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  1. What if he attaches a catchers mitt instead of a boxing glove?
  2. I'd guess it's RPM related as the current/voltage can vary widely with riders or different weights, and on different inclines. I agree, the best way to fix the problems with the mini pro is an alternative app of some kind. Just like the alternative apps of every other kind that let you do what you want. I can't do it. We need someone with serious software know-how to fall in complete love with their mini pro.
  3. Hopefully the handle helps take some pressure off your feet with those pogo stick pedals.
  4. Black Wheels Matter
  5. Look out for my future ad "Extremely Worn out 14c With Low low Miles"
  6. My 14c is stuck on 114 KM. Has been for a while. I've been riding like 1-3 hours a day now for almost two months. I really wish I could see my real mileage.
  7. Hehe, I kid, I want an inmotion and a ms3
  8. I was visiting a friend who's got a great place way out in the woods. I had a blast riding it around chasing his dogs and chickens... and bees 🐝
  9. I like Hatchet's idea, but without all that stupid Inmotion shit all over it
  10. Unicycle Test Room in Shenzen $14 an hour Contact Kingsong for details
  11. Langham is right on the money, but forgot this: - Start email dialogue with wheel manufacturers to try and arrange a trade for my shitty teenage kids
  12. I seem to have two stances that I ride in. The first is an athletic go-fast stance where the balls of my feet are like balanced on the front edge, and a feet-hurt from riding too long stance. The latter, I have my back heel lined up with the back edge of the pedal, and my toes hanging off the front of the pedal goofily far. After a mile or two like that I can usually switch back. I can gradually do it now without stopping too. Once you can move your feet a bit without stopping, it's a real game changer.
  13. I've never gotten it below 74%! It's got a big battery for such a little wheel. I've been having a great time. Did dirt trails today.
  14. I rode mine for 3 hours today. Feet on fire 🔥
  15. That's exactly how I faceplanted my 14c at max speed with my greedy toes demanding more.
  16. I wanna try barefoot
  17. The weather just started getting nice here in Seattle, 70's/80's, and I've found the most wonderful feeling in the world is taking a safe-speeded cruise in shorts and a T Shirt. It feels awesome. I've been riding like two hours a day, trying to get the most of this great weather.
  18. It does look familiar.
  19. I weigh about the same and am riding the same 840wh 14c. I got it as a beginner wheel. I figure I'll ride until the axle breaks and then upgrade. I've heard talk of some having better axles than others, hopefully these are those
  20. I had a clapper too when I got started. A very supportive random jogger at the track cheered me on. I'd like to thank him now for never letting me give up. Thank you jogger dude.
  21. You're a nut, Roo. Thanks for posting your findings
  22. That's what I was wondering, I thought to myself "This must be his son in the picture" LOL
  23. Looks pretty cool. Let's hope its fast and cheap
  24. Well, I plus repped you one because I'm a nice guy