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  1. Thanks Marty. I had not considered buying from Speedyfeet because I figured servicing the warranty would be expensive when shipping back and forth. It does appear he's got both the Red and Blue Monster available but the price seems to work out to $260-360 more than US dealers, and that's if I'm not responsible for VAT or sales tax. Have you ever sent back anything to Ian for warranty work?
  2. Thanks guys! I'm looking into both MyFunWheels and EWheels. Unfortunately, it appears both Dion and Jason have the Monsters backordered.
  3. Noob here. I've been reading this forum for a couple weeks now and watching many videos. I think I've narrowed down the wheel I'd like to buy to the Gotway MSuperV3+ or the Monster. I realize a beginner is advised to buy a starter wheel, but I'm confident in my ability on wheeled devices of all sorts and I'm aware of and ready to mitigate risks. I've looked in the Advertisement section of this forum a bit but would like some advice or referral from wheel owners in the United States. Who have you had a good experience with in terms of price, warranty fulfillment, quick shipment, and technical support? I'll be making this purchase very soon, but would like the peace of mind that the seller is reputable. Thanks a lot all. I'm enjoying reading about your EUC experiences.