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  1. Someone is a bit paranoid me thinks.
  2. Well, I think I'll let it be for now. Going to get myself a new multimeter anyways, since my old one has gone to meet its maker, ceased to be, kicked the bucket, you get it... But I will use the Athlon/Rockwheel charger for balance charging, and the YZ for fast charging. That way I can avoid routinely overcharging the cells.
  3. WheelLog Android App

    Does this work with Rockwheel GT16?
  4. The Gotway Tesla 1020wh Model Open Box and Initial thoughts

    You can always get a trolley handle, there are holes prepared for it. But the Tesla really looks good, it is a very tempting proposition.
  5. Thanks for the link, I will have to get a multimeter it seems. This will have to be adjusted, I'm not at all comfortable with overcharging the cells.
  6. Building electronics from a schematic, the last time I did that was like 35 years ago But jokes aside, I got a YZ-power charger recently, and it seems to be tuned to somewhere in the vicinity of 85V rather than 84V. I seem to remember you adjusting a charger voltage, was that an YZ-power or something else?
  7. GT16 1036wh - fixed version

    It is V2 standard. There are now warnings and tilt-back if you push it beyond 70% or so, there are warning beeps if regenerative charging has reached the limit (respect that warning immediately, or it will cut out). On the hardware side, the new shells seems to be of slightly higher quality, with better sealing in the control box and overall pretty good finish. The axles are better, the connectors are better, the cabling is better. The gel pads are better, but that is personal preference. My only real bone with the current standard is that they seem to use a bit high moment when attaching the pedal arms, which means there is a small risk of cracks in the bracket. It shouldn't be enough to actually break it, but it's still something to look out for. There's still room for improvement, but the V2 is a pretty good wheel, and having a 2kW motor in a compact package is pretty awesome.
  8. How much do you spend to maintain your Addiction?

    About 2400€ so far... One beginner wheel, the current wheel, extra charger, new motor, board, and some other spare parts.
  9. The Gotway Tesla 1020wh Model Open Box and Initial thoughts

    If you look into the open vents on the GT16, you'll see a minuscule hole in the middle behind the light-/charger-assembly. That is an air-duct and the only way in for water into the controller compartment. The other, bigger holes are to the cooling sink, and will not let water into the same compartment as the controller or cables. The small air-duct is the only really vulnerable point for the controller compartment, especially on V2, where the sealing of the control-box has become better. My own solution to the smallish risk of a splash leading to a drop of water or two getting into the controller compartment, was getting myself some conformal coating spray. When I changed boards for a totally different reason (broken gyro), I sprayed the new board with a nice coating on the top-side. It won't help if there's a lot of water getting in, but will protect from stray drops getting sucked in and landing on the board. But let's not overinflate the risks involved. Unless you hose it down or try riding through a car washer just for fun, the risk of water getting into the control-board compartment is really small on the newer version. On the older ones, the sealing of the power-button and LEDs where not as good, but the new ones seem really solid. There are four areas of potential vulnerability to water in the GT16 V2: The small holes I spoke of. The seal for the cables from the lights and charging port. The plastic wall between the wheel and the cable compartment. The lid of the control-box. 1. The holes will only be vulnerable to water spraying in from the sides and hitting just wrong, which isn't bloody likely. 2. The cables are sealed with silicone, but if that fails for some reason, small amount of water might get in. Actually shorting something and doing damage isn't very likely. 3. The plastic wall is sealed with silicone, and unless some physical object succeeds in getting in and doing some serious damage, it won't be a problem. Even so it has to create a serious leak for enough water to get in to short anything. 4. The lids, especially the new ones, are by no means leaky, but there IS a plastic and a metallic lip that connects and that has to connect perfectly. If by any chance any of the brackets holding them together breaks, I would seal with tape or silicone. If you have the old variant, I would advice to pop the power button flap that is on top of the lid, and put a couple of pieces of scotch beneath it to seal the two holes beneath it. It may not be necessary, but it bloody well can't hurt. I ride my GT16 in all weathers, and I'm not overly worried.
  10. 1036wh Rockwheel GT16 now listed

