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  1. What would stop me from letting anyone try is just the fragility of the shell on most. With my normal unicycle I really don't care, but it mainly contacts on hard nearly indestructible plastic parts. Heck, my first normal unicycle from 16 or so years ago still has every original part and works just fine. My college one has lasted through 2 years of letting any random circus club attendee ride it. My EUC on the other hand... I've only had it a few weeks and just leaning it against a wall scuffs and scratches it. I have some vinyl wrap arriving soon to try and prevent that, but I doubt I'll let people try even with that. I guess the 5x+ price difference also is a factor.
  2. The style I really like are like the TSG Pass, but they're kinda expensive. That sort of look with the padding being much thinner than a full motorcycle helmet makes them hard to find. BMX helmets look worse in my opinion, but are a decent and lighter option.
  3. I've ridden the traditional versions of boards like that (called freebord) and they're pretty neat. Electrifying one seems like it'd defeat the purpose of it though since the concept is best downhill. It just wouldn't be the same with a motor on flat ground maintaining the snowboard like slides.
  4. Just my two cents here, but as a motorcyclist as well as unicyclist, the more gear the better. There's a lot of light and normal looking gear available. My personal top priorities are kevlar jeans, a light full face helmet, proper riding gloves, and of course a jacket with built in armor for at least shoulders, elbows and maybe spine. Emphasis on the full face helmet because I see lots of top-of-head style bicycle helmets which do little for the back of your neck and your face. Even a skate helmet that extends further down the back of the head would be preferable in most situations. Also emphasis on the proper gloves bit because again I see lots of fingerless wrist guards. I'm not sure if there's combo full glove and wrist guard options available, and which protection to prioritise is up to you. I'd personally rather sprang or fracture my wrist than shave off my finger tips, but I guess I'm younger than most here. Knowing how to react to a fall can help prevent a break too, but us humans are kinda bad at making that split second decision.
  5. Catastrophe averted! The seller sent a replacement, and it just arrived. Best of all, it's working perfectly! Now to find a less cumbersome way around inmotions geoblocking.
  6. My last reply got lost, so take 2. This version is connecting for me, but I've only tried the play store version to compare (and it just wasn't asking for a password, so it couldn't connect). As for data, well what you get depends on how you connect. The ideal way would be connecting WheelLog directly to the wheel, but while it does that fine, it gets no data. The workaround way seems to be first connecting with inmotions official app (Disable wifi and cell data if you're being geoblocked), then open WheelLog and connect as normal. All the data should appear and update just fine. I only had a few minutes to test different methods, so I'll have to poke around more later. Having a workaround is nice, but it'd be great to get it working without relying on inmotions app, especially with the whole geblocking fun. edit - After a bit more poking around I noticed WheelLog wasn't getting accurate info, or really much info at all. I haven't had a chance to retest this to see what may have caused it but on a ~3 km ride it reported my speed as about 73 kph, which is just a bit off. Most of the info on the second panel wasn't showing anything either. Fingers crossed the issues can be sorted cause I'm really getting fed up with inmotions geoblocking.
  7. Yep. The rubber feet are just held on by some adhesive, so they can be put back on easily after.
  8. Does anyone know which part actually stores the serial number? ewheels sells the control boards, which if they have the serial would be an easy way to stop the geoblocking (and still save some depending on the price from aliexpress).
  9. Only do that with the case removed, and only remove it after being unplugged for a while. Capacitors can be pretty dangerous. After opening the V8 charger, since the seller wanted a picture, it's kinda obvious why it gets so hot. It's got components dissipating heat to a few pieces of metal put around the bottom and sides, and just about all of it is covered in some (i think) silicon glue. Took a photo for Discrod folks, and attached it here for others.
  10. I decided to email them a somewhat stern email as well, so I'm curious what they'll have in response. Luckily, the version of the app in the Play store is still working with the turn off wifi and cellular method. Once the app has been started, I can turn everything back on and even multitask on my phone without it complaining when focusing the inmotion app again. It does crash from time to time, and then the whole process to connect has to be done over again. Even though it sort of works now, I do have to say I'm really disappointed to figure out this is a problem after buying. I would have looked elsewhere, especially considering the price difference between the inmotion and other options, even at the crazy low price I got mine for.
  11. Yes, I tried it that way. Once or twice the wheel has lit up the display as if to show it started charging, but even after a while plugged in the charge doesn't increase (looking at the inmotion app). The light on the charger has never lit up.
  12. Hi, I received my v8 that I ordered during the aliexpress 7th anniversary sale. The problem is it won't charge. I've tested in multiple outlets giving it a few hours on each, but the charge isn't going up (on the display or the inmotion app). I've never had to do more than ask sellers on aliexpress to update tracking or confirm shipped, so I was hoping others might be more familiar with the process, and when to move from taking with the seller to filling a dispute. The seller has been responsive up until I provided pictures of it not charging in multiple sockets. Now they seem to be recommending I have it looked at by an electrician. I think there's 15 days from receiving the item to file a dispute, so I'm not too rushed. Shipping it back is not really an option money wise(crazy expensive for the weight from the US). If they want to ship a replacement charger or something it could use up the dispute timeframe quite easily. It sounds like disputes are somewhat like eBay where it's better to file right away, since any chat outside the dispute isn't considered. Is that right, or is it okay to give the seller a few days to come up with a solution? Any advice or experiences would be great. Thanks! Edit - Found a multimeter and the charger brick is just dead, so at least it's not the whole wheel!