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  1. They're trainable then? That's good. We had various rodents and they all pee'd everywhere and pooped wherever they liked. I guess we were just doing it wrong.
  2. Cup holder!
  3. How do you keep them from peeing and pooping all over the place?
  4. I got an inexpensive one for my inexpensive Amazon Alcatel phone. People say the Otter boxes are great, but they weren't available for my model. I would have been happy to pay more for the case than the phone if the case were a good one.
  5. I definitely found that to be true. My feet wound up in a different place every time.
  6. Yup, the skill level involved, the fact that it can physically hurt to learn, the potential danger still inherent in riding or even in trying to learn how to ride, and the expense all combine to form a pretty high barrier to entry on these things. As cool as it is to think of a future in which EUC riding is as common as riding a bike, if not more so, I don't think that will ever come to pass. Riding an EUC asks so much more of you than riding a bike or skateboard. Unfortunately, if I'm right about that, it suggests that there will never be the broad public support for EUC's that bicycles have either.
  7. A lot of nature areas can be like that, public or private. It can be pretty disheartening in its way. You go up to the very top of a difficult hike, maybe a different peak from the one people tend to choose first, and marvel at how beautiful it is. Maybe you wonder how long it has been since anyone has disturbed this particular glorious spot ... and then you see a Pepsi can or candy bar wrapper. Sorta takes the wind out of your sails. I understand this is a big problem in some places popular with recreational shooters, too. They leave massive amounts of shell casings behind. On a side note, when I was a kid we used to have a little roofed wooden cart outside on the corner of our property. Teenagers -- not invited, mind you -- would come sit there at night and talk. My folks felt that was a kid thing to do and it was okay, almost never chasing them off. And ... sometimes we'd get a good run of the kind of jerks who would leave trash and even break beer bottles there. C'mon guys ... you can do better than that ... We would also have to regularly clean up beer bottles and fast food joint trash people would throw from their cars in passing. We figured we knew how long it took the average person to eat a fast food meal by where he dumped his trash when he was done..
  8. I think policy and values influence and reflect each other. It's the same thing with things like pay toilets and crosswalks and bike paths and many other decisions a community makes about what kind of image it wishes to project, what it wishes to accomplish, and what it's willing to pay for - ordinances tend to come out of and reflect community values, and once they're in place, they tend to encourage and perpetuate those same values by making them the default. I recently watched a video on beaches in China. During prime periods they get as crowded as a freeway traffic jam, and people leave all their trash around to the extent that cleaning it up is a massive daily effort. The culture and the laws reflect each other. Everybody's doing it so everybody does it; the law allows it so people allow it to themselves. There are always the people like George Washington, who eventually gave up slave ownership, but then again there are always plenty of the Jefferson type too, who keep them to the bitter end. You can never count on people living up to a high level, but you can always count on them living down to the lower levels.
  9. A lot of my growing up years were in Hawaii. Trash cans were everywhere and so there was almost no trash on the streets or anywhere else. Throwing stuff away properly became a part of local pride. When I moved to Los Angeles, one of the first and to me very surprising things was that there were no trash cans in sight, mile after mile. Where were people supposed to throw stuff? Well, right on the street and in the gutters, as they were clearly doing. There was so much trash everywhere! And no real feeling of shame about it. It's not like a critical mass of regular folk seemed to notice or change their own personal behavior accordingly to make things a little better. Compare to Hawaii, where if you threw your junk on the ground, you'd at the very minimum get a very dirty look from absolutely everyone and anyone.
  10. I'm coming to the end of season 6 and ready for season 7. Really loving this show. Also am willing to keep watching Bojack Horseman and a couple of suburban zombie series on Netflix. You know, the kind that are supposed to be cute and clever. One is with Drew Barrymore and is at times really good. Tried Castlevania and the story seems all over the place and unexceptional. Additionally, Dracula had every random power you could imagine, the kind of thing that has always struck me as overboard and unimaginative. Going to start Westworld after I'm done with season 7 of Game of Thrones. I occasionally go back and watch old episodes of Breaking Bad. Following Better Call Saul and Ash vs. Evil Dead, but they're on haitus for now. I got HBO so i will probably watch the second season of True Detective, despite the negative reviews. Also there is an anime series done by Studio Ghibli and I think with some of Hayao Miyazaki's input on Amazon called Ronin which I'll check out. They also have that Phillip K. Dick series on the Nazis/Japanese having won the war which I've been meaning to give a shot for a while now. And very occasionally I give Black Mirror a shot, which according to the overwhelmingly positive reviews I should be doing much, much more often.
  11. I find it hard to picture why anyone would want a rabbit as a pet, but pets soothe the soul so I'm glad you found one that works for you.
