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  1. £ 50 return is great . If we can take the wheel with us it is perfect . How do we confirm if we can take the euc on eurostar Paddylaz ?
  2. I usualy go to Paris driving so that i can take my wheels . What transport do you use if i may ask?
  3. How about Bournemouth beachfront , Bath sorroundings cycle routes , Weston Supermare beachfront , southsea beachfront , New Forrest , tarka trail , Camel trail , Exmouth ? . Just some sugestions of beautiful places in the southwest .
  4. I am looking forward to ride from the champs elisee till la defense . Paris with no cars will be an epic euc ride .
  5. Maybe Hansolo and his group would like to join us in a group ride . That would be awesome
  6. Paddylax had a great idea and i would like to help spreading the word . Meeting in Paris 1st of october on the car free day (the hole city centre). Me and my wife will be there , anybody would like to join us .
  7. This is one of your favotite wheels Max . IPS 121 340 wh bought from Jason Mcneal in London . There is a joker theme on the decoration with scull skate tape and a figure of minion joker in both sides . The pink and green bits are protection pad in this colors to folow the joker theme. The green cable is a leash for safety .
  8. A day without cars may not have a huge impact to reduce overall polution levels but it is an oportunity for people to experience a cleaner air and a more human city enviroment at least for a day. People can realize that there is a viable alternative that is better than the current transportation model on stressful and dangerously poluted city centers. That is how real change beguins . Raising public awereness . This initiative of the Paris council has been generating a huge repercussion with other cities folowing this great idea. I would personaly love to see a car free day in London , Madrid , Lisbon , Rio , Amsterdan , New York and old York ...
  9. Imagine if there was a car free day in London and other cities in uk aswell . Would be wonderful . 🤔 You may say i am a dreamer ...
  10. Maybe some of our american friends would like to join us . How about that idea Marty ?🤔
  11. Very tempting . Me and my wife will be there .
  12. Hi Justina . I love your videos . Welcome to the forum and success on the business .
  13. I Dream about a day when we will all have less cars and polution and more eco and human friendly cities . I hope i will still be here to see that new french revolution.
  14. Very cool videos . Congratulations for the french people . Giving an example of forward thinking and open mind . Showing how to do it once again , leading the world in the eco mobility revolution .
  15. Awesome video Hansolo ! Thanks for sharing . Really inspiring . Love the good spirits that transpire from your videos . They are a lesson about how fun this hobbie can be when we can share it with friends . Congratulations for all in your group