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  1. Sverige - Uppsala, Bålsta, Stockholm

    När du börjar, så kommer du upptäcka att du har muskler du inte tränat på väldigt länge. Den första månade så fick jag enorm mjölksyra i ben och bål. Nu har jag gått ner sex kilo på grund av allt åkande och den träning det ger. Mina ben, mina vader, mina fötter, mage och rygg är mycket starkare än förut.
  2. Rehab1´s accident(s)

    Oh, there is definitely a difference between being twenty and just five years off a skateboard, and being fifty and having spent the last two decades in front of a bloody screen... So far (touch wood), I've walked away from my mishaps with nothing more than sprains and strains. But the muscle soreness after having a fall is nothing to laugh about, the suppleness of my twenty-year old self is MIA. On the flip-side, I feel a lot less sorry for myself because of trivial pains and sprains nowadays. So while it hurts more, it takes a lot more hurt before it even registers as something to notice. I suppose that is natures way of compensating us for taking away our spryness Youth is clearly wasted on the young........
  3. Rehab1´s accident(s)

    I've had a few not so serious wobbles, and they stop immediately if you relax and sink down bending your knees and tighten them a bit forward of COG. Whatever you do, don't try to actively compensate, that will just make the resonance worse. I have thought a bit about why wobbles start easier if you stand far back on the pedals, as opposed to standing well forward. And it kind of makes sense, since the actual position where the tire hits the ground is forward of the upright center position. If you stand back on the pedals, not only are you mimicking having the steering wheels on the back of a car, but you also have less steering authority, as your input is further away and off-centre from where the pivot point is. Add to this that the pedals are way lower than the axle and so moves backwards a notch when you go forward, and the problem is aggravated. It kind of comes with the whole concept. Well, whatever. I am glad the surgery seems to have gone well @Rehab1. Surgery is never a trivial thing, even when you're a healthy guy. I got a bit flabbergasted by the extent of the damage, considering your relatively modest speed (well, not THAT modest, but neither was it an F1 crash). It kinda goes to show that a lot of luck are involved in the results of an accident. People driving MC-racers routinely walk away from crashes at 60-70 mph without more than superficial bruises, while you have to have reconstructive surgery after a crash going 20 mph-ish. But I suppose the geometry is part of the answer. The few crashes I've had have felt a bit like going over the handle-bar of a bike, rather than having it slide out from under you.
  4. Rehab1´s accident(s)

    The one used for a "swing"?
  5. Rehab1´s accident(s)

    I got what you said, and I'm neither a physician or have English as my first language. But then I have too many physicians as friends I suppose. Nerds will be nerds, whatever profession
  6. Police Tighten the Noose in London

    That situation is just insanely stupid. I am worried that the Swedish lawmakers that are notoriously nanny-state, hug-you-to-death, will suddenly get their eyes on EUCs. If that happens, there's no telling what will happen.
  7. Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    I didn't get the least excited watching this... That is not drool spilling down the corner of my mouth... I am not checking my bank account and wondering if we maybe maybe should skip the vacation abroad this summer... Not at all sir, I am not interested...
  8. Rehab1´s accident(s)

    @Rehab1 Damn, it hurts just looking at those x-rays. You kind of maxed out on bad luck in that fall - well almost, you're alive and not in a wheel-chair after all... It's a bummer that we grown-ups that can actually afford these wheels take damage easier, and have a harder time healing - aren't you supposed to have fun after turning 40? If my woman started making angry noises about me riding, that is probably the question I'd ask her. I need something that it a bit over the edge, and at least I'm not free climbing on flat mountain walls hundreds of meters up in the air... I'm going to keep my fingers crossed that the surgery goes well, and that the avascular necrosis is a scare and no more.
  9. Rehab1´s accident(s)

