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  1. Schwinn 16' Innertube Work Well with the V8

    Sorry for the late reply. The valve is a little short, but I find it easier to pump with a hand pump. If you don't pump the tire up fully it is not very pleasant. I tripped over a pothole while turning right. However if you pump it fully it is JUST AS GOOD as the original inner tube. I was able to maintain max speeds without feeling uncomfortable.
  2. I recently got a flat on my V8 and while shopping for patches, I noticed that Schwinn produced a self sealing tire that had the same dimensions as the V8. https://www.target.com/p/schwinn-16-bike-tire-tube/-/A-16678963 I figured why not and bought one just in case. It replaced very well and my V8 is once again great after 5.99+tax and hard labor. Valve is unobstrutive. Much better than waiting for a Kenda Innertube for a few days and having to walk to work. Moral of the story is that standard valves still work well for a unicycle and there is no need to fret if you bust a tire. I can post pictures if you want.
  3. Thanks for the replies everyone! I think I was just paranoid as I never went over a bump that big before and got a little oversensitive. Since the wheel itself does seem to function abnormally, I'll probably just leave it like it is. Everything else like the wheel spinning in the air seems to be just fine.
  4. Clicking might be too strong of a word actual. It is more like I can feel the movement of the wheel like if I was literally pushing the wheel and doing the work of the motor. Air valve seems fine and lifting the wheel up while it is on seems to act normally. Plus I can still ride it at max speed. Have your wheels ever felt like they changed after going over big bumps?
  5. I think the pressure is at 3.4 Bar. Also do you know if you are suppose to kinda feel the light clicking of the motor mechanism when you move the wheel back and forth via hand? If this is a warping of the outer hub, I'm willing to take it apart and try to unwarp it. I swear it was more smooth before, but it might have just been my imagination.
  6. I was riding in the city and there was a huge crack in the road with around a 4-5 inch height difference from the first part to the next part. I decided to ride through it at around 12 MPH like it was a a huge bump. Ever since then, my Inmotion V8 doesn't feel as buttery smooth as before and walking it occasionally is a little louder with me being able to hear the wheel mechanism. I was wondering if anyone else has experienced it and how to open the wheel to fix that part? I can still go pretty fast and control the wheel like normal, but I want to make sure I didn't displace anything.