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  1. I have started to send my ks18 to Boston and they charged me 400 dollars for the postage.
  2. i am really grateful to your information about boston unicycle riding. i feel greatly relieved.
  3. good idea, thank you very much.One international freight company promised me they could transport my ks 18 to USA. However, the company told me that it would not be responsible to bring it back. It is much cheaper for me to transport my ks18 to USA than to buy a new ks18 in USA.
  4. if i cannot send it back to China, i will sell it to someone in the USA.
  5. i am from China. i am going to be a visiting scholar from August to January in UMass, Boston. i wonder if i am permited to ride euc in Boston? can euc be carried abound the subway?