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  1. i like this duo (playlist of album):
  2. yeah i wasn't expecting that, either! that's the longest i've ever ridden!
  3. same here! well, i'll just say i'm workin' this saturday and will be occupied on sunday, so weekend's out for me this time! i have friday off, though
  4. that's terrible @Pingouin, sorry to hear about that. i hope you get some sort of justice. although confronting those douchebags may have led to an altercation and damage at least now there's some chance they'll be made to pay and maybe think twice before behaving similarly in the future.
  5. once i figure out what to do with my wheel when i go swimming after work i'll be doing a lot less walking than i have been. i've been mixing the days where i walk from metro to pool and riding wheel from metro to home
  6. lol but then there's the backpack option no?
  7. as long as it's not painful, yeah, you'll get it! just echoing what others have said, learning time is variable. i was really impatient at first, but the best thing, i think, is to do short sessions every day or every other day - every time you'll make small improvements!
  8. i'm digging the 16" wheels @LorenW @RichieV
  9. dude i held everything up with all my bullshit wipeouts so many times - yeah man, next time i gotta try ur wheel.. a missed opportunity!
  10. lol
  11. nice one!
  12. yessss!
  13. nice ridin!
  14. I'm taking metro to rosslyn then going across bridge - I should be at start of trail around noon