  12. I resemble everyone in this thread, at least the ones who don't do it right. I bruised my right shin so badly it has actually grown noticeably thicker where all the weight of my body got levered into it as I tried to mount unsuccessfully so many times. I put my right foot on the pedal, and as soon as I lift my left foot up, the wheel tilts over to the right until the pedal hits the ground and as my body moves forward all my weight presses into the edge of the wheel. Ugh. Gravity waits for no man, so I have no "hang time" to get on the unicycle before it tips. I tried using the grass, but I think a purpose-built field cultivated for sport is best for this. Even the smoothest part of a nice meadow in a nearby park with well-manicured grass had a very uneven surface, and after five minutes I realized I was doing much better back on the pavement and left. Give a real sports field a shot, though. Some people have reported really good results, and the lessened fear factor of falling on grass vs. pavement is a real and useful thing.
  13. Wow what a great double review (excuse me -- NOT a review)! You took plenty of time and effort, much appreciated. The detail gives me some tools with which to draw my own conclusions. For instance, how hot the helmets are makes a huge difference to me. It's not only that it gets very hot here and that a hot helmet saps all the joy out of riding bikes and such for me, but that if something is too uncomfortable, experience has taught me that it's easy to leave the house without it. Where there's a will (even subconsciously) there's a way ... and I could see leaving a far superior helmet on the shelf and thus having NO protection at all. So for me, a helmet even provably lesser could do me more good, and boosts the appeal of the Bell considerably. Anyway, thanks for providing some tools I can use to better consider the options!
  14. I still would keep your wheel (and any chemicals) protected from extended exposure to extremes of weather. Both for the sake of the battery and because some chemicals can start to have strange reactions or come out of solution when exposed to heat or cold. I found that out with paint and other chemicals before. Had to throw away quite a few expensive cans because they had been in a shed through blazing summers and freezing winters. Opened them up to find variously goop, crystallization, all kinds of weird things going on that wouldn't go away with a stir.
  15. gotway

    Very nice, soothing to watch.
  16. Very cool. Keep us updated. It's also great that such a thing made it all the way to the American heartland. Parkour/free-running looks like amazing fun.
  17. A number of people here have sold their wheels because they wanted to upgrade to newer versions of the same wheel. There have been some good bargains in the used wheel section here. And some of the sellers have been around here for a while, sold multiple wheels and such, so they're by now well vetted by the community. That and jumping on wheel close-outs might be a good way to save some money. One nice thing is that you can even order from people in different parts of the U.S. and even in Europe and get a wheel for a similar price, because they might all go from China to Los Angeles, at which point extra costs have yet to be incurred. Marty Backe, out of California, got a wheel from Ian of speedyfeet.uk, I think, as well as one from Jason@ewheels.com, who is in Florida, ... and I think may have recommended myfunwheels.com out of Brentwood California, too. So as far as your wallet goes, it may not always matter where a person's brick and mortar shop is.
  18. Depends on your ability to fix your wheel yourself and your overall level of luck, I suppose. The second wheel I bought, an MSuper, had a serious, even dangerous problem that I wouldn't have been able to either fix or diagnose. Not a good average. Everyone should just do what they like, but don't mistake 1. this industry for one with settled technologies you can be cavalier about counting on yet 2. the companies making wheels with the sort of commitment to high standards, to customer service, or subjection to the kind of oversight and regulation we have come to expect in the west In the west, you can expect a sort of warrant of merchantability and even, perhaps, legal recourse if you get stiffed with a lemon or hurt by a product. These wheels come out of China, so if you have a problem ... good luck. You're gonna need it. It's not like deciding whether to buy a warantee at Best Buy for a Sony.
  19. Very "Lawrence of Arabia." The 8th Pillar of Wisdom: "Ride an Electric Unicycle."
  20. I like! That looks like a pretty good and very non-fussy way to go about things!
  21. Saving money by gambling that you will have no need for good after-purchase service could be a false economy. Honestly, I can wait a long time before getting what I really want. That might not apply to everybody. But in general I'd rather just have nothing until I can get what I really want than get something and find out it isn't satisfying or was a mistake.
  22. If I were you I would go with someone like jason or myfunwheels.com instead, so you can get good support after your purchase. That has come in immensely handy lately with the Gotway MSuper debacle, and if in the future one of their customers has a question, he can get a response in good English from someone with a western sense of responsibility and customer service. I don't think you can get anything like that from Aliexpress and it's worth paying a significant premium for, IMO.
  23. The variety of options is one of the things that makes riding an EUC hard to learn, for me anyway. I'm moving about instinctively in some odd and perhaps never to be repeated random combinations of all those methods because there isn't just one right way or just one way to get it wrong. Confusing! To the body and the mind. Mine, anyway.
  24. "Well, I could do without the house-swallowing sinkholes, but there's just not enough alligators and hurricanes around Essex for my liking!"
  25. That's a weird habit here that makes reading through a thread harder. As in my quote above, I usually to just leave the part I'm responding to. It's less confusing that way and you don't have to scroll and eventually click through pages even though very little new content got added. We also tend to just quote every chance we get here instead of simply responding, right after something is written, with our own comment.