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  1. I'll own up to being in love with my watch. I would sooner be without my pants. I ordered the Twelve South armband and will do a review when I've had a chance to try it out. My only reservation about wearing the watch with an intervening layer of clothing or protective gear is I would have to turn off the feature that would otherwise lock the watch when it detected the loss of skin contact. You can't turn off that feature without also losing the Apple pay feature that relies on it for security. Not sure I want to dumb down the watch to that degree.
  2. If you wanted to wear an Apple Watch higher up your arm above your wrist protection, the Action Sleeve Armband product looks like it would work. Kind of fussy to use, though.

    Nice, @Rehab1 !
  4. It's Good to Have a Plan B

    Totally agree, it's a simple procedure on the V8. As mentioned upthread, I Slimed my V8 just a couple of days ago. There was plenty of clearance on the V8 to do this without removing the outer shell. Putting air in the V8 is a bit fiddly. But remember, when you are adding Slime, the tire is completely deflated. In that state, it's easy to pull the valve stem away from the rim a bit to give yourself more room to work. You'll have no trouble with this.
  5. Newbie need opinion

    @Nick R, I'm running my Ninebot 1E+ at 50 psi, but that's only a recent development. When I was still learning the basics, 35 psi was a better choice. At 35 psi, the wheel is less twitchy and therefore easier to control. I would suggest you stick with that until you have say 100 miles on the wheel and they start experimenting with higher pressure.

    I slimed the tube on my NB1 just last night. I was wishing for a third hand during parts of the process, but it wasn't too bad. Actually, with slime in the tube, I probably won't have to put more air in it nearly so often, so I'll probably save on fuss and bother in the long run.
  7. First ride

    I think you are on to something. When I first started riding, I got all manner of comments from the peanut gallery. Nowadays, people don't seem to take as much notice. As a starstruck newbie, I was probably projecting some kind of "look at me doing this amazing thing" aura, and people responded accordingly.
  8. First ride

    That's funny, the cops around here seem equally fascinated. On my way to work, I pass by two different police stations and the wheel never fails to get some attention.
  9. Whos the wanker?

    Left his wallet in his "other" pants?
  10. DarknessBot - iOS App

    Wow, that's pretty fast! I'm surprised that @Marty Backe failed to mention this turbo mode in his review of the Gotway Mten3.
  11. It's Good to Have a Plan B

    Slime for the win! My tire is holding pressure just fine this morning. I have enough left in the bottle to slime the Ninebot too (as a precautionary measure), so that will be this evening's project.
  12. It's Good to Have a Plan B

    No. I inspected the tire pretty carefully but saw nothing.
  13. It's Good to Have a Plan B

    Uber was my Plan C
  14. It's Good to Have a Plan B

    Okay, I slimed the wheel. It was very easy, so any of you who might be hesitating because it seems complicated, fear not. Don't bother to buy a separate tool for extracting the valve core. The plastic tool built into the top of the slime bottle works just fine. After adding the slime and reinstalling the valve core, I let the wheel spin out a couple of times so as to distribute the goo internally. Then I pumped up the tire to 50 psi and took a ride. World of difference as far as handling was concerned. I had been running at around 35 to 40 psi (or so I thought) but 50 psi was a whole different dimension in responsiveness. The V8 handled pretty much like my much lighter and more nimble Ninebot. It remains to be seen if the slime will seal the leaks and I'll wake up tomorrow morning to a new and improved wheel. But I'm cautiously optimistic.