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  1. Hope you have a quick recover
  2. Here in UK most of the people are very curious about the euc and say nice things like " that is cool ! " , " that is hot !" ," that is sick !" or " impressive ! " and even "awesome ! " but i have felt some resentment aswell , i have been called a cheeter many times and had people asking me how many times i fell of the thing or how damaged this is. i gave up stoping to talk because i had some few people being nasty after luring me into a conversation with initial genuine questions . People feel unconfortable with new things that they do not fully understand . The initial reactions to cars and bikes were very bad aswell. As early addopters we should be polite and fliendly to people and very cautious and careful while riding in order to promote a posive public image to the eucs but i have learned that not everibody is polite and openminded and i need to preserve myself aswell.
  3. Hi Brett . I am in Salisbury and love EUCs ( i am a happy owner of 3 of them , airwheel x3 , msuper v2 , IPS 121 ) big thanks to Jason Mcneil and Yorkshire Airwheels . I Have been riding with my wife for 2 years now with no accidents appart from a mud bath resulting from a slide during an ill advised off road ride in a rainy day , but mostly just plain joy and fun . This year we had a wonderful time riding in Paris , Amsterdan and Barcelona . I am a big EUC enthusiast but sadly i am not riding as much as i used to do in UK , after the bad news of the poor guy fined for driving without licence i just cannot take the risk anymore . I was very exited about upgrading to a msuper v3 but not sure about investing in a new EUC after this incident. Do you still feel safe to ride here ? .Where do you usualy ride/favorite places? Which wheel you have? Do you ride alone?
  4. I love eucs and i support your initiative 100% but to be honest I dont believe there is anything we can do to make eucs or other personal electric transportation devices accepted in Uk at the moment for several reasons . The acceptance of electric personal transportation devices on the streets or pavement would require a massive change in laws and regulations . I dont see a simple and safe way to harmonize eucs with the cars on the roads or people on pavements . It would require public acceptance . Most people in Uk believe that eucs are a nonsense and i do not believe they will be happy to share roads and pavements with eucs or electric skates/scooters anytime soon. There are not enough users to make any significant lobby . I think eucs will only be accepted in Uk if the necessity to reduce carbon emissions in congested cities becames an absolute priority . I have hope because this is happening in some cities like Paris.
  5. Amazing video . Thanks for sharing with us again.
  6. Amazing video?
  7. Keep the ones that you use more
  8. Ola . Bem vindo ao forum . Vc vive em uma zona muito bonita com belas paisagens . Deve ser muito bom passear de uniciclo por ai.
  9. Bem vindo ao clube . Espero que vc desfrute bastante do seu euc. Procure usar sempre protecao e respeitar os pedrestres e os limites de seu aparelho para evitar acidentes . Bos sorte e bons passeios.
  10. Yeah . Riding an unicycle in beautiful places in Cornwall. Sign me up now please. One sugestion . Why dont we meet to do the camel trail. Brett said his group had a great time riding there recently.
  11. Hi Brett . Thanks for your kind invitation . I am sure you have many wonderful places ro ride and you seem to have a nice group in Cornwall aswell . I will love to ride with you guys in one of these beautiful places . I will let you know as soon as i have planned the trip to cornwall.
  12. Sounds great . Would love to be there but unfortunately wont be able due to work commitments. Congratulations for your effort . I hope some of the guys may join you . There would be great to have a group in the southwest. Hope i can join you in another meeting.
  13. I would like to go but will be working this saturday morning.
  14. I have been planing to visit Cornwall so i would be delighted to join you in one of your meetings .
  15. Sugestions of places. Weston-super-mare sea front or bath to bristol railway trail.