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  1. Msuper V3S full case needed... after my fall.

    ouch! that sucks - glad your face didn't get smashed in! sorry about your wheel, as well...
  2. http://www.bbc.com/capital/story/20170724-the-man-who-swims-to-work
  3. To commute I need advice.

    don't know what shipping would be to chile - but that's a good deal!
  4. so, i ordered one of these bad boys last week - should get here next wednesday! the price is just too good. i got it primarily to learn riding backwards on/fool around with and also let friends and others try. i've tried going backwards a few times on my other wheels, but i just don't want to bang them up more than necessary or pad them up.. i'm looking forward to it!
  5. Almost better!

    i feel your pain - i had a contusion on my shin for about a month... it's way better now, but there's still kind of a knot. keep it up! it'll be totally worth it - every time you ride you get better
  6. The Photo Thread

    @Shabba lol - I'll start saying "toasteee" when I ride by people
  7. ACM Forever

    thanks for this encomium of what i thought to be a superseded wheel! but what's that you say... a tesla-ized acm??
  8. Music?

    if you insist, kylie...
  9. Tesla Pedal Modes

    i'm starting to wonder about this, too - this morning i got 'stuck' going up the lip of a driveway on the msuper (i was spared a wheel-smashin' rodeo this time). i hadn't connected to the wheel to adjust the pedal mode, which i always set to 'sport'. but i don't know if it was because it was soft or if i was going too slow - maybe a combination. i guess the only to see is to try in 'sport'

    what happened at 3:30? was that hill to steep? or you guys just changing direction? nice video, btw - wish i was in that weather right about now!

    right on! yeah, both of the color schemes and designs look sweet - i had a hard time deciding, myself! keep me posted on how headphones/earbuds work out
  12. Music?

    you got the rest of the union to help you along!