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  1. What is the best tire pressure for the KS 16s

    I just feel it but before I got used to how it felt 40-45 seemed good to me, some people like 'em softer though. You don't want it all flapping around like an onion ring on a tape dispenser ring thing.
  2. New Inmotion V10 (V8 Fast)

    It should say it like Ice Cube in What Can I Do
  3. Fedex? Where's my wheel!

    Hey @brjohnso , did you get any good rides in this weekend? I was able to take mine on a test ride to work and back which was about 15 miles total (23.something km) and it was a good time. It would have been unthinkable on my old wheel, at least my feet wouldn't have been able to take it. Hope yours is rolling good
  4. Fedex? Where's my wheel!

    Don't forget, for every 16s dropped off in a pasture, another is delivered in a brand new bmw
  5. Kingsong Range and Performance Throttling

    Wow, you must get a better experience than most of us with range.
  6. Fedex? Where's my wheel!

    I woke up with a tweaked out neck today, so I was only able to go 13 km just now after work. It was a good ride though. I live up in Lynnwood and was just cruising parks and neighborhood streets. Beautiful out today.
  7. Fedex? Where's my wheel!

    I'm pretty impressed with it too, very nice. I took a short ride last night, but am looking forward to a longer one after work! Much stronger and more stable than my KS14c.
  8. Fedex? Where's my wheel!

    How does it ride? Is this first wheel?
  9. ONEWHEEL DIY Project

    I put my 14c "3 wires" together wrong and blew a fuse, which made me think my control board was bad for three weeks one time
  10. Fedex? Where's my wheel!

    That’s cool, thank you, but I really like it. Nice upgrade from my 14c.
  11. Fedex? Where's my wheel!

    Hey, I already paid the extra $5.23, I’m not made of money here it is with its little big brother
  12. Fedex? Where's my wheel!

    I don’t wanna brag, but I just got mine. A dude in a bmw delivered it. It was weird but I’m pretty happy. Hope yours shows soon.
  13. Fedex? Where's my wheel!

    Sorry to hear that, I hope they bring mine tonight. I paid extra for a 5-8 pm delivery window.
  14. King Song Charger Getting Very Hot

    The charger that came with my 14c gets hot as the flames of hell sometimes. Seems hotter the more depleted it was.
  15. New Inmotion V10 (V8 Fast)

    Aren't they they same thing, one just has slightly bigger battery?