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  1. Kind invitation to unicycles (monorue) to participate on the car free day. Awesome Love Paris
  2. I reckon there is an official and very kind invitation for diferent tipes of personal eco friendly transportation including unicycles (monorue) to enjoy the car free day . Awessome Love Paris
  3. I reckon there is an official and very kind invitation for diferent tipes of personal eco friendly transportation including unicycles (monorue) to enjoy the car free day . Awessome
  4. I am happy riding at 25 km/h average and maximun 30km/h .for now . More than this and i feel like i am pushing my lucky too hard..
  5. Uk -What is this magical device ! This is insane ! Spain - Esto es el futuro e lo digo en serio ! France - u-la-la Netherlands - Unbelieveble ! Just amazing !
  6. Moving the motherboard back to the top of the eucs and the new cooling fans seem to be steps in the right direction , the wiring seem to be the same though , i hope this wiring can hadle the extra power . Improving QC and costomer care will require a serious commitment of gotway to change and significant financial investiment . It is not an easy task . That said i am keeping my fingers crossed hoping this will happen sooner rather then too late. I must say the video is quite impressive. Considering gotway reccord so far i am not running to pre-order a tesla and i would suggest you donate your body to science if you do so , just in case something go wrong. Looking forward for your reviews in the folowing six months after release. As i stated before i am a gotway fan and i hope the tesla will mark a new age of safety and quality for the brand . It may seem i am being too hard with gotway but as a euc enthusiast i cannot ignore all those bad reports of people being seriously injured by the recurrent problems in their products. They really messed up badly and we have to react to show we are not stupid and they can not get away with it anymore.
  7. I welcome gotway efforts but i will wait for at least six months after the tesla release before considering geting one . I am defnetly not " willing to believe that gotway is on the path to the safaty and quality ". I will only believe in confirmed practical results. Therefor i am looking forward to folow your adventures on the tesla. I trust you will keep us updated on the good the bad and the ugly in this first six months. I would like to express my sicere gratitude to you and all the early tesla addopters in advance for your unbiased reports .
  8. I reckon we should be verry aware of the risks of riding an euc at more than 30km/h whatever unicycle brand you chose . The least we can do , if we chose to do so , is to make sure the euc is reliable as much as we can. I hope you are right and gotway is trying to improve QC . I also hope this result in more reliable gotway eucs.
  9. I accept the inherent risk risk of eucs . But when we reach speeds of 50 km/h we start to play with the devil a russian rullet . People will get seriously hurt and it is end game for eucs. Add to this mix a company that do not test the products enough before market release and you have a potentially explosive result.
  10. I think the acm and msuper design was spot on but i was not impressed with the egg shaped tesla design . I may change my mind in the future about the design but a 50 km/h gotway wheel will have to prove it self to be extremely reliable before i even think to get one . I just hope this unicycle dont kill anyone. I love gotway products but i believe they are damaging the euc reputation with their reckless aproach to QC and appaling ctostoner care. Pleople have already started moving to kingsong and inmotion due to gotway's very poor reliability record. It is unaceptable that half baked products are released in the market and It is up to us gotway fans to remind them that costomers are not test dummies. I consider myself to be a die hard gotway fan and this is my humble opinion.
  11. If i were a wise man i probably would not be an euc rider. I just do not want to be gotway test subject .
  12. Thank you for testing the limits of this new beast for us . I will wait for the improved V2 maybe in six months time , provided there are no reliability issues.
  13. I have been riding eucs for some time and luckly i have not had any big accidents (touch wood) . As much as i apreciate gotway design ( i do have 3 gotway eucs ) and bold aproach to technology development i have learned that it is not wise to buy a new model of unicycle just after its release as they tend to have lots of problems in their first versions. In the light of the gotway QC and reliability problems and considering the power and speed of the new tesla i wonder who will bravely volunteer and pay a premiun price to be gotway guinea pigs . I would like to say that i am grateful in the name of all euc comunity for your selfless contribution to the euc development and i wish you the best luck . I reckon you will need it. Please use addequate ptotective gear.
  14. Thank you Hansolo . I will be arriving on saturday 30th . Please let me know if your group have something planed for saturday . I would love to join you guys if possible.
  15. I am right there with you meepmeepmayer . Lets make it happen. I will be in Paris on saturday mate . May i ask where are you based.