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  1. You can follow this guide there is an explanation in the download file
  2. Well i realized this noise on the fenders when checking the tire pressure . Suprisingly both tires are equal 30 psi
  3. well i removed the screws, put double side tape removed the tape etc. its now better but not perfect.I think its the nature of abs plastic and design
  4. I dont know why Russian friends keep telling me to remove all 8. Anyways ,will try the smaller ones tomorrow and report
  5. yea i will try to remove the smaller ones first .Do you think doing this voids warranty?
  6. No problem mate we are all learning They say its not necessary to remove the wheel, just loose the bigger one and let the wheel move a little.Btw I wonder can you check if they put loctite on the screws or not ? I searched the forum and some guy telling they put loctite on the screws.
  7. Dont get me wrong but have you ever removed your fender by removing these small ones only?Because i asked this on russian forum and they told me i need to remove all 8 screws.