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  1. V5F+ or V8. Help me decide.

    Well, I'll prefer to think of these options as a positive selection of choices in the given situation.. and maybe you do it too "instinctively".. Some options offer advantages over other options in the given situation, and your body just chooses them based on your capabilities in the various turns.. Eg. The leaning turn allows fast (and cool-looking) turns, but you need body clearance to do it.. The foot swivel twist (if i understand it correctly) allows for a quick wheel detour without actually shifting my body weight.. Eg. when going straight and just avoiding a porthole without big body displacement.. IMHO, it's good to learn all types of turns for the various purposes.. i guess that's why a beginner only equipped with a body lean, would find difficulty weaving through human traffic..
  2. V5F+ or V8. Help me decide.

    My 1st wheel was the V5F and I learned on it.. Now riding a V8.. For the most part, I agree the V8 is more comfortable than the V5F (more gradual tiltback, higher max speed, more range, comparable weight/size).. however, I really do miss the V5F trolley handle and how V5F can execute sharper stops.. I credit much of my learning confidence (and thus speed) to the V5F sharp stop response.. nothing assured the then-beginner-me more than knowing i could stop anytime I want to.. Instead of learning how to go forward first, my first priority is to learn how to brake.. i was holding onto a railing and just doing stationary front-back rocking movements with my hips (i think its bad for the wheel to do this for extended periods of time).. hard to explain this, but i practiced the stop motion picturing a long jump athlete just about to hit the sand pit (hips thrown back).. Once I'm confident i can stop whenever, then its just a matter of bravely attempting to stay as long as i could on the wheel, before having to execute the familiar stop (hips throw back).. Contrary to common practice, i had the best learning experience in a long narrow corridor.. i could support on the walls anytime i want throughout my entire straight line path, without a learning assistant.. with practice, soon i was able to hit the ends of the corridor without touching walls.. After i switched to the V8, the stop response was the most pronounced to me.. had to spend awhile to get familiarize with it, before feeling confident to hit the roads with it.. i can see how a beginner could have difficulty stopping on it..
  3. Upgrade recommendations?

    Thanks everyone for your valuable insights!! I guess the V8 would be a safer option.. very good points about pedal height, kill switch and mobility.. Thanks all once again <3 <3
  4. Hi.. sorry if this is not intended here, and should belong in some sub-forum.. its my first thread so do forgive me.. I have an Inmotion V5F currently and am thinking to upgrade to another wheel.. i love the V5F, but the range (more important) and max speed (less so) is somewhat lacking, now that i am fairly decent at riding.. I'm in Asia, so V5F+ is not avaliable.. the V8 is another obvious choice but I'm hoping the experts here have some recommendations.. In order of importance: - more range (current ish 20km) - higher max speed (current 25km/h) - size and weight not too much bigger/heavier, as I'm commuting with train transfer and need to carry it quite abit.. (current 12kg) Also, as a side question, as I'm quite used to Inmotion's kill switch, how do the rest of you (riding with other brands) manage with situations that require temporary lifting of the wheel? (Eg. Curbs, stairs, etc).. Need to turn it off and on again? Thanks much in advance!
  5. V8-Turning and forwarding adjustment

    This behavior sounds similar to what i experienced on my V5F, so i hope my story helps, if your issue is still not resolved.. I bought my V5F 2nd-hand off someone locally due to budget constrains.. it's my first (and learning) wheel and i loved it.. managed to learn it in around 1 week and be comfortable in weaving thru human traffic to get to the train station.. However, after while, i can't seem to charge it and I'm not sure if it's the charger or the V5F.. turned out to be the charger and i got a new one, but not before i did a factory reset on the V5F.. After the reset, i can feel a difference in the wheel from before.. pedals leaning forwards, even at low speeds, and only return to horizontal after awhile.. its almost like what the OP described.. i thought i was constantly being tiltback due to low max speed settings.. changed both "max speed" and "tilt angle" but the weird motion still exist.. i know its definitely not normal cuz this is not the case before the factory reset.. It was only until i hit this "recalibrate forward acceleration" (i forgot the exact wording) button and the wheel returned back to being awesome.. i wasn't able to do this initially cuz my app connection with the V5F was very iffy.. previous attempts to hit this button resulted in some error.. i was so frustrated in the 2-3 days with this weird motion and I've been trying every setting possible.. so my advice is to try this button and keep trying, even if some connection error came out.. would have saved alot of time and stress if someone told me this earlier..