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  1. due to recent events I thought I chime in my (now crash approved) knee guards elbow guards (almost risked an amazon strike in my quest to find the ultimate elbow guards for me) actually when it's not too hot I wear both ergonomic roller blade guards and thin gloves for enhanced skin protection the equip above saved me today. ^^ as for the perfect EUC helmet - I havent found it yet. my MX helmet is waaaay to heavy, so for now I will use a cheap SixSixOne downhill (fullface) which weighs slightly less and is well-ventilated. But I'd prefer an even lighter one. I recently bought a Cratoni C-Maniac which I returned in a matter of seconds. You will loose your teeth doing a face plant with a direct hit on the so called "chin guard". If you know of any ultra light weight helmets with effective chin guard I'm all ears. When it comes to safety, don't let the price decide the purchase!
  2. Nah, the driver didn't dare to leave the car (many angry witnesses shouting) and was probably as shocked as I was puzzled I had not a single bruise.
  3. this. they briefly look for cyclists and cars, they never look consciously for EUC riders. I dare to believe wearing a full face helmet will somehow alert a car driver passing you by. (like subconscious mind alerts the brain) There is really nothing you can do if a car first overtakes you and then turns in your path except being much more visible to begin with.
  4. hey riders, a few hours ago I flew right across a hood going approx 10-15kph on my wheel. A car driver crossed the bicycle lane turning right into a shopping center without giving a second thought to me. Luckily I wore almost full protection (no helmet!) and only my wrist guards got scratched. The wheel came to a halt running into a hedge. did you get in familiar situations? I can only guess some inattentive drivers mistake EUC riders for pedestrians. The accident happened in daylight, though for me this is the final wake up call to always wear my full face downhill helmet from now on. I might even order some extra lights for the helmet as well as one of those ugly high visibility vests. btw I was so stunned by the behaviour that I forgot to swear and claim a new pair of unscratched wrist guards. Guess I got off cheaply today. (the car driver too)
  5. hey KINGKONGSONG, I tried darknessbot for 5 minutes as im full on android fanboy the app doesn't know about your battery size, you have to manual tap + to increase the initial value of 340Wh. thanks Lukasz, today my digital scale arrived and it says the KS16b is 17,27 kg (including some bumper stripes) I'm beginning to think this was a great trade!!
  6. hey guys, can s1 help me out on how to play this horn sound? currently I cant even see an option to play a horn sound in the app? its WheelLog v.1.8 from playStore and v.1.23 on the KS16b ... Nevermind, got it - it was disabled per default
  7. hey electric_vehicle_lover, an open source EUC firmware sounds great! Do you happen to know if the KingSong mainboards are much different from the gotways? I'm afraid there might be no persistent memory on the KS-16b either. However if you have already dismantled your wheel, there might be a possiblilty to just add a simple eeprom chip to the circuit somewhere? I currently still spent most of my free time trying to improve my riding skills, phase 2 would be convincing my gf to learn to drive too phase 3 would be improving the device itself. Currently all my tools to write flash chips are in some box in the attic (last time I needed them was when we were watching satellite tv back in the early 90ties )
  8. hi, all parsed codes are invalid changing battery capacity doesn't recalculate milage (app needs do be restarted) setting max speed doesn't work on KS16-b v1.23 this was just a 5 min test (borrowed an iphone from my brother) keep up the good work!
