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  1. Have you ever gone to the once a year Bromton race in the UK? My buddy went and said it’s a blast.
  2. I ran into @Pagsy on the west side highway bike path on his inmotion V8 and I distinctly remember that I was very impressed with how easy he made riding look. Its not often I see other riders in NYC!
  3. I think Jason sent him that wheel ! It was a while back.
  4. you should be using the triangle method for mounting the wheel
  5. I just learned how to ride a month ago and I was where you were. Do you have an area that has a large lawn ? I found I wasn’t as scared to get up to speed on a softer surface because I had less fear of messing up my wheel and myself . And once I transitioned to concrete it was even easier . Secondly, do you have someone to run next to you so you can hold on to them ? Like a bike , It’s easier to balance once you gain a certain speed. Third , I really encourage reading through the dynamics in learning thread , in it you will see a lot of other useful tips and stories that will make the journey a bit easier .
  6. @Marty Backe posted a great video about this last week. I have most everything he discussed , I recommend making your helmet purchase in person rather than buying it online so you can try on a bunch and see what fits best. One thing I would add is to wear some padding on your shins and ankles , as these take a serious beating your first few weeks. I saw someone post that they wrap the padding people pad the wheel with around the ankle itself and I tried it and I think that’s a clever idea.
  7. As someone who just went thru this process I would opt on the v5f+ as I think you will very quickly outgrow the S1 , i think you should Pre order the V5 and just pad it up when you get it .
  8. Is the tire on the 14c wider than the ACM?
  9. I use neoprene knee sleeves (the type Olympic lifters use or crossfit) around my ankles I have found they cushion things a bit , also leather boots .
  10. I just started learning last week on a ACM 1600 and I'm pretty sure if I hadn't read through this thread with everyone's experience I would have quit by now for sure ! You definitely have to be "in it to win it"
  11. Can you tell me what you used for the lanyard ? It looks like a bike cable did you attach it to the gotway ?
  12. If I'm buying one that was manufactured within the last 90 days should I be worried ?
  13. Hey all , I saw this on the Gotway facebook group and wanted to know if anyone has heard anything about some apparent problem Gotway is having with the 84v models .