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  1. Learning to ride backwards !

    I understand.. I want another wheel, but i dont now... I like gotvay Msuper VS3+, but the cut out´s.... hummm,... I have to wait. Maybe Z10... Another KS18s...its possible, in white... i dont now...
  2. Learning to ride backwards !

    lolololololololololololololol.... hummm, good idea!!!! You like our KS 18s, @eddiemoy? Its fantastic, right?
  3. Learning to ride backwards !

    Hello Recently i learned to ride seating down, on my ks18s, and i love it!! Its very nice to learn new things, i agree.
  4. Boston, ks18, second hand, 600$

    ok... i wait. Good ridding ..
  5. Boston, ks18, second hand, 600$

    and how much costs the shipping to portugal? do you now^?
  6. Boston, ks18, second hand, 600$

    You now how much is it?

    uAU!!!!... great speed!!!
  8. The Photo Thread

    You are the best!!! I am not very good in english, but let me tell you that i like to see your wheels, photos and videos... I dont like the same wheels, but you are a great guy and a excellent rider!!!
  9. King Song 18S

    I use my KS 8s in train and bus... no problem. The rain, if not to heavy is no problem, because i use the seat to cover the handle... I dont now Msuper, but i like my KS18 very much.
  10. King Song 18S

    You made a goog choice...Welcome!!!!
  11. New KingSong 18L?

    I like this very much!! Uauuu!!!!!! Congratulations!! Its very nice
  12. New KingSong 18L?

    I love my KS...
  13. MIA Forum Members Where Are They Now?

    @Bambino rides like crazy in the KS18S!!! Go to work in the EUC with the music loud... Does not uses helmet, because he thinks that will hurt the asphalt if he fall down
  14. Tesla problem

    Ohhh i wish you good luck... Its very bad this...
  15. Gotway Tesla Impressions and Diary

    I learn a lot with all of you... Great video for the forum!!! Thanks!!