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  1. Is it the same without the purple blanket?
  2. Congrats on the upgrade, I hope you can get back on the wheel, but a pain free existence is better
  3. I love sketchy riding. Ever since learning how to ride this thing, I've been on a mission to ride it over any weird thing I see that might be rideable.
  4. Amazing trip, meep!
  5. If the Amish were really interested in avoiding bad technologies they would use square wheels. Also, wtf is up with their electric fireplaces? Haha They use enough tools and contraptions that I think they're stupid as opposed to stoic.
  6. It really does. I'm a huge Bing Bing Bing fan now.
  7. I was 240 when I started on 14c. Now down to 220 from daily carving.
  8. Your kid is hella good! That back and forth was slick.
  9. Any videos of someone riding the EUC hoverboard?
  10. One thing to consider is that you could probably overlean any wheel if you try hard enough.
  11. So, do those two wheel ones stand up by themselves?
  12. Accidentally
  13. I like it to kinda float between my legs, but it looks like you have to have your feet so close that your balls cant swing right
  14. Is it nice that thin or are the pedals annoyingly close?