    I would look at armor made for motocross or the like. But even with something like that, I doubt it would be able to fully redirect elbow impact fractures to the upper arm. The complexity of movement of shoulders and arms should make it hard to create such protection without loosing to much movement range - or just transferring the forces to the shoulder joint and creating an even more serious fracture there. That said, I think it would be worthwhile to have at least some D3O to protect clavicle, scapula, ribs, arms and elbow from as much impact as possible. My jacket is something of a compromise there. It has class 2 padding for the shoulders/clavicle and elbows, and enough damping in the jacket to soften the blows. I also have a D3O back pad, to protect the spinal column and scapula. What I DON'T have is protection for the upper arm, ribcage, breastbone, sternum and hips. I have considered looking for a jacket that has spaces for such padding, as I prefer to have as much of the protection as possible in one easy to put on package. Preferably without me looking like Robo-bloody-cop...
  10. Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    I don't recognise the claim that lower voltages would stress the cells harder. I must have been blind to miss that, but it is totally illogical as a statement. As far as the cells go, the amperage per cell is the only interesting number. The stresses I'm worried about are wiring and circuits. Overall the tendency in EUCs is too thin wires - and the higher the current, the bigger the problem with thin wires. If we'd have 8AWG as the standard, and boards to match, the amperage problem wouldn't be a problem at all. Well except for the inherent voltage/torque at speed problem, but I guess even that is something that is dependent of the design... I really hope Ninebot has done their homework thoroughly, and that the risks of failure are as low as possible.
  11. Rehab1´s accident(s)

    If you wobble violently, relaxing your way out of it isn't really very intuitive... I'm more for being wary about the tendency and start slowing down before the wobble goes full force. Testing out your centre of gravity may also be good. Standing too far back aggravates the tendency to wobble while driving, while standing too far forward makes hard braking more wobbly. After much testing, I've found that my left foot should be half an inch or so forward of my right foot - not very strange really as one of my feet is flat. It is not that crucial, but it is the most relaxed position. Studs in the tire is also a stability problem, with more tendencies to twitch. Damn I long for spring, where I can put on my brand new slicker city-tire.
  12. Rehab1´s accident(s)

    I can say, now having a knobby tire (Schwalbe Mad Mike), that it is a lot less stable than the slicker Chao Yang that was standard on the GT16. On soft surfaces that wouldn't be a problem, I expect that on snow, mud or gravel, it would be better than the standard. But on asphalt or concrete, the smooth gradual feel of the wide track of the standard tire is lost. It likes to twitch a bit and you have to control it more tightly. So far I've had no wobbling problems. I tend to stand with the center of my weight right on top of the pedals, which alleviates wobbling to a large degree - especially if you bend your knees a bit.
  13. Police Tighten the Noose in London

    That is actually very sane, police or not.
  14. Issue with rockwheel gt16 (v2)

    Exactly, tilt-back should happen when there's at least some headroom left for extra power, NOT when you're already at the limit.
  15. Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    I suspected it would be expensive, but this is just ridiculous...
  16. Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    Formulas aside: can't they just use 8 AWG wire, and the discussion is moot?
  17. Police Tighten the Noose in London

    I had a fun encounter with a police officer about six weeks ago. I had just bought a 1000lm headlight, with an option of flashing light, and drove up to a police car to ask about their legality. He looked at me and commended me on getting a good headlight, having reflective strips on and a bike bell on my finger. He told me that while the flashing light is not illegal, it may be annoying for bikers going the other way. So he said, quote: "You can use it if you want, but I would personally keep the steady light on, use good judgement", end quote. Not a single comment about the legality of the EUC per se. I like police officers that know what is important and not.
  18. Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    Yes, it seems inconceivable that the max power would be so low. Especially with the speeds, max loads and climbing stats stated.
  19. Issue with rockwheel gt16 (v2)

    Well, my experience with the GT16V2 tilt-back is that it feels like a swing. You're leaning forward accelerating, then you're upright slightly decelerating - no bucking, no instability, you just change what you're doing. The algorithm of the tilt-back could probably go through a few more iterations making it even smoother, but already it's fully possible to ride the tilt-back and continue accelerating (if you're feeling edgy enough to risk a face plant...)
  20. Rehab1´s accident(s)

