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  1. My heart just sunk when I heard about your crash on the brand new wheel. I have been waiting for my Gotway ACMs+ for months and can't wait to try it. My wheel is currently in transit but I believe it comes from the same Gotway shipment as yours. Now I'm not so sure if I want to be next human crash dummy experiment for Gotway. I will talk to @Jason McNeil re whether there should be a recall on this batch. hope you recover soon!
  2. I bought my first wheel (ninebot E+) 6 weeks ago and have been learning/riding on my own in my neighbourhood. I don't get to ride a whole lot due to other commitments and have only done 65km and 14 hours ride time. Riding around on the streets of NYC is not the easiest for beginners and I'm looking for people to ride with and have some fun!