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  1. Glad you're alright and thanks for sharing. Reminds me when I was on a night ride a few weeks back. Had a group of guys ask how much the wheel cost and I hesitantly gave a ballpark range. Immediately realised I'd just told them it's more valuable than most cell phones, so I sped off as fast as possible. Won't be saying a price to strangers late at night, especially after some of the recent local events (riots, a stabbing, and a loose gunman all in just 1 month).
  2. Hey look, it's me! That actually doesn't sound too far off from the bicycle+baseball card version. It's a bit high pitched is all.
  3. I actually found that when the wheel wasn't balancing quite right, like after a sharp corner, that the peddles being tilted slightly back helped a lot. I think part of it is just the similarity in foot position to on a bicycle, but also that learning forward is leveling the feet more than tilting. The inmotion app has a tilt setting so maybe play around with that a bit.
  4. Might be worth check out the browser plugin stylish. There's rarely themes for non-mainstream sites, but for things like reddit, youtube, or wikipedia there's quite a few prebuilt themes. I also run a chrome theme that sets the new tab to a darker color, but sadly the way chrome renders pages causes short white page before the theme takes effect.
  5. Only figured this out a few days ago. Was trying to turn the headlight on while carrying it, then noticed the LEDs swapping on and off instead. I have almost on reason to swap the light pattern, so that shortcut really helps in being able to just hop on without using the app. Just been using it to check total miles lately.
  6. That price is a lot more affordable than other options I was looking at, thanks!
  7. The music really helps set the mood.
  8. I'm not having luck with chargers it seems. The one in the box was DOA, and the replacement seems to be overheating. I'd only ever charged it from ~60% at the lowest, but today I got down to 30%. Plugged it in and about an hour later it starts making a really high pitched whine. The app is reporting it as 98% charged now, but the power brick is crazy hot. Measured it with an IR thermometer and it read 70 C. That was after 5 minutes or so unplugged, so it could have easily been 75+ when it started whining. Anyone else experienced a crazy hot power brick? I should probably just get an aftermarket one at this point. I'm not sure what works well and safely. As much as I like the V8, the geoblocking and these chargers issues are bringing me close to saving up for another wheel.
  9. Mine scrapes too and has on and off for the ~40 miles I've ridden. The bits it's scraping on are just the bits right by the tire on the front and back, so besides a little extra wear on the tire, I don't think it's much of a problem. It is kind of annoying when trying not to be intrusive since it's louder than the motor unless at speed.
  10. Google Maps location history works well too. It might get a bit confused if the speed difference between the car and unicycle isn't big, but it'll auto detect when you park and show the location as a card in Now.
  11. It looks like someone just stuck a tire to one of those generic carbon fiber handlebars like the Monorover R4 uses. Basically has all the electrics in the upright, so a bunch of different companies buy them and slap them onto virtually identical scooters. Not to imply that it's a bad thing. Something like that would be a great way to baby-step someone into EUCs, and even if they never make the switch they're at least riding electric some of the time!
  12. Quote boxes in the reply area are also a little off color wise. I can fix it when inspecting the CSS, but for some reason trying to change it in the theme on a demo site won't work. CSS is just confusing. Past those things, the theme is awesome!
  13. Today I had my first experience with a group where I actually had time to talk for a bit about the wheel. We were in a shop, so no chance of a ride (good in my books). I figured instead I'd let them just feel the self balancing bit by hand. Was pretty neat to see their reactions when they felt just how quickly and powerfully the wheel worked to balance when they tilted it. I think that sort of demo will be my go to, at least until I get out of the over protect phase. Will just have to start collecting wheels! I can feel the addiction building....
  14. Not that I noticed, but I wasn't really paying attention to that. The ride I did in 80+ was about 5 miles non-stop with a few hills. It beeped once for overspeed, but that's all.