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    Practicing again on my Gotway Tesla. At Altisima Park.

    Thanks. Yes, my public videos are for public enjoyment.

    Seven riders at Salt Creek, to the Pacific Ocean, and a ridge run. @Marty Backe, @YoshiSkySun, @Jrkline "Wheel Whisperer", @Sketch. Maybe someone knows how to notify Will and Sean?

    I am very impressed with the firm holding power and nimble geometry of my new Gotway Tesla, as I practice in the driveway. However, Bodie is completely unimpressed.
  5. Thanks for the confirmation Marty. It appears that the replacement board was a used one with 365 miles on it. I had three different boards in this wheel. One thing that I learned doing root cause analysis of electronic component failures is that interfacing components can stress each other when one or the other fails causing latent damage in the other component which does not exhibit functional degradation until later. This kind of analysis required special laboratory imaging scans and was very expensive, so it may not be common knowledge. Lesson learned again: For confidence in the long term function, if one component failure may have stressed the interfacing component, always replace both and don't reuse.
  6. He replaced the main board. Different codes and grey heat transfer compound instead of white. New goop on connectors. I'm just comparing the recent photos with previous.
  7. Thanks. There could be that many miles on the BT board.
  8. This cable goes into the top of the body. I agree that it seems unlikely that shorting this cable could effect balancing function. I just noticed another peculiarity... I've ridden this motor and main board about 45 miles. However, the app displays 365 total miles. ??
  9. My Msuper3s+ has failed again (3rd time). The first failure was documented here: http://forum.electricunicycle.org/topic/7595-gotway-msuper-v3s-84v-1300wh-failed-loose-axle-nut/?tab=comments#comment-101925 The second failure was documented here: http://forum.electricunicycle.org/topic/8082-my-new-gotway-msuper-v3s-84v-1300wh-failed-again/?tab=comments#comment-113358 This time I was traveling about 15mph on level concrete and the wheel suddenly quit and fell forward crashing the corners of the case. When I pushed the button to turn it back on, I heard the audible signal for Hall Sensor Failure (two fast beeps following by a 1/2 second pause, repeating). No balancing function. When I opened the side covers I found a signal cable was pinched (red circle below) by the side cover due to improper routing. This cable has no slack from above or to the connector. This cable contains red, black, and white wires that connect on the top forward connector of the main board. I doubt this is related to the failure, because it isn't a hall sensor signal, and wiggling it doesn't stop the beeping. What is the function of the top forward connector of the main board? I saw a very small flexing movement on the right end of the axle as I rotated the tire back and forth. I can hear various abnormal noises from inside the motor when I rotate the wheel. Sometimes it sounds like broken pieces and grinding or scraping. I can feel slight mechanical hysteresis in the feedback when I change direction of rotating, like some small parts are flexing inside. Maybe this makes sense to someone? This case and side panels are totaled (split open, stripped threads, lamp dislodged, etc.). I really want to understand the cause(s) of these failures so I can change something to prevent recurrence.
  10. @meepmeepmayer Hall sensor signal failed. Cause analysis is in progress. I'll share what I learn.
  11. I'm slightly injured after my msuper3s+ failed again today. I'm staying home tomorrow, but I look forward to riding with you again soon.

    A Moment in San Francisco

    Smooth video. I like the variety of scenery and camera angles. Your riding and filming just keeps improving.
  14. I'm looking forward to joining you on this ride. It would be awesome if a few Hollywood pros showed up like last Saturday for video production.