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  1. Could a wire be attached to a cell by mechanical force, for instance by a plastic clamp, by any chance?
  2. Hmmm... Starting to look less bright. I was wondering why not use soldering...
  3. Actually there was such a guy next door to the TV guy, but i think he's moved away. Anyway, it's a big city, I could find another one.
  4. There's a guy repairing TVs nearby, but he won't touch it. A would prefer to avoid sending it to a specialist, to avoid costs. My father is going to try to identify the faulty cells to replace them.
  5. Thanks for the link. The lowest voltage measured the way was 0,9, but, being green, I'm not sure if this was done correctly.
  6. So the batteries were charged to about 55V through the yellow connector, but after that the normal route charging was still not possible. Now someone with basic electric knowledge is trying to locate the malfunctioning ones. Can you tell me what their specs are and point a good place to buy them (when ordering from Europe)? By the way, when posting here I also sent a message to IPS with the link to the thread. No answer.
  7. The charger voltage is 66,7, and in the yellow connector of black and red wires there's 44,4.
  8. I've tried disconnecting the wires, didn't help I haven't measured the voltage yet.
  9. Yes, it still turns on. I'll try to do what you said, thanks. Hope I can identify the right cables.
  10. Hi, so my EUC is probably about 1,5 years old (I'm the second owner) and it has < 100 km mileage. A few days ago I almost completely "emptied" the batteries riding it and forgot to turn it off at home afterwards. It started to beep in the middle of the nigh, as the batteries must have gone to zero in the "standby" mode. (By the way the batteries level as shown in the app has always been a little, hmm... dubious.) Since than, the diode on the charger goes to red for about 15 sec. and then it goes to green, i.e. it stops charging. Great.
  11. Ok, thanks guys.
  12. Could you elaborate on this? Except for the handle (that I wouldn't probably use anyway). I'm interested mainly in the ride, not the look, lights (that are obviously useful, but can be easily added), etc. I mean, why the Lhotz is outdated.
  13. Well, my Zero seems to tilt back way before reaching the set max speed, but after all there's only one type of speed adjustment in EUC's...
  14. Hi guys, this is my first post here. I'm moderately new to EU's. So far I've had the Airwheel X3 and the Zero 340. So You mean the max speed, right? Because these are the values of max speed that can be set in my Zero.