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  1. Hello Do you accept 200euros +shiiping? Thanks.
  2. 18l presale specs

    Well.. more of the same... No surprise... nothing new in design... I like surprises... Z10 maybe will be a big surprise...!!
  3. No trolley???
  4. 18l presale specs

    Well.... Z10... 18L....Another 18s (in white) ... hummm... its difficult to decide...
  5. Strange noise in my KINGSONG 18S

    I will do this. Thanks for the help.
  6. Strange noise in my KINGSONG 18S

    Yes, in the same position +-... No... i didnt hear any noise after ... yes... more or less in same position... no, not every time... sometime when i start i hear the sound, then its desapear... but, when i ride a lot, in the end i star to hear it again... see above... I try that... didnt hear any sound when removed the wheel... but i dont see any place where the wheel is scratching... the scratchs that it has, are old from a previous problem solved (lose screws in the motor shell) I think there is something inside the motor shell... Someone can sugest a video or give me especial advices to do that? Thanks for all
  7. Strange noise in my KINGSONG 18S

    I open the wheel and send you photos...
  8. Strange noise in my KINGSONG 18S

    My kingsong has a strange noise in the wheel... I can ride it, but i dont now what is this... I made a video... I open the wheel... clean everything and dont see nothing wrong, but the noise is the same... Can some one help? I open the wheel and take this photos...
  9. How To Learn The Electric Unicycle

    I understand your point. All seems nice when there are no problems; when all works good. But when there is a problem, is very dificult to solve it.
  10. My KS18S Review and Ongoing Observations

    Uau, what a good explanation!!! Thanks @KingSong69
  11. My KS18S Review and Ongoing Observations

    Yes, his wheel is 1500w/1680wh...
  12. I want to see this... its very difficult!!!
  13. In KS 18s you can do more mounts because you can start seated!!
  14. My KS18S Review and Ongoing Observations

    Great wheel...Great rider!!