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  1. so much better than walking!
  2. it's basically bullshit that distracts you from the baton
  3. speed over some bumpy, grassy field!
  4. I see that you guys are acquainted personally, so I don't mean to interfere/impose - but I have to say that when it comes to qualifying for 'taking a beating' I'm pretty sure my msuper meets the requirements. also, @TremF , whose monster was damaged shell-wise. his is undergoing expert surgery, but not as a result of his riding mishap which damaged the shell - to my understanding his monster was still riding fine after the accident.. it was a reconnecting of battery wires snafu that disabled it. I opted to duct-tape mine (up into the wheel-well) up because it was still riding fine and I couldn't find the right tools and also am not competent when it comes electrical/soldering stuff. I'm closing in on 100km... I make this statement not so much as a challenge but a clarification this issue is most likely a programming error, it seems
  5. also, (forgive me if this has already been addressed) what happens when one of these affected wheels is turned on and lifted off the ground?
  6. actually - maybe a grassy field would be the ideal place to test for this problem? no? so many dips and irregularities. then, if you wipe out it's not half as bad as concrete/asphalt/oncoming cars/babies in carriages
  7. dude - pad up and then speed over some... bumps? to find out!
  8. uuuggggh so hard to watch. it's terrible. you're pretty brave @Marty Backe - like, what if you'd been pointing at the street when it oscillated?! you (and the wheel) could've flown out into traffic! not trying to minimize your injuries, please understand. hopefully something positive can come out of this and you mend up soon. peace
  9. what a bummer! glad you didn't receive a serious injury, @Marty Backe @Jason McNeil thanks for acting on this and being transparent with your dialogue with gw - who needs to get a handle on things!
  10. yo - i'll actually be going out of town for a couple of weeks starting this weekend - i'll catch up with you/y'all later!
  11. now she can't run away, heh heh heh...
  12. nice- yeah, if something like that happened i'd probably send it to someone.. the extent of my skills involves strategic duct-taping