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  1. I never saw other riders... I am from Portugal, Barreiro
  2. Hello everybody There is a new model with 2000w. I love motopogo, i have one and i am considering to buy this. What do you think?
  3. Me too.... Now waiting.... watinggg..
  4. Well, about this i have to say i like Inmotion very much. The Inmotion V8 is very nice... If the specs are better, i would buy it...
  5. I have ordered my Kingsong 18s 1500w/1640wh in Rockwheel store to. waiting begins...
  6. Helloooooo everybody!!! Problem solved. Yi Chen receveid the money !!! Now... is....waitinnnggggggggggggggggggggggggg!!!! I am sooooooo happppyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!
  7. I am with problems to pay My Paypal is not ok I dont have credit card... I have to go to the bank...
  8. Hello for everybody This is a especial day, i am ordering may Kingsong 18S 1500w/1680wh, from Rockwheel Store in Aliexpress. I am very happy and hope that everything goes well.
  9. Hello Tell us when arrive. I want to buy KS 18S for that seller to, recomend by kingsong69... ...
  10. Hello To my decision: "KS18S: A Little less Speed,but plus Quality and Safety, and usable Accesoires like Light and Music!" Safety... the possibility to seat when riding. Everybody say that KS18 is very safety and thats important for me. And the visual of the unicycle: i like the fact that is tall - sorry my english is not so god. But safety is the more import, because they are very similar in the other aspects.
  11. Thanks to all With you help and all that is written, i like both and i a could i buy both...but, i cant Ladies and gentleman the choice is... tam...taratam...... KINGSONG 18S 1500W/1680WH
  12. Hello Kingsong69, you are very helpfull. I am sorry if this topic already exists, but i am afraid to choose and the regreat.... You where very sintetic and help me a lot.
  13. Hello some of the riders are bravous... they ride whitout notihing to protect.... humm, thats increase the adrenaline!!! I now thats more dangerous, but... i like!!
  14. Hello verybody... I need you help to decide: gotway or kingsong? GOTWAY V3S+ 1600WH - 84,2V KINGSONG 18S 1500W/1680WH - 67.2V Could you help to mak a choice? I like kingsong because the confort to ride on seat and the visual.. Gotway as far as i now, is powerfull because the 84,2volts... can you give me more information and pros and con about both? Thanks.
  15. About voltage, can you help me? In the wheel comparsion in the site ewheel: msuper 1500w - 84,v Kingsong 1500w - 67,2v What this means? Msuper as more power with the same BATTERY?