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  1. But the Wheel works with just one of the Batterys...? I'm not the one who need the most performant's and most expensive gadgeds. I use a Windows Phone 😀! More money, more performance...
  2. First I choose the One C+ but the E+ got more range. Then I saw a Video about the S2 and I liked the better handle, the lower weight, the better pedals. The two Batteries promise more failure safety. And I choose Ninebot because I like the design and I hope Segway/Ninebot build good and reliable devices.
  3. Hey! I'm from Germany, near Münster. After my china X3 got Battery issues, I've ordered a new One S2 witch will delivered in the next few days. Normally I'm using a Windows Phone. For the Ninebot App I have an old Samsung Galaxy Trend Lite witch I had to lift from Android 4.1.2 to 4.4.4 via flashing CyanogenMod 11. Now the App works. I hope the Smartphone works with the Wheel too. I think this forum is awesome. So many people from different countys around the World. Everyone with the same Interest. That's what the web is for. It's really cool 😎. I'm so exited for the new Wheel. Riding EUC is so much fun and helps me lowering pain in my back.
  4. Hey, ich wohne in der Nähe von Münster und werde sicher mal auf dem Kasernengelände vorbeischauen. Grüße, Ingomann