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  1. A cruise around RSM Lake on my Gotway Msuper3. Recorded with DJI Osmo. Edited with Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve 14.
  2. @Marty Backe, yes I prefer cool comfortable mornings also. Every morning. There are many files for different portions. Here is the ride I did yesterday. You can drag it onto google earth to create the waypoints and track. For a group ride I recommend adding Tijeras Creek to make it longer with a good amount of off-roading. Rode 12.98 mi on 7-21-17.tcx
  3. O'Neill is my favorite, because it is shady, cool and flows nice. I'm always happy to ride there with others. There are many parking options, but I park at the end of Live Oak Canyon Trail (Avenida Empresa):
  4. My channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoraOms4cTbKoSigJlvZKhw
  5. Another offroad adventure in O'Neill Park on my Gotway Msuper3. Recorded with DJI Osmo. Edited with Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve 14.
  6. An enjoyable offroad experience in Aliso Viejo on my Gotway MSuper V3 electric unicycle.
  7. I'll pass on what I learn. I still love my other Msuper V3 820wh 25 miles every day
  8. Yes, the MOSFET debris was everywhere in a flash. I weigh 82 kilograms 180 lbs. Only mild riding with this wheel, nothing real steep.
  9. I'll let Dion restore it. I don't want to mess anything up. That's a good question. I'll see what Dion knows. The wheel seemed to vibrate (as if complaining) during minor torque transitions. Over a half hour minor occasional vibrating until the amplitude ramped up and the right end of the axle appears totally free, moving independently of the left end of the axle, which is secured solid. Does this mean the axle is broke also?
  10. Only about 60 kilometers. My thought was the axle drift starts to misalign the hall sensors until the wheel and the control board loose coherence (the violent shakes begin) and the resulting output current spikes overheat the MOSFETs. Just a theory.
  11. Today, my new Gotway Msuper V3s+ 84v (1300wh) failed. It had performed fine on this route previously. Started with 91% charge on the battery, rode 7.6 miles on relatively level bikeways, then while creeping slowly along the walkway, the MSuper began quivering violently (approximately 1 inch oscillations in the top end). The indicating lights remained illuminated even after pressing the button. Within a couple seconds, I heard a "pop" sound and saw a puff of smoke as the burnt smell hit my nostrils. It appeared to be off after I placed it on the left side. When I got home, I took a look (didn't touch internals) and found a loose axle nut and a couple burnt MOSFETs. See attached photo. This wheel has never dropped off a curb and has always been driven gently (no sudden changes in torque demands). My takeaway is that if the wheel begins quivering/grumbling, or is otherwise not as smooth as normal, it may be warning of a loosening axle nut. Maybe others have experienced violent feedback from your wheel and found a loose axle nut?
  12. My motor code is 1610 also. No misbehavior observed so far, but haven't exceeded 22 mph.
  13. It does do well in low light also, considering the sensor size and cost.
  14. A ride along Aliso Creek Bikeway on my Gotway MSuper V3. Recorded with DJI Osmo. Edited with Blackmagic Design Davinci Resolve 14.
  15. Good idea. I made the same mod on my MSV3S+ 1300wh today. Contrastingly, my unmodified V3 820wh fits all my control surfaces (ankles, shins) nicely and enables secure control. However, the new S+ 1300wh had only a sharp point of contact inside the calf, thus prevented the augmentation of control surfaces and rendered the control engagement ergonomically looser, while forcing me to adapt a bow legged stance. I know everyone's anatomy fits wheels differently, but for me the optimum cushions for S+ would be half as thick. Unfortunately, the mod is harder on leg contact. I'll test it long range tomorrow, to see if I get any bruises.