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  1. Just to let you know: In Germany, Saturn is selling the Inmotion V5F for 699€. ( ; Regards
  2. Yeah, does not change anything... or ist there another way to reset the wheel than pressing the reset for some seconds?
  3. Hey guys, When i first installed and used my v5+, the software said 23km/h max speed. Now after an update (i think), it is "only" 20 km/h. I know, that this is the max speed, i knew it will have... but why was it 23 in the beginning, and is there a way to get these 3 more km/h back? ( : Thank you
  4. Okay... now he tells me, that i am on the newest software version with 1.3.507... argh Internet tells, it has to be 6.3.5 Looks like a much older version, i use.
  5. Sadly I am not able to update. If i try to, it just says "downloading update"... that's it. Nothing else happens. The app is a real mess... : /
  6. Nobody any idea?
  7. Hey, Just wanna say hallo. I am new to this Forum. 32 Years, Ingeneer from Berlin. Yesterday just bought me a inmotion v5+. The evening ended with completely disassembling it because of a rattling noise inside. But today, i will be able to start learning how to ride... so excited. : D Regards Ludwig