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  1. This whole issue has me leaning toward KS16S as my upgrade.
  2. @OmbreGreat picture, for safety gear. But you are in AZ? OMG...didn't hit like 123F this week?
  3. While horrible that you got hit, it is a good thing you are OK and to be able to shift your attitude. I used to have the mind set of being ready to get aggressive if hit and got really angry at any fender bender...and (unfortunately) I have had my share of people run into me. But that all changed about 20 years ago after someone bumped into my car, and I was already running a few minutes late for work (due to traffic). So, when I got to work I was a bit furious. A cow-orker stopped me and asked why...and suggested I have a new attitude, not get so mad, and make the best of the situation (by asking for cash next time...ideally around the amount of my insurance deductible). So, it wasn't for another 5 years or so that I had that chance. Again, I got bumped from behind..this time with 2 of my kids in the back seat. So this time, I casually got out of my car, inspected my back bumper (no damage), walked up to the car window behind me and said "How about $50 and we call it even?". The man sitting in the passenger seat told the woman, "Give him the money", which she did, and we parted ways. So, with a positive attitude, no worse for the wear, I came out $50 ahead. That sure beats getting upset over something so insignificant. Next time I will ask for $100.
  4. you could put your hands out
  5. Yeah, that seems to be top of the bell curve (and my choice). I can see maybe hitting 20mph myself infrequently, but having hit that on my ezip I know that is pretty fast (for me). And, being limited to 12mph regularly now...I think 15mph is a good pace.
  6. @KingSong69 I know the poll is a bit open ended, but just trying to make it as simple as possible, knowing there are many variables at play. Per poll title, just looking for maximum safe speed you will ride at (probably straight-away, few to no obstructions, etc.) Yes, probably cruising speed.
  7. Yeah, I see a few people downtown on these here lately, but no one's wearing safety gear!. From my motorcycle experience, it seems you really want to wear some safety gear (esp over 15mph), if not for your own driving safety, but due to others. In highly congested areas, someone just might run into YOU! Downtown you have pedestrians, bicycles, cars, and all sorts of other wheeled thingamajigs.
  8. Yeah, I kinda acknowledged that at the top, I just didn't include the protective gear stuff.
  9. Yeah....I don't see an edit option on either.
  10. @UKJ I'm a noob here and I can't find the edit thingamajigy It gives me an "edit" option for this message, not the poll
  11. @UKJ yes! I meant KPH. Happy Monday!
  12. My first "turning" practice was this weekend as a noob. The center circle at a local vacated basketball court was my test field. That circle is about 6-8 ft (??) diameter, and I quickly realized I could turn right more easily than left. Kinda weird.
  13. As a noob, I'm just wondering where people are in their "safe speed" zone here. My neighbor across the street has had is ninebot for about 9 months (or more?), and just informed me he has his limiter set to 10kmph (6.2mph) ! After less than 4 days on my V3pro, I'm hitting the max speed regularly (12mph). This may not be the speed you set your limiter to (which may be much higher!) , but the speed at which you feel you try to stay under while riding. (I know this can vary by wheel type and rider experience, just wanting to get an idea of membership speed right now.)
  14. Over 5miles again today, 34% left on battery. Hitting speed limiter regularly now. That didn't take long.
  15. Yup. Tires were at 22psi. Put them at 34psi, got 5.9 miles at 7.8mph avg, with 33% battery left. Awesome.