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  1. Good. I learned the hard way to make sure I wear safety gear and go slower on any road I am not familiar with. I admit, though, I've started riding known routes without safety gear...I should probably stop that.
  2. In the news...

    @novazeus yeah, I saw that. And I saw in the paper yesterday that they are going to make people register or have licences for them. not good news.
  3. @Roo Williams See how you are feeling the day after. Be careful, some pains don't show up for a day or so. Last week when I went down, I hit a hard edge of the pavement as it transitioned to grass, my wheel went into wobble, and I went down smoothly on my knees. It was the nicest and smoothest fall I have had yet, and my new knee pads worked perfectly absorbing almost all the impact. The next day, I felt slight pains in my abdomen and side, which I attribute to my weight hitting the ground. It only lasted a day, so I was pretty happy. "That which does not kill you..."
  4. In the news...

    More drama... https://www.statesman.com/news/austin-scooter-war-limebike-joins-bird-the-fray/Gm1szi7la3Il3eL9DKxfDL/
  5. New AR game, Delta T

    For those who like to play games while we ride...I'm on Ingress and Pokemon Go. Now, there is a new game you can get on your phone...Delta T. I went CosmoStellar.
  6. 1) Tried walking a dog that was too big (55#), and got pulled down hard on knee. Even with knee pads, this has been my most painful injury. Still healing after 6 months. 2) Hitting things with my foot pedals. about 3 times. No fun. 3) Hitting a car that pulled out of downtown parking garage. Minor wrist pain. Learned to wear wrist guards. I was going too fast. 4) Wearing cheap knee pads. They bit into my knees after falling, causing large bloody gashes. Luckily healed without stitches after 6-8 weeks. Got good knee pads. Lesson learned. Discovered how good knee pads are awesome after a couple more falls...no injuries. 5) In general, have to stay vigilant on speed. Easy to get over confident. Much better to slow down at every intersection, door way, around people/cars, etc. Running into a person would be my nightmare.
  7. In the news...

  8. In the news...

    We need a news reporter. So a few things I found this week; Regarding the tarrifs on Chineese goods; "The list will go through a thorough a review process that could take at least two months and would freeze the implementation of the duties until that review completed." Also, found an article on e bike regulations easing in US; https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/trafficandcommuting/as-e-biking-grows-us-cities-consider-easing-rules-on-where-the-machines-may-be-used/2018/04/06/d20b2f58-3756-11e8-8fd2-49fe3c675a89_story.html And, here in Austin they have started renting electric scooter downtown (not without controversy); https://www.statesman.com/news/rental-scooters-launch-austin-streets-without-city-permission/BquW9wFOkm3JycRIxxHSLN/
  9. So, good to know the tax isn't in place yet. A 25% tax on anything is enough to kill trade on items like this. Hopefully the next gen wheels get in before this hits, or we will need an underground. There is hope.
  10. I looked through entire list and found motorized vehicle for transporting person with electric motor, so yeah....thanks Trump! I will be cancelling my pre-order.
  11. Does the KS 16s from kingsong have any cooler?

    That might shorten your ride though. Coolers take a lot of power.
  12. 18l presale specs

    Yup, so doing the calculations for this, since the 16S fits perfectly (with front and back pads on) in my train seat, the 18L will be 11.72" diagonal across my seat. Guess that's not too bad, as I can put one leg in front and one leg in back of it, and still sit down. Will need to wait and see.
  13. New KS-18L Shut Off Sensor

    cool beans
  14. Definitely find an extender. You can get one for less than $2. They should really include one with these.
  15. Right now it seems to be a grey area. Some places are enforcing a ban, while other places are embracing them as a new form of transportation. Seems like while it's in this grey area, it's just a new, risk-prone, toy that most people dare not jump into. Most people are interested, few dare to try it. Because of that, it is more of a novelty item than something that needs regulation. Anyone can go out and buy a remote control drone. Not everyone dares ride one of these things.