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  1. Rehab1´s accident(s)

    It's even nice for non medical reasons.
  2. Catching air?

  3. Dream Electric Unicycle

    Could we change this into a battle where we try top each other with insults?
  4. how to enjoy riding slow speeds?

    Bro, they'll rock you like a hurricane, I'd watch out.
  5. how to enjoy riding slow speeds?

    You dont like Scorpions?
  6. how to enjoy riding slow speeds?

    Это раннее утро, солнце выходит Прошлая ночь дрожала и довольно громко Моя кошка мурлычет, она царапает мою кожу Так что же случилось с другим грехом? Сука голодна, ей нужно сказать Так дайте ей дюймы и кормите ее хорошо Еще несколько дней, новые места Я должен уйти, пришло время для шоу :D
  7. how to enjoy riding slow speeds?

    I don't understand you either.
  8. how to enjoy riding slow speeds?

    That was my suggestion for having fun while riding slow. Did you understand that? Sometimes I don't really get where you're coming from, man.
  9. how to enjoy riding slow speeds?

    Are you good at riding backwards already?
  10. Ninebot one by Segway S1

    Banned is my guess
  11. KS14C parts *Free*

    Ooooooh baby, that looks pretty good. We are PMing
  12. Mcm4 hs 640 Vs Tesla 1020 (Translated From French)

    Excellent write up! I love potato side dishes
  13. Safest EUC?

    Do you use a cane or do you have one of those dogs, johrhoj?
  14. Does feet pain go away?

    How's working at Orthofeet been for you, Assheave?
  15. KS14C parts *Free*

    anyone called the thing with the daylight detector sensor thing? It's the chip that sits under the clear thing that makes the light come on if you cover it. I think it's the bluetooth thing too. I broke the sensor and my bluetooth and headlight won't work anymore
  16. Ninebot one by Segway S1

    Do you have the charger?
  17. 2018 who is getting what this year......?

    I just want to upgrade from my 14c to a 16s. No big deal.
  18. Ninebot one by Segway S1

    Those were $299 brand new on Amazon until they ran out of them. Also, it's funny to set it like that. None of us would do that
  19. Fat Boy Unibike

    Welcome! So, what's the deal with those two little tiny wheels? Are those just for parking or what?
  20. New Inmotion V10 (V8 Fast)

    I'm considering having my toes removed so I can fit on EUC pedals better.
  21. Some people's signatures are too long and take up too much space. These are tended to be ignored
  22. My first EUC (KS16s) - My first day.

    He wants us to see that bra, man. Bad On second thought, I think he's got those as his signature.