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  1. GotWay Monster Seat

    Did this guy have a good idea? olx.com.br/vi/403591005.htm
  2. Not really. I intended to make it easier to change the batteries. I could not imagine the dangers. . So once again thanks everybody for the advice and sorry for the inconvenience. Let's try again!!
  3. My wheel is 350w. @KingSong69 Thanks for the warning. I appreciate it. @litewave Thank you very much. I will 'reshape' my project. I clearly have a lot to learn here.
  4. I'm trying a new way to change the cells of my wheel. I bought these cases for 18650 because I do not have a soldering machine. Remove the cells and raise another possibility, which is charge them separately or for easy health check up. The first test without BMS: it works but low power, does not go up hills. Three of the cells are of poor quality, so maybe that's why. Next tests I intend to connect the BMS in the cases.
  5. Unicycle running with ninebot mini battery

    This morning...
  6. Unicycle running with ninebot mini battery

    You're right, Keith. My unicycle is designed for 16 cells. In the first tests I felt less power than the original battery. I have not tested at high speeds yet, mainly because the battery is too heavy on the side and disrupts the balance - and also because I need personal protection equipment... I'll fix it in the center of the wheel and try again. My unicycle certainly does not have good electronics, for the low price I paid for it, so I'll run slowly for now.
  7. The battery of my unicycle died, so I decided to test it. It worked perfectly with Xiaomi's ninebot mini battery. I'll test the range on the weekend.