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  1. Pet peeve of mine. I'm on the board of a local conservation organization. We've got a 50-acre natural reserve in the middle of a highly urbanized county. On a weekly basis, volunteers pick up the trash people fling out of their cars on the half mile stretch of road in front of the property. It's not just a little bit of litter. They fill bags. What's wrong with people?
  2. I told her I "banged up my knee." Totally true, if slightly incomplete.
  3. Yes, that little shift in the opposite direction really seems to set up the turn. I do that on a bike too for any tough turn where I have time for the foreplay. But on the wheel, I still end up with more weight on the inner foot once I get into the meat of the turn.
  4. I hope you are properly proud of yourself. That's an awesome leap forward in capability. From where you were yesterday to where you are today, that took me at least a week. You are rocking it, warpy!
  5. I don't know. Most of the methods of turning seem to involve shifting more weight to the pedal pointing in the direction of the intended turn. Whether you do it explicitly, do it effectively by leaning into the turn, or do it to keep from falling on your butt after you twist from the core, you are really doing the same thing.
  6. Nice commute! I wonder what happens when he goes down, though. Flimsy cycling gloves aren't going to provide much protection. Tick, tick, tick...
  7. Same here. I would really like to wear my Apple watch while gloved up because I think it would be a lot more convenient for monitoring DarknessBot outputs than fumbling around with the iPhone. But I don't have a solution yet.
  8. Oh, sorry! I just got back from an 8-mile night ride on my V8. No issues, but that could just be dumb luck. Hope you heal up fast and the spouse goes easy on you. I didn't even tell mine after I crashed a regular bike and had to go to the ER for 12 stitches.
  9. You might be overthinking things a bit worrying about pedal settings. At your stage of learning to ride, just take the defaults and concentrate on learning how to make them work. You can get fancy later. Your video looks pretty much exactly like what the rest of us went through in the early days. You're fine. Just keep after it, and maybe don't try to video what you are doing while you are trying to do it just yet. One thing at a time.
  10. Good job, buddy. Slow and steady wins the race. 20-30 minutes a day is pretty much all your neuromuscular system can adapt to at this stage of things. Ride a bit, then sleep on it. Rinse and repeat. Do that for a little while longer, and you'll be feeling like you are in charge of the wheel rather than the other way around in no time.
  11. Did you say something?
  12. They should ship these things with two shells. The one mounted on the wheel would be the training shell. Could be roughly/cheaply finished. Wouldn't need to be translucent because who cares about the LED show when you are dumping the wheel on the regular. Might even include some extra material to protect the legs of the newbie rider. Second shell would be sleek.
  13. Interesting. Guy learns by falling off a couple of times. Girl learns by watching guy hurt himself.
  14. This also describes my experience. Several months into my EUC adventure, I can now get on and off reliably with no support. But there was a long stretch there when I felt competent enough on a moving wheel but frequently fumbled the mount/dismount sequence.
  15. That's one sweet Ninebot! Mine looks like it got thrown under the bus that got thrown under the bus. It still works fine, but I will confess to having a case of tilted kilt where your burnin love machine is concerned.