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  1. cool ride! your son's got skillz, too!
  2. i turn mine off
  3. true true
  4. hell yeah - if ever (and i hope it never has to occur) i felt i had to whip it out and THAT wasn't enough to deter the aggressor, i would make great efforts to NOT swing near their head precisely because of the force it generates
  5. congrats! yeah, the wobble is something i'm still dealing with on occasion, but there's much less of it now. in fact, yesterday a new kind of 'wobble' appeared for me when i was going downhill at a higher speed on a street; it was like, not as fidgety and slower, if that makes any sense.. and i think @meepmeepmayer is right about the amplifying effects of tired or unrelaxed legs/ankles. it definitely takes concentration! keep it up!
  6. sweet! and you get... gummy bears?!
  7. yeah that's way better than my first attempts!
  8. good idea! @Shabba i'm digging the lights
  9. i'll try to make a video of me going up a pretty steep hill on mine - there is no shortage of them where i live
  10. no way - it's solid. mine only came apart because it smashed ridiculously hard into the ground multiple times in a row. i mean, REALLY hard... don't let it get away from you!
  11. the other day i was practicing on a basketball court at a community center and five or six boys, probably about four or five years old, saw me and ran up, shouting excitedly. they were like, 'how can you do that!? how can you do that!?' so i stopped and turned off the wheel and told them to hold it there. i demonstrated how it would pitch forward and backward with the power off, then turned it on so they could feel how it stabilized. then i told them if they ever rode one that they would have to wear a helmet! they were cute. a week before that i was riding down my street (hill), wearing my helmet, and some guy shouted something at me, about my helmet/a helmet... i couldn't tell what he said but it sounded like a reprimand, like, something along the lines of 'you'll need more than helmet if you fall off that thing!' haha
  12. i think it's just as important, now, to give a new rider an idea of how powerful these wheels are as giving advice about posture, technique, etc... having ZERO experience with eucs or segways and even hoverboards, i feel i underestimated this