was closed (of course) due to snow (~6'). Luckily the bathroom was heated and we were able to sleep in the car. But it was coooold.