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  1. As everyboby know, Kingsong is making new wheels model. May there are many people thinking of buying a Kingsong wheel. Is there someone who have bought a wheel at szkingsong.com? Could somebody tell me your experience about buy a wheel at szkingsong.com? Could somebody tell me things for and against buying at szkingson.com?
  2. kingsong

    This is a picture of KS14D's weight that it has 800W and 420Wh. Another 420Wh extra battery will be weight 1,5 Kg, so I think maybe KS14S will weight around: 13,56Kg + 1,5Kg = 15 Kg (more or less)
  3. kingsong

    It's not bad. Do you know something about de weight?
  4. kingsong

    ohhhhh, It really great. What is the engine power of KS14S?
  5. Really!!!! I'm excited about that. I'll be waiting for it. Thank you.
  6. Do you know more or less when KS14S is going to be available?
  7. Fist of all, congrats. I'm looking forward your to read your review about KS16S. There was someone who posted a photo protecting KS with InMotion cover. It looks nice and well protected.
  8. Thank you @Dr Mick
  9. What's about your KS14D? I'm thinking to buy someone. Do you still recomend me KS14D or maybe another one?
  10. @Dr Mick, How much did it cost? (I'm thinking about buying KS16S too)
  11. Make sure you first connect the charger to the airwheel and then plug the charger wall plug. If you do it in the reverse order it will not work for you.
  12. @Diana@szkingsong.comI have just recived your aswer. Thank you very much.