  9. An EUC should be allowed to do at least 25kph imho, otherwise you become a traffic obstacle in urban environments, like those cyclist going 10kph on a sight seeing tour. Also there can't be any hard motor cut out at any speed. A good example even a politican could grab would be a bike going down hill - once it hits a certain speed you put a little stick between the front wheel spokes - now what will happen then? ;9 Instead the pedals should vibrate or tilt a little to inform the rider to slow down with an optional voice notification. I would applaud legislation concerning the EUC lights though. While the front light on the V5F was okayish , the red backlight is too weak. On the KS16-B front and backlight lights are a sad joke. After dawn you cant even see a wind broken branch on the unlit pavement until it is about 1.5 meter away. Also every EUC should have a weight sensor or other means to determine that no rider is standing on it. If a rider jumps off for whatever reason the EUC should not be able to go into oncoming traffic but come to a halt very very quick. If you need more than 1.5 seconds air time on your EUC join the circus Also the riders weight should be measured to calculate the individual window of safe use. A 50/70/90 kg person each should trigger a different firmware mode setup, always depending on the motor power available. Say a 90kg guy wants to have fun with a 350W motor, here you go at 12kph max. An EUC sold for grown ups in Europe has to have minimum pedal sizes (shoe size 11/12), or set of switchable pedals for kids and adults. If a company doesn't comply their product range can no longer be insured in Europe, which means you are no longer allowed to drive around on anything other than private property. I think any car company could come up with better wheels then what we have now, however they have no interest in this market! worse they lobby against us in Europe. In town I always giggle when I see teh walking dead climbing out of their Porsche Cayenne to buy their buns. *oh I got carried away* cya
  10. Hey Mono, I quite like the idea to add you own feature wish, like Carlos did for a safety standard (no cutoff with rider on top) as for theft protection, this is an obvious feature imho, en/disable motor via Apple/Android TouchId or password key as fallback solution. and it is very very easy to implement from a developers point of view. If you can store tacky led patterns you can just as well store something useful like an optional password. The password should also serve as a protection against 3d party bluetooth access
  11. hmmmm I installed the app KS-App-Sep-2016.apk and it just shows the serial number not the exact model and battery type. over night I charged the KS-16 to 100% battery on my android phone I can't even tell what the app above wants to tell me with its numbers? standing still the speedometer shows 0 km/h and beneath that I see "keep cycling for 28" ?? where the metric miles or km should be the screen display is just cut off, the width used for the font is wider than the screen resolution. my swag is it's 28 km to make things worse when you start the app first time it says 59km for the glimpse of a second then goes straight to 28 or 29 . oO I then installed KS_828.apk for the kicks and now it shows 74 km remaining?? lol As for displaying the model on top of the main screen, you could install just about any app on the link above and it would show your device as KS828 or KSwhatever, unfortunately this is pretty useless as every app seems to work with every device!! You could sell your KS16-340Wh as KS16-840Wh on eBay together with the KS16-828 app. This just calls for distributors scamming their customers. I'd like to have at least the KS-16 680Wh version for a V5 trade. of course the very best way would be some online form from KingSong where you paste the serial number and get the exact model type, like it works for cars. I can't really dismantle the device as I dont own it yet... it's just lent. I'm afraid I need to find some digital scale or go on a looong ride
  12. or so i thought bluetooth immobilizer for wheel theft protection! no excuse not to have it lazy programmers! and im a little disappointed neither brand I had a chance to ride (inmotion & kingsong) had it.
  13. Hi guys, im currently thinking about trading my V5F for a KS16 however the owner doesn't know exactly which battery version the KS16 has installed. oO the android app says firmware is KS16B V1.23 I also see a serial # . Can I match the serial # with the actual model somewhere? which amount of miles or km would a fully charged battery show for the different KS16 models?
  14. hi guys, thanks for the tips! it took me about 3 days (2 hours of training each day) to drive a straight line and get on and off without something to lean on. I also improved the side pads with soft acoustic foam absorber im now able to do very tight turns with the V5 and also long effortless curves, still struggling with slalom at higher speeds (above 10mph) and going backwards. I got used to the steep V-shape of the V5 pedals, however this week I traded my V5F for a KS16 with a friend who prefers to learn on a smaller wheel (he gave up on the KS). Now the fun thing is, I personally find the KS16 even more simple to steer. it might not be as agile as the V5 but it feels more stable at high speeds and leads me to an overall more relaxed riding style. So for a beginner I think the KS16 is the way to go. While steep V-angle pedals provide high agility its still a trade off A less experienced rider might prefer a lower center of gravity (less pedal height) and a more subtle pedal angel which helps against your knees going inwards and also helps getting on and off without thinking about it. (though i might be fooled here comparing my first newbie steps on the V5 with the first steps on the KS16, already having the V5 experience)
  15. hi guys, just got my very first unicycle, its a V5F I'm still learning, however I wonder if the angle of the pedals is correct at all. Shouldnt it look like an upside down T when looking from the front? my V5F look more like a V the pedals won't level when pushed down, they stay in V Form. Do I have to adjust this? Shouldn't the pedals form a straight line rather than being V angled? I also installed the app where you can adjust how sensitive it reacts to leaning forward or backward but there's no option to make the pedals go down a bit further. Normal humans don't have X legs? Also is there any pedal replacment available for the V5F? im 189cm and have size 12 shoes. pedals feel waaaaay too short for me. regards Spark.