    @Rehab1 I will miss you if you disappear from the board, but I totally get your point. So many people are dependent on you, and there is such a thing as responsibility when you reach our age-bracket. My spills so far have been mercifully mild. The only speedy spill I've had still left me rolling rather than taking the fall head on, I'm not sure how I would react if I broke something. I wear a motorcycle jacket with shoulder-protection, elbow pads, and d3o back protection, wrist guards and knee-pads. The jacket is also pretty stiff, and dampens impact energy pretty well. That said, there are no guarantees whatsoever. A loose stone, a fence, a curb hitting in just the wrong place and bones WILL break. Even the helmet cant take that kind of abuse, even though it's a bloody good helmet. I've taken a few spills by now, and while the protection helps a lot, it is always scary. And it always hurts. Maybe not immediately, maybe not bad, but even rolling perfectly you strain your muscles - muscles that up to that point have only been static, and so are cold and stiff before sudden violent use... But what can we do? The only answer I can think of is gearing up or getting out of the game. So far I'm doing the former.
  21. Issue with rockwheel gt16 (v2)

    I may not have been clear enough. When you reach the limit one of two things can happen: There is not enough torque to keep you upright, but the EUC still tries to keep you upright. The EUC is overstressed - either the BMS or the controller shuts down the current. In case one you may actually have time to brace yourself for the fall and roll. In case two not so much - say hello to the face-plant. This idea of alarms is all well and good, as long as you f-ing hear them. If you ride in the woods where the tinnitus whine of the EUC is the loudest noise apart from flying gravel, that is not much of a problem. But even a pretty loud alarm is not certain to go through the noises of massive traffic which resonates on asphalt, concrete, stone and glass. This is especially true if there are sand/gravel on the road, some rain, a full face helmet the sound has to go through etcetera. The ideal tilt-back is one that is JUST distinct enough to get your attention, but that feels more like the wheel is catching you than the wheel becoming a bucking horse.
  22. Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    If that is the case, then my next wheel will NOT be a 9B1 Z10. Going from ~2kW continuous to 1.8kW max is a total no-go. Let's hope the 1500W was continuous power.
  23. Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    Yes, 52V is plenty. It just feels a bit counterintuitive, as higher voltages should put less stress on the wiring. OTOH if they actually beef the wires up to something that can handle higher currents without undue heat, then it should be perfectly OK. It's just that we've had so many problems with overheating wires, that upping the current seems a stoopid thing to do.
  24. Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    The low voltage triggers my scepticism. Unless the wiring and all the circuits are truly scaled to handle such amperage; and unless they've found a way to flatten out the torque curve to give some margin in the top-end - the move DOWNwards rather than UPwards in voltage seems counterintuitive for creating a dependable EUC with high longevity. I might be wrong, no two ways about it. It just seems like it is a voltage chosen because of stoopid standards, rather than from considering what is actually the best way to go about it.
  25. Issue with rockwheel gt16 (v2)

    Nobody "likes" tilt-back. But the bloody thing is there for a reason. Have you ever had a cut-out? I've had one at close to zero speed, and even so I barely managed to get my arms up to avoid falling on my nose. It was way more scary than any other falls I've had. Consider this: At 42kph you're going forward at approx 7 m/s. If you have a cut-out your body continues forward at that speed. But since you're leaning forward, since your feet are planted on the pedals and your legs are probably more or less squeezing the EUC, the wheel acts like an anchor and a hinge adding some of those 7 m/s to the 9.81 m/s^2 to your natural falling speed. The time between the cut-out and you hitting the ground is so short, that even a martial arts expert would have trouble reacting fast enough to have a chance of recovery. Even reacting fast enough to roll out of the fall is all but certain unless you've trained falling technique to the point that it is instictive. The most likely scenario is falling on your nose, with maybe your elbows, knees, and wrists taking some of the impact. Or if you're lucky the forward momentum and your muscle memory transfers some of that momentum into a roll and you take only part of it in direct impact. Most EUCs tend to cut out when over the limit. If you're lucky you get a couple of fractions of a second where you feel the wobble before the fact, but in many cases you'll just find yourself halfway to the ground before you even realised something was wrong. This is the reason for all the bloody alarms, and the reason for the 80% warning and tilt-back. Believe me, you never, ever, ever, ever, ever want to go there. A fellow EUC-rider here in Gothenburg have quit after promising his kids he wouldn't drive anymore. He has four titanium plates where some of his facial bones used to be. That was a cut out, one that happened because he had turned of all the tilt-back options on his GW. BAM, and then months in sick-bed looking like a train ran over his face. SO... The bloody tilt-back is there for a bloody reason. Hate it all you like, but learn to handle it. In all likelihood it will one day be the thing that makes you stay pretty. Sorry for the rant.