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  1. Hi, I have the same pump, good product, you can find it here: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/150PSI-Rechargeable-Electric-Portable-Car-Cycling-Bicycle-Bike-Pump-Tire-Tyre-Inflator-Auto-Air-Compressor-with/32811603953.html
  2. Thank you meepmeepmayer, now I'm scared....
  3. This kind of thing would not happen if we had a proper information about what happens in our wheel. In each of my normal means of transport (car, or motorbike, or plane) I have tools telling me if the engine works correctly (oil pressure, water temperature, voltmeter ...) why not on my wheel? I would like to remedy to this lack of information (however I have already installed a small digital voltmeter to monitor more precisely the battery status), so now I would also like to control the temperatures (especially now in the summer) to avoid any risk of cable fusion, as happened to Marty. I tried to find a simple solution, and this would be great for me: ... but I don’t thinks it would work because 125 degrees Celsius is the maximum detected temperature. if someone technically more qualified than me have already found a solution, I would be very grateful. Thanks
  4. Bellissimo! Un'accoppiata fantastica, iper ecologica! Thanks for sharing!
  5. Ah!, scusate, avrei dovuto controllare le caratteristiche della Ninebot, credevo fosse una 14". comunque basta aggiornare i dati e la si trova ugualmente: https://it.aliexpress.com/wholesale?catId=0&initiative_id=SB_20170615042318&SearchText=16+x+2.125 e anche I due stores francesi ce l'hanno: qui: https://store.urban360.com/produit/chambre-a-air-16-x-2-125-pouces-mono-roue-electrique-valve-coudee/ e qui: http://www.eroue.fr/produit/chambre-a-air-gyroroue/
  6. Ciao, Devi cercare una camera d'aria da 14 x 2,125 con valvola a gomito, puoi provare su Aliexpress: es: https://it.aliexpress.com/wholesale?catId=0&initiative_id=SB_20170614235046&SearchText=14+x+2.125 oppure qui a Parigi ci sono vari negozi che vendono accessori per le ruote, penso facciano anche spedizioni: http://www.eroue.fr/produit/chambre-a-air-monoroue/ https://store.urban360.com/produit/chambre-a-air-14-pouces-roue-electrique/
  7. Haha, we are doing better in Italy! . Here 1200€ (~1345$) for an hoverboard circulating on a city sidewalk... No comment!
  8. My ACM 1300 has more wobble at high speed if I have a pressure tire around 4 psi, more stable instead with 3.4 psi... Which is your?
  9. The young man has obviously filed appeal to the local Judge, in a few months (a lot of months I think, in Italy we are probably the world champions of bureaucracy...) we will see if the police was right or not...
  10. Absolutely right! in fact there was apparently a dispute with the cops, and they replied applying the Street Code to his hoverboard, considering it like a small motorbike. (two wheels and an engine, right?) Then it was fined for: lack of license plate, lack of insurance (mandatory in Italy), lack of helmet (also this mandatory), missing type certificate… And finally they also confiscated the vehicle!
  11. Hi, Sorry, but you must also avoid Italy, the wheels are not allowed there, you can only use them in private places. Then it depends if you meet kind or angry policemen, but the risk is high, a month ago a guy on a hoverboard took a 1200€ fine in the city of Trento...
  12. Hi Rehab1, I was looking your picture and I think that the problem comes from the socket, It's not the right one... I confirm that in my ACM 16 1300, the added fan works very well and that it start when the board temp reach the 35 Celsius (95 F) (checked with an hairdryer) Try the near socket, that one in vertical position, (see photo) it should work. ps. It's my english that's terrible, i'm not an alien...
  13. Ciao Frankman, volevo chiederti quale tipo di fascia antiforatura hai montato, dato che dovrei farlo anch'io per ridurre i rischi... (ed evitare di ritrovarmi magari in un bosco a 40 Km da casa con la ruota a terra...) Grazie
  14. Ciao, Bella grana, a me non é ancora capitato, ma temo il momento. Ho visto vari video che fanno vedere come fare, e in pratica si deve smontare letteralmente la ruota, via le pedane, i coperchi, sganciamento dei cavi delle batterie e della carta madre... un incubo! Se non sbaglio hai una Ninebot one, questo video dovrebbe andare bene: Ciao Fulvio
  15. mmmm, I always liked this one, I should try it, just to see what's happen with the pedestrians...