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  1. That was me! Fortunately, the problem hasn't occurred for a few weeks now. It still puts a seed of doubt in my mind, though. I haven't wheeled without elbow pads since the hiccups first appeared 😬. I should add that I've never really rode off on the wheel immediately after powering up and the hiccups still happened.
  2. You seem to be excusing your cavalier riding style because others disregard Greenway rules. I like chaos as well but would not take those risks. My point was that you've posted this video on a prominent forum showing highly inadvisable technique. It's important to let others know that you're a trained professional and bystanders in your video are actors.
  3. I'm fairly confident my Monster has been plagued by this after 400 miles. It's been collecting cobwebs for the past month and a half while I wait for a proper control board but it likely won't remedy the situation. I was hoping I wouldn't have to remove the panel from the pedal supports to access the wedges. I don't like messing with the wiring looms any more than necessary.
  4. A lot of Dbag moves in this video. I like to ride my Monster fast while seated too, but I don't endanger pedestrians and bicyclists with showboat carving scoffing at lane lines. The worst is at 2:35 where dude needles through a pedestrian crossing WAY too fast. You would have caught my umbrella sideways if I could bring it up that fast. Come on man! You're going to f this up for the rest of us.
  5. I'm considering doing the same thing. So many delays getting parts and then the parts aren't right when I get them. My Monster's been out of commission for 2 months. That's 2 (so far ?) of maybe 6 that are hospitable for wheeling in Wisconsin.
  6. Kid reactions are the best. A good compilation video of kids with jaws dropped and minds blown could easily be made. I love the look that says, I didn't know that was possible!
  7. You might have something there. I also sometimes find my right foot more forward on the pedal than my left. Very frequently, I find I lead with my right shoulder and arm. Something that's very helpful while seated and going over transitions at speed: extend your favored arm forward and your weak arm back. I think it works the same for skateboarding and ?.
  8. Have you noticed that the MSuper leans left between your legs? Even when I'm sitting on it, I feel like it's tilted left. I'll have to carry a level as I ride next time.
  9. I thought it would be useful and interesting to note that my new MS3s+ Fell on it's side from 8 inches onto hard concrete and is still running fine. I was showing off after the MMA fight Saturday night in a parking lot outside of BW3 and was challenged to ride up onto a mulch-filled island. The mistake was riding too slow up to the lip of the curb (sunken mulch) and trying to casually roll up and off it. The wheel stopped and I didn't force it, but did step off, and the wheel fell hard on it's side. Nothing cracked. The side pad a little scuffed as well as the case but I sanded down the rough edges. I feel it's important to share this because my Monster was taken out by a smaller fall. It's a month and a half now, and I'm still waiting on parts to fix it. Score one for MSuper's durability, and subtract 2 for the Monster's.
  10. I haven't heard anyone talk about new models coming out in this forum. Heard of a 100V Monster, but I don't think anyone's selling it yet. Bigger guys need bigger wheels. A Gotway MSuper would carry you comfortably but portability might be an issue.
  11. It's fun watching you learn knowing your on the cusp of effortless gliding. Every community member that joins builds the public awareness and product development (I hope).
  12. I will try to reproduce this behavior today. The MSuper pedals are great. It's just that the right pedal would not go down all the way, right out of the box. The pedal and it's mount would hit before it was fully deployed. I took my Dremel to it and made more clearance. It still sticks when I try to fold it back up, but I bet this will improve over time.
  13. It feels like a loss of power that's so brief (fraction of a second) that it doesn't jeopardize my stability but is unsettling. So, my general practice is to turn on the wheel with one hand as I hold the handle with the other. I then stand over it, gently holding it between my legs. Then I turn on the DarknessBot app and take screenshots of the 3 pages on the dashboard. Last, I turn on the light, put my right foot on the pedal, hop my left foot on and lean forward slowly. It's just after I hop my left foot on and I've just started moving forward when this odd behavior has happened. It's about 20 seconds from the time I turn it on to when I have both feet on the pedals to take off. I've never heard a short double beep during this.
  14. Excellent! I'll try this after work. It may become my pre-flight check. Like I said, all other aspects of the MSuper are super satisfactory (except for the pedals ?).
  15. I'll try the hand pushing back and forth first. I always give it more than 5 seconds because I screen cap the Darkness bot screens for my journal before every departure. Thanks!