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  1. I wonder how strong a Monster would have to be to climb steep hills reliably and maybe even easily.
  2. Sounds a bit like a helicopter off in the distance ...
  3. I used to be able to do that spinning ride when I was a kid, but as an adult it made me feel incredibly sick. I was just seconds from throwing up and felt really sick for a while after. Guess I'll never qualify to be an astronaut or jet pilot.
  4. Yeah ... I'm thinking something super cheap might be easier financially though. Even the V5 is about triple the $230 USD I was thinking of spending on a pure throw-away. The V5/V8 look like fantastic wheels though. LOL!
  5. Well, I finally decided on what to buy ... and to my surprise, it wasn't a Kingsong 18. It's an MSuper 3 with the 1600 wh / 1500 w motor at 84.2 volts. The higher voltage was one of the key things that sold me. I sprang for the seat too, since frankly I think riding a EUC seated looks as awesome to me as some say it looks dorky to them, and because it should provide some relief for my back on longer rides. I'd be surprised if it really works for me since I'd have to squat really low, but there's only one way to find out ... I made a deposit with Jason and am going to put some more money on my card in the next day or two and finish up the process. Time to go buy some protective gear! Hopefully soon I will be sharing my enthusiasm more than my injury photos. Boy is this gonna freak out the dogs ...
  6. What's a waltzer?
  7. Sounds like you're doing well. Keep going! Maybe you can get in some good weekend sessions.
  8. I remember that one! That's the one where you get pinned to the wall, turn your head and throw up, and half of it comes right back in your face.
  9. Wow that is weird looking. Is he skiing or biking?
  10. Great climb! He does look like ... 160 lbs? Still, nice that he can get up the hill at all.
  11. Second version looks much better. What's the cushion made out of? Do you think it's durable?
  12. The MSuper is already on order. It's just that I'm not expecting it till possibly mid-June, as Jason says he expects it in the first week of June. Guess I'm just getting fidgety. I did order two rolls of foam tape, though. So maybe I won't bang up the MSuper too bad. It's going to meet the road for the first time bundled up like an eskimo, I can tell you that.
  13. I've started to think about one of those $230 step n go e-bay wheels just to learn on, especially since I could get it here quick. Very tempting. Couldn't expect much in the way of performance, but I could bang the daylights out of it without feeling too much remorse.
  14. How about an air conditioner?
  15. Cool. Fun adventure, eh?
  16. Yeah, at a glance it certainly looks like it covers the ears. It would be nice if there were some sort of sound bar you could wear like a flexible collar around your neck. Has anybody made millions on that yet? I can't help but think that music as a background is fine, but it shouldn't be able to overwhelm your hearing when you're driving. Even in the car ... I remember turning up my radio so loud I couldn't hear a police siren behind me, several times. Luckily no harm occurred (nor any tickets). But it's all too easy to really get into your music and kind of leave the planet mentally ...
  17. I really do like that blue.
  18. The family that plays together stays together. That would be great if you could get your girlfriend to take up EUC riding.
  19. Too bad no English subtitles (made me quit halfway through) but otherwise, that's a righteous video!
  20. That sounds like a neat thing, but they look enough like they block your ears from the photos on the first page of the website that I think they'd make cops come after you.
  21. Nice! I really like that backwards riding on one foot!
  22. Yeah that's true. I shouldn't be looking at the issues through the lens of what would be fair and reasonable, because that is more likely to open a door which leads to trouble. These days many town and city governments milk their citizens ruthlessly over traffic offenses.
  23. Well that certainly would be awful if they confiscated your wheel. I don't think confiscation of property should be so cavalier in America, but there are a lot of vested interests involved by now and it's going to be hard to turn back the clock to a more reasonable system. It's the fear of that -- and of some insanely punitive fine like the $600-ish someone here recently reported being threatened with -- which makes me want to approach the police in my town preemptively to see if we're on the same page.
  24. I have to do that constantly while standing, so I'm sure I'll be trying it on the EUC too. Any negative effects on your balance? or on braking or acceleration?