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  1. Waw !!! . Amazing video ! Wonderful scenary ! Great adventure ! Funtastic ! One of the best euc videos i have ever seen ! Really inspiring ! Congratulations for French wheelers ! Thank you very much for sharing. This video sumarize everything i enjoy about riding eucs. Loved it 😍👍
  2. Hi to all. Just an update on my defective ACM purchased from Amazon UK. I returned the unicycle and they received it yesterday . The guy on ibo store has ben responsive so far . Lets see how long it will take for them to send me a replacement . I hope this one will be ok . I did request them to inspect the ACM before sending it . Fingers crossed .
  3. It is an ACM and there is a picture of an ACM on the box , i dont get the MCM 4 on the sticker aswell . The stamp probably say GW quality control pass . We may get away with this shit .😄
  4. Thanks meepmeepmayer. The seller was ibo store (third part seller on amazon UK site) I agree with all your remarks. Lets see if i can get the refund . I will keep you informed. The seller was very responsive in the beguining but since i sent them the pictures of the unicycle yesterday as they requested i have not heard from them ( i gess due to the weekend ) If i dont hear from them in the next 2 days i will file a complaint on amazon. On the box there is a sticker with a bar code and number MCM 1602825 and a QC stamp with chinese characters. I wonder if this number is the manufacturing day 25 of august 2016 ?
  5. Me and my wife were on the meeting in Paris on the 30th of april and it was really special . Since i saw the first video of the Paris euc comunity rides i wanted to participate one day not just for the amazing scenary but for the good spirits that i could feel on the videos . First of all I want to thank for all the e-rue staff and the Paris riders for the kind and friendly reception . I was delighted and impressed to see people of all ages , from 8 to 70 and diferent tipes of personal electric transportation devices and characters ( there was even a priest and a very skilled rider with a long kilt like skirt that seemed to be floating on air ) , sportive and leisure riders all riding together in a fun and friendly spirit . In a world of increasing discord and intolerance when we are in the brink of self destruction the people of Paris shown me that there is still hope for the human race . They even were kind enough to talk to me in english as i dont speak french at all and made me feel very confortable among them . An amazing display of tolerance and sharing . No competition , Just lovely , beautiful people riding their eucs and havind fun together in peace and harmony . We desperately need more of this in the word at the moment. I believe Jhon Lenon would join us in this ride . Congratulations for Paris riders . Showing how to do it once again. Please keep riding and sharing your amazing videos with us .
  6. Hi Gimlet . Thanks for your help. I could not see the raised board under the transformer on meepmeepmayer pictures at all . My acm is a 680 w regular v2 60 v not the 84 v . Why it would need this modification . It was advertised as a 5th generation V2 though. Do you reckon this is an upgrade on the board or a repair/addaptation ? The problem is that the wires on this secondary board are too high and get smashed by the side panel. This may have caused the malfunction on the light. I am concerned that this may cause other more dangerous malfunction. Also , do you know which of this cables goes to the light ? Please Gimlet . Could you have a look in yours to check. Sorry to ask but i really want to understand why this secondary board is there and if it can be dangerous. The guys on the ibo shop have not responded yet since i sent the pictures as they requested on the returning request process on amazon. If they refuse to replace this defective unicycle i may be stuck with it.
  7. Thaks Gimlet and meepmeepmayer for your help . Maybe with your help i will discover what is this.
  8. They say in the description it is an upgraded 5th generation of ACM V2. Do you think this could be an upgrade on the board ? Does anyone else has this double level board. My concern is that the cables on this raised peace of the board may be squashed against the side panel and could cause other failures apart from the defective front lights.
  9. Thanks Marty. That is what i am going to do. I am in contact with the seller to replace or refund it. Regarding to your search for an offroad wheel may i sugest the msuper V2 . I have been using it for all kinds of rough surfaces and it has performed flawlessly. It is not as powerfull as the V3 but it never failed me not even once , and i have heavy bones , 95 kg , also it is cheaper and the tough shell really can take a beat so you dont feel so bad to put it to the test offroad. Really an offroad champion.
  10. Hi esaj . Thanks for you reply. I dont know . I still think it looks like a bypass to repair a defective part of the board with another cutted peace of board but again i dont know anything about eletronics. I would like to know if anyone else has this double level board . I have watched many videos and seen many pictures but have never seen this raised peace of board before. I really would like to know if this is normal.
  11. I agree with you rehab . If you noticed this shape on the slicon you really need to see a doctor urgently mate . LOL Thanks to all for your imput . This was advertised as a brand new ACM V2 680 w bought on amazon uk site from ibo store (that is the name in the order). Looks like a small peace of board was cut and added to that part of the base mainboard to fix a defect on the original board . If this is the case it is some kind of refurbishment and may be causing the defective lights . I am afraid this can be a reckless attempt to save a defective mainboard that may be potencialy dangerous as this unicycle can reach 40 km/h Yes i have tried to turn on the light on the power switch but no signs of the light . Front light is completely dead. I had a quick ride to test the wheel on the pavement and it apears to be working fine apart from the front light. The guys on the shop have been very responsive . I hope they can replace this unit for a good one or refund as soon as possible.
  12. Looks like the board was repaired.
  13. Hi Marty. There is a yellow thing over the board in this corner and another peace of board on top of it . I dont have any eletronics knowledge but this is unusual. Do your boards have the same raised bit on this corner?
  14. It is not the silicon mate . Look at the raised bit of the board with the yelow color underneath.