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    If your envy burns that hot, maybe you should go for an ice-cream?
  2. Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    It is bloody time for NB to come clean. What are the actual specs? What about continuous power and peak power? What about cut-out lift speed? What about climbing angles? Heat handling? Torque? Actual range with a rider that is NOT a teen weighing 60 kgs dripping wet? They're pretty good at looking good, but that is the ice-cream and tart, not the meat of the supper.
  3. Msuper V3 1900, photos from Lukas gotway

    While the absolute ideal would be to have all the T-247s at the side of the board, to avoid any tendency to trap heat in unfortunate places - I still have to say the layout of the new PCB seems a lot more logical as far as I can see. This clearly has the potential to let all the MOS be directly and substantially connected to the heat-sink, which will probably help a lot. Going up to 247s... what took you so long?
  4. My Inmotion V10F Triumphs, Tribulations, and Failures

    I think @Marty Backe’s "Overheat Hill" must be haunted by a million invisible infernal imps, that blow their hellfire into the elctronics...
  5. Anyone replaced their car yet?

    I do that all the time But be sure to have a bag in each hand, or the bag hand will become a wind-anchor trying to turn you constantly... I mostly use a sailors sack that I carry slung on my back.
  6. Rehab1´s accident(s)

    She'll give her blessing? Congrats!
  7. I suddenly find myself wanting Rockwheel GT16

    Weeeeell, there are some tricky parts about the servicing of this wheel. Mostly it's experience though. Apart from the "magnificent" idea to put the wires in the cooling compartment behind a brittle piece of glued plexi, none of the idiosyncrasies are that bad. Nowadays I've replaced the plexi with plastic held in place with a piece of black duct tape, works wonderfully. I clocked changing from winter to summer tires. It took an hour, and half that time was spent on wringing the old tire off and the new on without hurting the tube and without the right tools... The steps were: Unscrew the sides, and disconnect the LED-wire before taking them off. Cutting the self sealing silicone, disconnecting the battery packs and taping the connectors. Discharging the capacitors (power on without batteries). Taking off the cap of the motor-wire side wire compartment, cutting more silicone and unplugging the motor cables. Unscrewing the last screws to the pedal arms. Pushing the wheel out of the shell (using the pedals that stayed on the whole time) Deflating and wringing off the old tire. Wringing on and inflating the new tire. Pushing the wheel back into the shell. Which is one of the hardest operations, as you need to get the cables exactly right before the push. Screwing the pedal arms to the shell. Connecting the motor cables and sealing them again. Closing the wire compartment. Connecting the batteries, carefully but decisively to avoid sparks. Sealing all the remaining connectors. Putting back the sides and connecting the LEDs again. Checking that the pad-glue still sticks to the pads and shell, and re-glue if it doesn't After doing the drill a few times, you can do it in your sleep. Oh BTW, it really helps if the batteries are 100% and balanced before you begin, MUCH less risk of sparks.
  8. New Inmotion V10 (V8 Fast)

    One of those sit on my right pedal, the left one lies beside the trail somewhere.
  9. New Inmotion V10 (V8 Fast)

    Same dumb idea as on the gt16. I’m using screw in studs to make sure i have grip. Grip tape works too, but rubber isn’t really the best material to keep them glued on.
  10. I suddenly find myself wanting Rockwheel GT16

    I have coated the electronics, use silicone self sealing tape on the connectors, and have put a tiny film of liquid silicone between the controller cap and heat sink. I’ve ridden through heavy rain without worrying about it. There is exactly five points where water may get in too easily (as long as the integrity of the shell is OK): where the wires go through to the lights and charging ports, the small air vent in front and back that leads into the controller compartment, and underneath the power button. The last was much better in V2. The wires are usually sealed with silicone, just check that they’re not loose. Some frenchman plugged the holes, I’m not sure what consequences that would have for heat, but it’s probably OK. All in all I’ve never noted moisture inside, and the only real risk would be splashes from cars and such that come from below.
  11. I suddenly find myself wanting Rockwheel GT16

    @Yi Chen is a wonderful seller.
  12. Msuper V3 1900, photos from Lukas gotway

    Let me tell you that my finger has hovered over the buy button on the monster 100v... But right now the msx is the one that has me drooling, unless the nbz10 turns out to be really good. I cruise too damn fast for a 16" wheel. Not that I really feel unsafe on my gt16 at 25mph, but a few inches more is nothing no man have ever rejected having... And 12*247 MOS sounds just like the thing to have.
  13. Protective Wear Suggestions for EUC Riding

