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  1. @TwixFix : Custom 620wh Battery Pack for Gotway MTen
  2. ...or Beta 7800G
  3. Uliana, i understand that your plans have been changed?
  4. This means smaller current (wires, connectors), less heat on system board (smaller radiator, no fan, etc...), higher RPM=wheel max. speed (In BLDC motors RPM also depends on the power supply voltage), higher system efficient (higher voltage=less losses).
  5. Thanks. Nice picture Happy Easter to you.
  6. Hello. SGS4mini in Poland it's my phone. I've been detected Ok. I'm testing your application with modified CXM A8, 16" (from Nov, 2016). The motherboard has been replaced by Microworks 30B4 and working good. EUC is softer than before. I'm riding in Madden mode. Another modes are too soft for comfortable riding but i turn it on sometimes, for fun Thank you for your work on this application. 18 Apr 2017 Speed difference (with GPS): App speed 23 kph / GPS speed 17,10 kph - first warning sound Odometer error is about 1.13: GPS distance x1,13km = app distance