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  1. Video: Gotway Monster 100v version

    I personally prefer the feel of a harder mode, but the soft mode has some serious advantages too. For one, there is the relaxed cruise factor, where a soft mode actually should make the ride slightly "safer". At least from the perspective of swallowing small disturbances like cracks and holes without you indadvertedly changing your input and adding your own instability to the disturbance. But then again, if you really need a hard brake, the hard mode is quicker of the mark... As I understand it a "soft mode" is not really using less power as max, but is more exponential in it's response. You still need to "catch" the rider if they push it, but you can have a bigger zone where the response to input is not as drastic.
  2. Rockwheel GT16 App

    Not that I know of. Personally I only use it to set riding mode and tilt-back, relying on wheellog for all the rest. That app is brilliant in comparison.
  3. Rehab1´s accident(s)

    Actually it's not entirely true. The system here is that the $22 is the fee for visiting a doctor - to get a diagnosis, plan whatever medical procedures needed and so on. If, for example, I visit a doctor, and get remitted to a specialist, I pay $22 at my first visit, then $22 when visiting the specialist. If I hit the "roof" for a procedure (about $110) there will be no more costs incurred. Likewise I pay for medicine myself, at a subsidised price, but the same "roof" applies. The whole logic behind the $22 per visit and the $110 "roof" is that people shouldn't visit the doctor because they stub their toe, but if they actually need medical help, their economic status should not force them to forgo the needed procedures/medication/examinations. In general I concur with such a system, but I am flexible in how it is implemented. Making sure insurance is within reach for the absolute majority of citizens is a perfectly acceptable alternative to our tax-funded system. The pros of the tax-funded system, is that there is no economic paperwork to do when you get to the doctor. I understand such things are the norm even in the US when you talk ER, but as soon as you're out of the woods in terms of life and death, the economy of the situation becomes a problem - unless you have insurance or a very fat bank-account. The cons of the same system can be illustrated by a relative of mine, where a succession of doctors have had a rather lax attitude to diagnosis and treatment, never managing to pin-point the actual problem but remitting her to one thing after the other - scatter-gun style. She has probably incurred medical costs in the order of hundreds of thousands of dollars by now, without really being any closer to actually getting rid of her problems. I suspect that a certain "cost-sensitivity" would have made at least a few of those doctors more focused on actually finding the correct diagnosis and remedy...
  4. Rehab1´s accident(s)

    Soooooo. As I understand it @Rehab1 has some "news" for his wife visavi that EUC-thingie past-time, that he thought he was prepared to skip? And then us eurotrash zocialistz and the 'murican capitalizts got into the usual row of whose system is the better... big surprise there... Well my two pennies worth is that a good doctor is a good doctor however I pay him - wether by tax, insurance or my kids college money... A bad doctor OTOH will be no better if I get him/her for "free" or have to sell my wife and kids to pay the bill. I've met both very, very, very good doctors and really lousy ones here in Sweden. Meeting those who should never have passed their exam makes me angry they live of the taxes I pay. Meeting the good ones makes me smile all day. But to be properly eurotrash zoooocialist, I have to say that I'm quite content with the fact that some of my taxes goes to pay for the medical care for those who have a less fortunate lot in life. Some of those are of course lazy bums, but quite a few have it worse than me without any fault of their own. And I also feel quite happy about the fact that even if I would suffer twice @Rehab1's mishap, the grand total of my out-of-purse payments for medical care would be in the order of $22 or so. Started using my wheel again today. Almost no ice on the roads right now, and as long as I dress like an Innuit, I even get away with going to work without turning into a popsicle...
  5. My Wheel Failure Statistics

    Well, my Inmotion V3C have not failed, OTOH I never demanded very much out of it. My GT16 started out as V1 and had a gyro failure on the board, and the shims inside the wheel on the axle. I more or less rebuilt it, the only original parts left are the battery packs, the rest is V2. Still going strong since. I don't know if that counts as 50% or 100% ?
  6. Rehab1´s accident(s)

