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    MSuper 3 1600wh/1500w 84.2v ordered!
  1. You can wait. I've waited months for my MSuper V3 and now with the recall I have to wait longer It's frustrating but manageable. Life goes on. In general, I find it's harder to regret buying what you really want than getting something not quite as good as you want. If nothing else, sooner or later you do have that extra money that you wish you would have put toward a better item. Unless things are going badly for you -- in which case you shouldn't be buying anything at all -- it's just a matter of time for you to get more money or replace the cash missing from a moderate amount of overspending. Of course if you overspend all the time instead of once in a rare while .... then just forget what I said there. No point opening Pandora's box. One thing that you can use to justify spending on a more powerful wheel -- and it's not cheating because it's a legit idea -- is that more power gives you a bigger safety margin. And safety is easily as important as any other issue you will confront when buying or using a wheel. If you go over a big obstacle or suddenly hit an incline, say ... you may be very happy to have the extra power to keep your wheel doing what it's supposed to be doing.
  2. Can you grip anything with them? Can you cruise lightly into a vertical surface and catch yourself gently ... or do you wind up spiking a surface like I do with my hillbilly gloves?
  3. They look a lot like the hillbilly style in terms of a rigid, back-leaning palm plate making it impossible to lean against anything without either catching yourself on and potentially dangerously hyper-extending the fingers and thumb (I'm nursing an injury from that now) or landing with a whack on the palm plate. They feel to me like they'd be good for a hard impact, but for nothing else. I was so afraid to damage stuff by coming into contacting it that I was constantly catching myself on my fingertips and wound up making my thumb quite sore all the way down to the wrist. When you get yours, ,please let us know if you can still, say, lean against a wall or still use your hand in an ordinary way ... or something close to that. Thanks!
  4. Which ones did you get? I'm not liking my hillbilly ones as much as I'd hoped. I can't use my hands for anything but crashing with them on.
  5. Nice and very smoothly done!
  6. From the vids and threads I've seen, a lot of people ride the Inmotions with the covers,which go for .... maybe $35 USD?
  7. That was cool! Loe that mailbox he put on the EUC and used as a seat -- inventive but useful to carry a whole bunch of stuff. I had no idea he had a backpack complete with tent that he could use for overnight camping until I saw him up and about the morning after. Whatever kind of way he's putting his trip together, it's pretty neat to get it all done with a backpack and an EUC. Then when I saw the drone shots I was really surprised ... he has a drone in there too? That's good packing!
  8. Nice review. Wheel looks pretty cool too. Great that you got enough machines that the family can ride, too. In my experience being able to do outdoor activities with friends and/or family is a huge motivator and makes things a lot more fun.
  9. Yep yep! All talk about tricks and unusual stuff aside ... I'm just all for anything that makes the wheels more durable, too. These are too expensive to be disposable to me.
  10. Yeah, I certainly won't risk an investment like that ... and more important one that can kill me if something goes even a little bit wrong. I'll echo the wish I saw expressed here thought that they just build thicker axles. Short as they are, thickening them even a little would make them noticeably stronger. I feel a bit jealous when I see folks doing potentially axle-jarring stunts and have to keep in mind that that's probably verboten.
  11. Ah, too bad Shaq didn't get all the way on .... though I wouldn't be surprised if he broke your pedals if he did ... Cool video though!
  12. Cool, very natural-looking riding! When I first started finding EUC riding vids, I saw lots of people jumping and many going down stairs. i thought that was pretty doable, the norm, until people here told me I'd better forget it; the axles just won't take it for long. Bummer, because that stuff looks both useful and fun.
  13. I love soccer, but the way players leap on the ground and fake injuries to try to get a foul is completely disgraceful.
  14. This bugs me too. If you take out the solution to a problem because the solution was flawed ... you still have the same problem you started with. So what next? Going back to having my board in danger of burning out isn't really a solution ...
  15. They should take a count of a customer's teeth before renting out an EUC, just so there's proof if a customer comes back missing some.