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  1. Msuper V3 1900, photos from Lukas gotway

    Nice wheel!
  2. New Inmotion V10 (V8 Fast)

    That guy must be really strong to pick up 45 lbs so easily.......or is it with out the batter installed?
  3. New to EUC

    I own a gotway msuper V3S+. I’ve ridden mine close to 700 miles and never had an issue. I’m a heavy rider (200lbs) and my average cruising speed is 15-18mph. My normal commute is 4-5 miles one way on mixed roads. After owning my gotway, I’d own another gotway 😎
  4. The New Solowheel

    Do you need to be a Solowheel owner to rent from the San Diego office? If not how much does it cost?
  5. New Lower Pricing For Glide Series

    You guys are going the right direction
  6. The New Solowheel

    This came across my news feed today from Solowheel Global and it cracked me up. Is that a V.W. Bus with a Range Rover cover on it? Reminds me of inmoti..... I mean Glide 3 i hope this doesn’t become a company habit 🤪
  7. The New Solowheel

    Is barefoot ted still with solowheel?
  8. You can buy the NB1 E+ for $399.99 at newegg

    In Seattle, I find those for $500 used on Craigslist. In my opinion that’s a good deal.
  9. Need parts for V3S+

    Had a crash yesterday and I need a new trolley handle for my V3S+. I'm also comsidering replacing the shell since it's a little banged up. Anybody here know where I can get these parts? Is it hard to replace the trolley handle and shell? Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  11. Need help on the app

    Thanks guys!
  12. Need help on the app

  13. Need help on the app

    I changed the ride mode from soft to comfort, disabled the 2nd alarm and set the tilt back to 39kph. I open the app again and the ride mode stayed on comfort BUT the alarm setting and tilt back are back on factory settings. I've done this several times and no luck with it. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
  14. Unicycle with handles

    Came across this... Looks a a lot like this..

    Here a video of my wife Catherine on a Segway MiniPro trailerinf my daughter Ella. The Boy in front is my son Brandon. We are in downtown Seattle not stuck in traffic-wooohoooo!