    The non-cosmetic differences between v1 and v2 are mainly control board, connectors and wires. So yeah, the 1036Wh version should all be v2.
  11. It's a bit strange, since it works well, when ON the head. Well enough at least, the padding along the jawbone is a bit heavy. But getting it on and off is an "interesting" thing compared to my commuter helmet... I have to take my glasses off, and then be rather careful not getting my ears in the way if I want to keep them. The strap could well have some quick coupling to not have to stand there fumbling, but I suspect it will become easier with experience. But I think the hardest part to get used to has nothing to do with the fit, but more that I'm used to the the greater peripheral vision downward with an open helmet. Now I actually have to look DOWN if I want to see the battery LEDs or thread the tyre through narrow passages. It also blocks a bit more sound than the Kali City, or rather it turns the volume down. That can be a good thing, but it requires some time to adapt.
  12. Quite true, it only pisses me off that I fell for those two vices
  13. Yeah. The irony was that I was on my way to get my full face helmet... I suppose I'm luckier in that nor my shoulder, nor any other part really hurts at all. Some muscles are a bit stiff, but that is the extent of two falls.
  14. But I suppose with the start of the autumn, that it is a very good reminder that you no longer can trust the grip on the road. Mud and puddles, leaves and wet gravel, there you have enough reasons to be more careful.
  15. By making me fall stupidly like some noob? The idea of falling because of not seeing a 2" curb wouldn't even have figured in the kind of nightmares where you find out you're stark naked at work or something...
  16. Who the f**k have put a voudou-curse thingie on me? I've been riding for almost half a year without any real incidents, and now I fall two times in four days. This time it was heavy rain and a curb hidden in a puddle of water. I turned a corner and had a car coming up behind. As it was dark and rainy I swerved into the parking space by the side of the street, forgetting there is a low curb between them. The curb is no more than a couple of inches, but my shallow angle and the rain made the thing slippery enough to make the EUC hesitate. So I continued turning while the EUC didn't. Well, the extent of me hurting myself this time was a small patch of skin, a few millimeters in size from the outermost knuckle on my left index-finger, and a slightly sore left ankle since I managed to land awkwardly in the run-off. I fell and rolled imperfectly (more sideways than forward) but well enough, ending up on my back. The EUC came out of it with a very minor scratch less than 1/2" long. So whomever has put the curse on me seems not to have gotten their moneys worth (touching wood)...
  17. Brilliant idea, now if only my name was @esaj and my competence were enough to implement this without getting a headache...
  18. I'd say very close to all of them. There are some few that have been firmware or hardware faults, but the rest...
  19. Has anybody Heard of this?

    Well. I'm going to do this in classical fashion: positive - critical - positive First of all, I love seeing people on fire with the passion for R&D. I also love seeing someone saying that what we think is the top specs ain't. To be a bit nit-picky, I would prefer a larger rim, at least 16". Not that 12.5" is a bad thing for fun, but to make it a more versatile everyday vehicle. But the jury's out on that one, since stability and all that depends on more than just wheel-size, and fun is not to be belittled I realise that it would mean more weight, and less torque for any give power. But I'm prepared to live with that if I can go on partly low quality roads to work and back everyday, without the fatigue of controlling a twitchy unicycle. Personally I hope that the 4kW/8kW will be practical in production. We really need that kind of quantum leap in capability, and I don't think the Chinese will provide it anytime soon - unless someone prods them with a stick. A pulse-glider with serious power would be the perfect stick. That's not to say the project is only interesting for prodding the other manufacturers, it seems a beast in itself. For the future of EUCs however, we will not only need products like these in themselves, but also as a way to force an environment where the big players feel the heat of competition.
  20. Oh, believe me, I'm not bloody likely to ignore a overcharging beep anytime soon... When I say I felt no fear, I mean I realise the fault was mine, not some arbitrary fault in the EUC. I may argue that it's a stupid thing our EUCs cut off when overcharged, that there's no system to handle the current when the batteries can take no more - but the fault was mine. The cut out woke me up to the fact that the beep means: "step off NOW", not "you can probably continue down the road another 20 meters". I'm actually a bit grateful that I got that kind of warning about where the limitations are, without having to recuperate because of sprains, bruises and/or broken bones. So the near miss worked in my case. It's just that in my case it's not about fear, it's about rationality. I've gone downhill after it happened, without any fears at all, since I new I had headroom left before any overcharge.
  21. I like the new looks, very relaxing.
  22. Even without protection, I probably wouldn't have hurt myself badly in the cut-out. I would have come off with some abrasions on my hands, knees and elbows, maybe some light sprain in my wrists. Apart from that idiotic mishap, the two "falls" I've had are both the "run-off" kind, where protection wouldn't have done zip for the consequences. BUT, I think the trick is to find gear that's simple and comfortable enough, that you don't feel it's a hindrance or annoyance. The only part of my gear that is even remotely annoying to put on are the combo of wrist-guard and jacket, and then mainly because the cuffs of the jacket are hard to close with the wrist-guards on. Getting a jacket for the heavier protection, was an awesome idea if I can say so myself. I found one that looks good and is practical as a jacket, not only as protection. So except for weighing a bit more, I don't even feel like I'm putting on protection, I just put on my jacket. So adapt your protection to your riding style and try to find stuff that you really like. That is the best I can give you. And even though I would have walked out of that cut-out without serious injury, I'm still happy for the gear I had. If for no other reason, the simple fact I felt no fear - neither when it happened, nor afterwards. I will be able to continue riding without expecting a failure, since I can be fully rational about it, see that it was all my fault, and avoid doing the same mistake again. That is worth a lot too.
  23. 1036wh Rockwheel GT16 now listed

    Should be about the same weight as it is the same number of cells, just cells with a higher mAh-rating.
  24. Yup, I had almost stopped, so my balance was fairly neutral. I expect I would have fallen backwards if it had cut out while I was breaking.
  25. I'm happy to hear that nothing major happened. I know I will respect the overcharge alarm from now on