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  1. Nice description of diferences between eboards and eucs nute and paddylaz. Both are great fun and both have pros and cons as comutig devices but in my case i just use them for fun and i am having the best time of my life . I enjoy the unmached agility , portability and versatility of eucs and the endless carving on the road with the eboard is just awessome if you enjoy board sports. Both are amazing and adctive devices. Sound like you had a great time on sunday nute . I wish i could have been there but my wife had some urgent homework for me on sunday . The group rides are awessome but i wonder how long it will take for car drivers and people in general to start complainng about growing numbers of euc and eboards riding on the very busy streets and potential accident risks (we know that we all enjoy the adrenalin) . Bare in mind that this kind of group rides are happening all over the world in big cities like New York , Paris , Melbourne , LA . Is this a world trend ? There is already 300 people on the esk8 uk facebook group and growing fast .
  2. Sorry Stuart . I wont be able to go this time unfortunately . Have fun and make sone nice pictures to share with us .
  3. London UK meetup

    This forum is really amazing . Friendly people wiling to help new riders to enjoy this exiting hobbie . Congratulations to all of you all guys . Hi Vence . In London there are lots of oportunities to join a group . There is the london electric unicycle group and the esk8uk group . You could join this guys on facebook . They organize rides weekly and both groups have an awesome crew . This friday there will be the critical mass event witch should be specially fun due to the hallowen . I reckon there is a group of rollerbladers that gather for a ride every sunday starting from hide park . I have never rode with them but they seem to be a friendly and welcoming group. It is wonderful to see that there are very exiting oportunities for people who are into personal electric transportation to enjoy and have lots of fun and the authoritirs dont seem bother much with our presence as long as we are not puting anyone in harms way . It is a very exiting time to live indeed and an a great oportunity to be a pioneer in the electric revolution ( i have heard rumors of a goverment electric bicycle help to by skeme aiming to take people out of cars and into cycling ) . It would be awesome if this rumors are confirmed . And there have been reports of plans to improve cycling infrastructure in London to improve safety for cyclists I would like to remind all of us to try to be very cautious while riding and respectfull with pedestrians in order to prevent any accidents that could potentially ruin the fun for everyome.
  4. LOL 👽. Are you going tomorrow Stuart ? Had my first practice ride with the e-board yesterday . Loved it , but will be riding in slow mode for a long time .
  5. CE marking

    Very iteresting .
  6. They esk8uk meet every weekend on saturdays and sundays there is a bosted board ride.
  7. Friday on the halowween critical mass ride in London . I am going to use my green goblin costume .
  8. One must understand all aspects of the force in order to achive a broder knowlege jedi . They acctualy asked me to invite you to join the dark side aswell on facebook. And i believe the invitation is open to all euc riders that want to join the crew. I have not started to ride the e-board yet but i will keep you updated of the progress. . Riding e-boards is awesone and it will defnetly be a big challenge for me . The goup is amazing and they were really impressed with the performance of the acm and msuper. I hope i can bring some of them to the light side aswell.😉
  9. Hi Stuart. I will go on the saturday night ride . Had loads af fun this saturday . They have a night ride video on youtube and it seem to be very cool. Hope you can go .
  10. Had an amazing afternoon ride on the olimpic park with the esk8uk goup . They were very impressed by the speed of the acm . There will be e night ride in London next saturday. Massive thanks for the esk8uk group .
  11. Strasbourg - FRANCE 10/15/17

    Awesome . Enjoy the ride guys and send us some nice videos and pictures.
  12. This guys have some awesome night rides videos in london on you tube . They have a meeting in the olimpic park on this saturday 14th at 14:00 I joined the facebook group and will be there to meet the guys . Let me know if anyone else want to join .
  13. Hi nute and meep . Had the most insane ride in London today with Neon , Joe joe , Simon and Ray . Lots of fun but not without incidents . We were told not to ride in the hide park and Neon had an enconter with the police riding fast on the pavent with a can of beer in his hand . Luckly he got away with just a warning . Big thanks to the guys for taking me arround London .
  14. I totaly understand you meep . Paris is one of the few places in the world where you can ride an euc with peace of mind . I understand you had an ACM confiscated with no hopes of geting it back . When i ride here i am always concerned as there was a guy fined for driving a motorized veicle without insurance while riding his euc in Wales. I joined the London electric unicycle group and there is a meeting today . Neon said they have not had any problems with police yet but i will see how it goes today.

    Fantastic video again Hansolo . Your videos are a delight for us . Thanks for sharing your passion for the eucs with us and the awesome adventures of the amazing Nicos randos .