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  1. Washington, DC

    yah, i did too >.>
  2. Music?


    that's weird, i didn't type that! - "Try sticking it in VR. 360 degree video is pretty cool." forum glitch or hax??! changing password just to be safe

    that's what it's aall about yo
  5. having not driven a car on a regular basis for about seven months now, and getting deeper into the pub transport/euc groove, i've definitely started seeing cars and their drivers through a different lens - also pedestrians, a lot of whom are also just ambling along looking at their phones. cars now seem lumbering and unnecessarily... large. cyclists? i've actually had a few express their didain for me, but for the most part they're halfway there...
  6. seems draconian, but really, there's no need to be on the phone while driving! makes sense to put in glove compartment and then pull over somewhere if you have to make a call/text/etc. such laws would work in everyone's favor - for eucers in two ways: 1) less collisions with zombie drivers 2) we have to stop anyway to adjust settings
  7. italian food or gunshot wound?
  8. Horror Movies

    a short -
  9. Horror Movies

    one of my favorite slashers -
  10. Horror Movies

    you should check out the animated, 'seoul station'!
  11. yeah, coming up on those blind corners can be risky. what i worry about is my wheel becoming a projectile
  12. glad you made it ok! although i was kinda hoping you were going to say you parkoured off and then jumped back on to your tottering, not-yet-fallen wheel!
  13. if i come up on some rough patches i squeeze the wheel with my legs! that seems to work most of the time