    Yeah, I kinda realise that when I go at dusk, I usually ride on roads I know as the back of my hand. Like going home from work, I know where all the pot-holes and cracks in the road are - I find myself swerving into the side of the lane without even thinking about it. I can add another "don't do this!": If in heavy rains with lots of puddles, know that you actually don't see what's on the bottom of those puddles or how deep they are. I've had one accident and one close call because of puddles. One time running diagonally into a curb and slipping, that was a pretty drastic fall. The other time I just barely managed to stop and had to put my foot down into 4 inches of water. Lurking at the bottom of the puddle was the curb that was far higher than what it looked like and went into an unexpected curve. If I had hit that, I would have taken flight - and my wheel would have been half submerged. It seems most accidents that don't involve taking the wheels to the bleeding edge of its speed capabilities, involve unseen obstacles like pot-holes, cracks, curbs, stones or just irregularities big enough to unbalance the wheel enough to destroy your balance... Simply the result of having a single point of balance as opposed to two, three or four. Right now my wheel is resting. The road conditions here are a nightmare. First rain, then freezing temperatures, then snow, then thaw, then rain, then snow and freezing conditions again. The roads are a mix of ice, water, snow and slush, with some sand here and there in all the wrong places.
  7. Protective Wear Suggestions for EUC Riding

    That looks like something for me to buy for the summer...
  8. Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    If it delivers on the promises, it will be the first wheel that may cause infidelity between me and my GT16...
  9. Sverige - Uppsala, Bålsta, Stockholm

    När du börjar, så kommer du upptäcka att du har muskler du inte tränat på väldigt länge. Den första månade så fick jag enorm mjölksyra i ben och bål. Nu har jag gått ner sex kilo på grund av allt åkande och den träning det ger. Mina ben, mina vader, mina fötter, mage och rygg är mycket starkare än förut.
  10. Rehab1´s accident(s)

    Oh, there is definitely a difference between being twenty and just five years off a skateboard, and being fifty and having spent the last two decades in front of a bloody screen... So far (touch wood), I've walked away from my mishaps with nothing more than sprains and strains. But the muscle soreness after having a fall is nothing to laugh about, the suppleness of my twenty-year old self is MIA. On the flip-side, I feel a lot less sorry for myself because of trivial pains and sprains nowadays. So while it hurts more, it takes a lot more hurt before it even registers as something to notice. I suppose that is natures way of compensating us for taking away our spryness Youth is clearly wasted on the young........
  11. Rehab1´s accident(s)

    I've had a few not so serious wobbles, and they stop immediately if you relax and sink down bending your knees and tighten them a bit forward of COG. Whatever you do, don't try to actively compensate, that will just make the resonance worse. I have thought a bit about why wobbles start easier if you stand far back on the pedals, as opposed to standing well forward. And it kind of makes sense, since the actual position where the tire hits the ground is forward of the upright center position. If you stand back on the pedals, not only are you mimicking having the steering wheels on the back of a car, but you also have less steering authority, as your input is further away and off-centre from where the pivot point is. Add to this that the pedals are way lower than the axle and so moves backwards a notch when you go forward, and the problem is aggravated. It kind of comes with the whole concept. Well, whatever. I am glad the surgery seems to have gone well @Rehab1. Surgery is never a trivial thing, even when you're a healthy guy. I got a bit flabbergasted by the extent of the damage, considering your relatively modest speed (well, not THAT modest, but neither was it an F1 crash). It kinda goes to show that a lot of luck are involved in the results of an accident. People driving MC-racers routinely walk away from crashes at 60-70 mph without more than superficial bruises, while you have to have reconstructive surgery after a crash going 20 mph-ish. But I suppose the geometry is part of the answer. The few crashes I've had have felt a bit like going over the handle-bar of a bike, rather than having it slide out from under you.
  12. Rehab1´s accident(s)

    The one used for a "swing"?
  13. Rehab1´s accident(s)

    I got what you said, and I'm neither a physician or have English as my first language. But then I have too many physicians as friends I suppose. Nerds will be nerds, whatever profession
  14. Police Tighten the Noose in London

    That situation is just insanely stupid. I am worried that the Swedish lawmakers that are notoriously nanny-state, hug-you-to-death, will suddenly get their eyes on EUCs. If that happens, there's no telling what will happen.
  15. Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    I didn't get the least excited watching this... That is not drool spilling down the corner of my mouth... I am not checking my bank account and wondering if we maybe maybe should skip the vacation abroad this summer... Not at all sir, I am not interested...