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  1. My Mten3 Broke and What I'm Doing About it

    Actually it may be slightly higher than 35A. I got a spike with a tilt-back today going slightly uphill in a headwind at about 22-25mph. Checking the log in wheellog I read the spike at about 35A, but it might have been 36 or even 37A, as I read it while riding. It is pretty consistent with other overpower tilt-backs I've had, it tilts around that number, keeping a few amps in reserve for when you really need it. It is also pretty consistent with an 80% power tilt-back, if you presume the max continuous amperage is 10-11A per pack for the Sanyo's.
  2. My Mten3 Broke and What I'm Doing About it

    Well, my GT16 will happily tilt-back if I hit about 35A at 80% charge. As long as you have security settings in the wheel that won't let you get that type of spikes, you're good. The fuse will burn if something is seriously wrong, and not necessarily because you go fast. The worst spikes in my limited experience come at pretty low speeds when you push hard.
  3. My Mten3 Broke and What I'm Doing About it

    Because the mentality it "get it ready, get it out the door, sell, sell, sell". In itself that is not a bad thing, but as soon as you start taking short cuts to achieve it, you're in for trouble.
  4. My Mten3 Broke and What I'm Doing About it

    I'm utterly fascinated by Gotway as a company. How they combine brilliance with pure distilled fecal matter... Like in this case. On their hands they have a stunningly brilliant concept, refined to 10" of pure joy. Everybody who's tried it like to recite poetry about its magnificence. Then it turns out some high school level moron that can't count to eleven with shoes on have decided to join the battery packs with the equivalent of candy tin foil... It makes you wonder if they actually WANT to survive long term as a company? Gotway can't afford many more flaps like this. Already there are quite a few sellers that won't carry their wheels because all the reclamations and service requirements eats into the margins violently. GOTWAY, it is so simple: When you design a new wheel, let a certified experienced electric engineer go through the design and make sure it can safely take the strain we put on it. It will cost you a few thousand dollars, which you will reclaim within the first months in spare parts you don't have to send out, and returns you will avoid. Your sales will also go up, slowly at first as people won't really believe you've cleaned up your act, but faster and faster as people realise they can now safely get the fastest and most exhilarating products without expecting failure. I respect @Marty Backe for his love of Gotway wheels, and I sure as hell would like to have a working MTen3, Tesla or Monster, for the fun and brilliance of the concepts. But WTF, what is this? Amateur night? Aren't these people supposed to be engineers?

    Or... all of the above...

    Damn! Those side slips are wonderful! If the weather gets just right and I can find somewhere to train, I would like to learn to handle such conditions! Looks like a ton of fun!

    No, I haven't, and no, from the kind of experience I've gotten with the GT16 I don't think so. I don't think another wheel would make that much of a difference for better stability, maybe even the opposite. The dual wheel is actually MORE twitchy on anything but a smooth flat surface. And the best meter I feel you get for what you have under your wheel on a one-wheeler is how the yaw stability is affected. If you feel the wheel would like to spin turn on you easier than normally, you can be quite sure you're on a slippery surface and adapt your behaviour to that fact. The thing I do when I realise I'm on ice, is letting the speed fall naturally and keep the turns in an mostly upright position with only the wheel leaning and the speed low enough to avoid powerful sideways forces. If you haven't "commited" your body-weight in any direction, it is not that hard to compensate for small slippages. You have to go rather slow though I actually find it almost easier to negotiate the ice on my wheel than on my feet. I say almost, because the center of gravity is higher, but on the other hand your balance is more focused and to some extent easier to predict. I think I would prefer my feet, but I was very surprised when I stepped off on ice the first time and almost slipped. On the wheel it hadn't really felt that bad.

    Not on the center thread. As long as you go straight forward there is not much use anyway, except for braking. And if you put them on the first thread to the side and they stick out 2mm, you should get enough traction even going straight, but without the whole weight on the studs. Also lowering the pressure to ~2.7 or so should do wonders for extra grip on slippery surfaces and lessen the tendency to follow any cracks and ruts in the ice. Fascinatingly enough the grip on ice even without studs are not really bad. I wouldn't want to do any panic braking, but it's far less precarious than I thought it would be. I actually feel less stressed on ice than I do in rain-wet loose mud - or the worst: wet moss and mud combined. Adding some moss to the mud makes sure there is no friction at all when you side-slip... I do suspect however, that the wet snow/ice goo outside today is almost as bad as moss and mud...

    I'm considering these http://www.best-grip.com/site/en/prodotti/tutti-i-prodotti/ The 1000 variant should do the trick, goes in 6mm and sticks out 2mm. The worry is how much damage they do to the tyre... It should be possible to just unscrew them and continue using the tyre, but maybe I should get an extra just because...

    What I actually hope for is some warmer drier days to melt and dry the slop up, and then a fast conversion to cold dry weather - snow optional.

    Exactly! In the bloody afternoon half of it melted away, and the other half was gooey, slippery slop with pieces of ice here and there to ambush you when you least expect it.

    Santa Claus

    Today I gave up, at least temporarily. Waking up and looking out, you could barely see 50m because of snow in the air. This is when I was going to work, biting the bullet and taking the tram. It's OK, but takes twice as long.
  14. The Photo Thread

    Nah, if I go any direction that I don't want it will be sideways or my fat arse It turns out I have better grip and road handling than the mountain bikes sharing my lanes... The only really scary situation is ruts in ice, that try to steer you wheel for you. And I take the tram for the last bit, since the city seems to have run out of sand before treating that part...
  15. The Photo Thread

    Can't you send 14 of those 34 degrees here please? And some sun too if you please?