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  1. The sound was from the tire tube needle. It's pretty much resolved. Still experimenting with the baseball card spoke sound.
  2. I was mentally preparing a trip to find a monster in the woods. Pick up a life straw and carry it with you for future rides. Great story. Now turn it into a picture book!
  3. Second day riding the TG-T3.
  4. Refreshing euc tracking number over and over and over and over. 

  5. Are RP panhandlers allowed on grounds outside the facility?
  6. SoundCloud?
  7. Drill a hole through the case to immobilise the wheel by inserting a metal rod of some sort.
  8. Pictures? I like what you are thinking and curious if you've ever taken pictures when you did the cleaning. Also I think fluss must be flux; otherwise I don't know what that is haha.
  9. Can someone please post a photo?