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  1. Have you tried it yet? You're gonna love it, Roo.
  2. On the flip side, here in the US, the shitty hoverboards make EUC's look like a toys. The bonus is that in real everyday life, no one cares about them at all. It's like a skateboard or a pogostick basically to most people. This leaves riders to do whatever they like without worry of anyone bothering them. The plane part sucks, but the leaving me alone to ride my toy part is good.
  3. I thought it was Trump with his sons.
  4. noobin out on my 14c
  5. Have you considered getting stilts for the kids to wear while they ride?
  6. I wonder if they're still attached to the poor guy
  7. I wish my wife would learn, but she won't. Ever. She won't even stand on my minipro
  8. I would have bought this for sure if I saw it sooner. I ended up spending around the same on a new 14c. Maybe I'll sell one of my ears to science or something. I keep checking to see if it's sold
  9. Get on it backwards and ride it around and see if it does the same thing. Like just stand on it backwards and ride forward. See if you still feel it.
  10. Don't worry. Once you're half way proficient, the crackheads and homeless wont be able to catch you. You can talk shit when you roll by even. "Hey buddy. Yeah you, fuck you man!" while swerving just out of arm's reach. In my experience the homeless mostly react positively to my EUC, especially the mentally ill. They do a little jig and tip their hat at me and say wow and sometimes they jangle their shopping carts and say "Wanna trade? Ha ha hah" or something like that.
  11. If you have a bad back and can't really stand up for very long, why do you need to be able to ride up a cliff?
  12. How far do you guys ride before you get tired usually?
  13. No I couldn't do it, but I wanted it. Now I'm feeling pretty meh about it