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  1. I broke everything down today, and couldn't find a crack in the axle, but had some loose weird pedals. I tightened them up and put everything back together and now when I power up the wheel wants to go full speed forward, then full speed backward. It shut off after that and will not turn on anymore. Did I fry my control board while I was in there maybe?
  2. You ride around with noise cancelling headphones? Is that safe?
  3. I heard they raised the price because of the new tire scrape feature. It was expensive to implement and took a team of top men.
  4. I've seen gay and cis boards but this trans board is even better
  5. They push the scooter more than they ride it. Lol
  6. What weird white models. The scooter looks cool but they look stupid
  7. I wish Seattle had a decent wheel shop
  8. If I part mine out I'll give you first dibs on control board and batteries
  9. Well, you say it's all really old stock, so maybe it's not the newer style. I'm approx 100 KG by the way, so on the heavier side. Yes, I've given them the dates and serial numbers and everything. Even a deal on a 14d motor and control board would be ok with me. The Unicycle was a big expenditure for me and now I am addicted, so I will be going through withdrawals while I either fix this one with a motor or save up for something else.
  10. I'm in diplomatic talks right now via email with Diana from Kingsong. I purchased the wheel from electricunicyclereviews.com before he had his big sale. He's shutting down and has no stock, so maybe Kingsong will help me out with replacement motor.
  11. That was a great post, Langham. I'll detail my journey below: March - Get MiniPro, find out about unicycles April - Buy Kingsong 14c for 800 ride around for hundreds of miles and be fat July - Kingsong Axle broken I'll try and tear it apart and take pics this weekend, but I'm in the middle of moving right now, but it's got the telltale pedal scrape and different clearances on either side. Pedal doesn't scrape if you don't stand on it, but jump on and it scrapes. I think I could ride it for maybe another hour, so I'm saving that hour for my birthday in February
  12. Yeah man
  13. Ride wheel, be wheel - Buddah and Jesus probably
  14. My Darknessbot app connects to my neighbor's TV
  15. Looks German