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  1. Would you mind posting a photo of the other side, showing the shoulder straps?
  2. Charging the S1 to 63 volts

    I would imagine so. If they didn't, they would probably have to have BMSs that limit the voltage to 59.5 rather than allowing the full 63v. And if that was the case, I don't think it would make sense for Segway to supply 59.5v chargers to Americans and 63v chargers to every other country, as it would be the BMSs doing the voltage limiting. So I think it's very likely that if I use my 63v charger my S2 batteries will charge to full capacity and get me a few more kilometres per charge. I just haven't been ready to try it yet as it's so new, but I probably will soon.
  3. Segway S1 Top Speed

    Yeah pretty much. The S1 is software-restricted to lower performance but the hardware is identical. It's so annoying that Segway think Americans can't be trusted with anything that goes faster than jogging pace, while the rest of the world gets to enjoy the wheels as they were designed to run.
  4. Segway S1 Top Speed

    No, it's a link to another thread.
  5. Yeah I saw that, but it’s right back down to $379 now. What are they playing at?
  6. Segway S1 Top Speed

    Even the voltage is the same. It’s just that Segway USA supply our wheels with chargers that output lower voltage and so our batteries only get to 80%.
  7. Ninebot A1/S1 to S2 Upgrade Effort

    Thanks for starting this thread, @Knifa . I will be following this like a hawk. I have the S1 so if there’s anything I can be of help with, let me know.
  8. Ninebot S1 vs S2 - Canada

    Piece of cake! But err...how exactly do we go about doing that?
  9. When it comes to small unknown start-ups, the term 'Internship' is usually code for "get some fools to work for us for free". Instead of trying to exploit young people by making them work for free, have you considered actually paying them for their work and time? Are you interested in being my intern and looking after my lawn this summer? I won't pay you a penny, but you'll gain valuable experience in how grass grows and how to lead a one person landscape maintenance team to success. It's an exciting opportunity.
  10. Aftermath

    I think people tend to just create new threads to talk about their accidents. I can see where you're coming from with the idea to try to create a knowledge resource for accident prevention, but I don't see how making a sticky thread called 'Aftermath', where we're all supposed to come and mention our accidents and talk about what we learned, all in one place, would be that useful. Maybe you have ideas for how it would be, but there are so many different accidents on different branded wheels, with all sorts of different causes I just don't think it's that realistic. But what do I know.
  11. Charging the S1 to 63 volts

    Have any of our North American S1 owners tried charging their wheels to the true 100% capacity (63v) yet? I know the MiniPro has no issue with this, although the battery firmware forever remembers it and stops displaying the capacity in mAh. But I haven't tried it with my S1 yet. Since the S1 in newer than the MiniPro I'm not sure if they have added some preventative measure in the BMS to stop the batteries being charged to their true maximum. I suspect not, but as I have not yet been brave enough to try it I don't know.
  12. Segway S1 Top Speed

    I got to the bottom of this (non)issue. It turns out my S1 wasn't fully charged when I took it out that day. It was probably in reality at about 70% of actual capacity. "Fully charged" or "100%" on the North American S1s means 80% in reality. And mine had been sitting for a while due to bad weather. Then when I took it out for the first time, the temperature was crazily cold (double digits in the minus centigrade). So the battery was not providing adequate power and my top speed was limited a little. Now that it's not so cold I can peak at 20kph and cruise at 18-19kph without hitting the limiter. I do wish the S1 wasn't software-limited to this speed though, and it could do 24kph like its 'rest of the world' clone, the S2. But I love my S1 now, just for its small size, comfortable carry-ability and smooth ride. I can't wait for spring!
  13. how to enjoy riding slow speeds?

    I second this. Carving makes slow speeds more fun. On my snails-pace Segway One S1, going in a straight line at 19kph is irritating, so carving livens up the journey. It feels a bit like skiing.
  14. Aftermath

    The aftermath of reading this was that I was left confused as to what you're talking about.
  15. It’s even lower now, at $370. At this price it’s worth for MiniPro lovers to buy, just to have the extra battery in a backpack for long rides, and for a full set of spare parts. Or for a family member or friend to join in on rides.