    I hate to rain on the knee-brace parade. But I remember what my therapeutist said when I hurt my meniscus. He warned me not to use the braces when not needed, as they took too much of the forces that should be taken by the muscles. I was losing muscle mass, and they didn't help. The ideal braces would be those that restricts rotating motion, overextension and impact, but does not "straighten" the leg.
  14. I suddenly find myself wanting Rockwheel GT16

    Nope, they're not as big as I want them to be, but neither are they really small. I'm a size 43EU. I'd wish the pedals were an inch longer and maybe half an inch wider, the length mostly to give extra stability if a jump or curb moves your feet forward a bit... and some extra leverage when accelerating or braking. No biggie though. I weigh 88kg and commute everyday with full gear and a backpack with a laptop, chargers for God knows what, and so on. Not seldom another 5-8kg. No problems. You have three customisable alarms, and one customisable tilt-back. You have overcharge alarm and 80% alarm and tilt-back that is not customisable. No idea about US-sellers. No idea, I'm afraid. If you come to Gothenburg, Sweden you can try mine The V1 did have a lot of idiotic problems, mostly stupid bugs or oversights. The BMS (which I still have) could get problems when overcharging, the firmware had too few safety features, there were instances of current spikes that fried a few early boards. The V2 is a subtle but important upgrade, where the electronics is more dependable.
  15. The Photo Thread

    Partners in crime I hear
  16. Msuper V3 1900, photos from Lukas gotway

    Nope, that was only observation and logic. But looking at tires with a mirrored diagonal thread, the same rolling direction applies to ALL of them - I suppose there is a reason for that. But some google-fu yielded this: Directional Treads: A directional tread pattern is designed to roll only in one direction. For this reason, the tires always have arrows molded on the sidewalls indicating the direction that the tire needs to be mounted. Lateral grooves on both sides of the tire point toward the center of the tire, creating a ‘v’ shape. These grooves very efficiently pump water through the tread so the tire can maintain contact with the road for wet traction and to resist hydroplaning even at high speeds. Another benefit of a directional tread pattern on high performance vehicles is that they give more of an on-center feel for improved high speed stability. The drawback of a directional tread pattern versus a symmetric tread pattern is that they typically wear faster, and are harder to rotate, as they can only be moved from front to back on the same side of the vehicle. From https://www.tires-easy.com/knowledge-center/tire-basics/directional-tire-tread-patterns
  17. The Photo Thread

    I do hope you at least had a beautiful woman to walk with? That would almost compensate for forgetting your wheel at home
  18. Msuper V3 1900, photos from Lukas gotway

    Actually the reason for directionality is rather logical and has to do with water, and slippery mud. The point of the "arrow!" in the thread/pattern should be the first part that touches the ground, thereby pushing liquid and slosh outwards as the rest of the thread follows. So on hard dry roads, it has no meaning, but if you ride in bad conditions, it can help avoiding slips.
  19. Inmotion V3 twin wheel

    Oh, I learnt the trick, even though by now it feels seriously strange to use the V3C, since I almost never do.
  20. Protective Wear Suggestions for EUC Riding

    Wheellog usually gives me a mean speed of 26-28 kph, and top speeds between 36-40 kph. The mean speed would probably be higher, if there weren't any parts of the way where I had to take pedestrians into consideration. The GT16 is a sultry temptress... And I DO wear a lot of protection: shoulders, elbows, back, knees, wrists and of course head.
  21. Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    In general, and that is just generally speaking, higher voltage means less thermal losses. Of course that depends a lot on wire gauges and so on, so take it with a few grains of salt. As the wheel generates voltage too, a higher voltage means more headroom for counter-voltage, but that too depends a lot on wiring. You can get 2000W out of 10V, but then again a higher voltage may be beneficial. Look at the Tesla cars, that are up in the 400V range. With a strong motor and lower voltage, they need really fat wire gauges everywhere to avoid heat problems.
  22. Protective Wear Suggestions for EUC Riding

    Almost careful almost adults... Given I have almost certainly passed the halfway mark on the schedule of life, and still behave like a fifteen year old with death defying megalomanic tendencies... I start to understand the phrase "youth is wasted on the young!"
  23. Rockwheel gt16 v3 1036wh

    Exactly so. The point where the hub cover converges towards the screws is indeed the "highest" point, and therefore the point which touches the shell. This is one of those WTF-things about the shell-design, because a simple ridge inside the battery compartment would most probably have eliminated the problem.
  24. Msuper V3 1900, photos from Lukas gotway

    Those two wheels are almost at the opposite end of the spectrum One is like a strong powerful cruiser, the other a temperamental nimble sports car.
  25. Msuper V3 1900, photos from Lukas gotway

    247 MOS, waterproofing, higher pedals and stronger shell. Less risk of frying a MOS, that alone is a YEAH!!!