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  1. From the pictures, it seems that the size of this wrist guard makes it incompatible with wearing a watch?
  2. The MSuper valve seems pretty inaccessible. The video shows struggling to even get a dual air chuck on. How did you get the Slime in? The valve core removal tool doesn't easily fit on the valve. Do you just bend the valve down by force?
  3. The original fuse had blown. @Jason McNeil sent me a replacement control board. After replacing the board, the wheel is working again. It took some time to disassemble but the I'm sure the next time I have to open it up, it would go much faster.
  4. Today my V5F which I've been riding for several months with no problems cut out. I hit a tiny bump, maybe half an inch, and the wheel didn't make it and I fell forward. When I looked at the wheel, it was powered off. Trying to turn it on did nothing. Rolling the wheel with the trolley gave greater resistance than usual for when the wheel is off and I was unable to roll it and had to carry it. When I plugged it into the charger, the charger turned on indicating it was delivering power but the wheel still did not turn on. It was a bit misty so maybe water had something to do with this but seems unlikely. I did go up and down a steeper hill than I've gone on before about 10 minutes prior but I did not notice anything unusual about the riding until the wheel threw me down. I don't see any other posts about V5F cutouts so what should I do now to get the wheel moving again?
  5. A 2400Wh MSuper is available via back order from a store in Singapore. Other sites only sell up to 1600Wh and I haven't seen any reviews or discussion about a 2400Wh MSuper. Does this wheel actually exist and where else could you find this?