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  1. The Photo Thread

    I knew because my wife wears the same codpiece
  2. The Photo Thread

    I think that's a JBL clip blutooth speaker.
  3. No gruesome pics? No thanks.
  4. The Smoother Houselold, has a new arrival

  5. The Gotway Tesla 1020wh Model Open Box and Initial thoughts

    Some people just don't know how to have fun.
  6. Beat the crap out of the Tesla video!!!

    I'd like to see it without the vest it was wearing.
  7. The Photo Thread

    That's not what you were saying during the hurricanes, Shabba
  8. The Photo Thread

    Man, I need to get friends like yours
  9. EUC without self balance ┬┐Can be ride?

    Clearly, the future is here!
  10. 3 months with the KS16S...

    And the airport. And the grocery store... And the everywhere!!! It's the ones with the shitty little dogs that don't behave themselves, I'm like "This ain't a trained support animal, he's licking the grapes for fucks sake!"
  11. 3 months with the KS16S...

    I remember back when I was a new recruit at the Leash Police Academy, fresh faced and bushy tailed, young and idealistic about how a man should use his leash.
  12. MTen3 review I found this evening... weird.

    My favorite part was when she said "It's a fiasco, bro!"
  13. Circle versus box form-factor.

    I think of my 14c as a box. Cuz it's all square on top. Is a 14c a circle or a square?
  14. Gotway MSuper V3s $1000

    Wow, what a deal.
  15. The Vaper's lounge.

    Tomorrow is my 8 year smokerversary.
  16. The Gotway Tesla 1020wh Model Open Box and Initial thoughts

    Pedals look nice and big on the Tesla.

    Look at all the knives in his pocket. Also, if I'm not mistaken, he's got a pair of goddamn handcuffs hanging off his belt too!
  18. I can't make my mind up! I lusted after the MSV3 for months. Definitely sure I wanted one of those. When I first saw the 18L the other day, I said "Dude, you need that." And since, I've just been thinking about the 18s and how I'd hate to miss out on the seat and slim profile.
  19. I thought about buying it, but I read too much from Eddie and decided I need a KS18s
  20. The Photo Thread

    Is her dress blue and black or white and gold?
  21. New KingSong 18L?

    Looks like he just went to that Hong Kong scooter show where they were showing it off and made a video. I don't think it was his own personal 18L that he owned.
  22. Unbranded KS Padding Now Available

    That looks really nice.
  23. The Vaper's lounge.

    Vapers welcome at www.spaceciggysforum.com eta I'm a former heavy smoker that hasn't had a cig in 8 years!