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  1. Good info @Jason McNeil, but would I be correct in saying that you are only mildly happy with their upgrades?
  2. I was looking for recommendations for a headlamp that would fit well on my helmet ( Ideally the headlamp would be rechargeable, have different light modes (like strobe effect) and also a rear light for added visibility. Here's one I've found on Amazon, but before purchasing I wanted to try and get some feedback from the forum to see what others may be using or have for input. Thanks!
  3. Does anyone know if it's OK to hit "tilt back" a lot when riding? My son is riding an Inmotion V5F and I have him set to a lower speed (12mph), but he keeps hitting the tilt back. Ideally, I'd just increase the speed threshold so that he doesn't hit tilt back so often, but I (obviously) like the idea of regulating his speed a bit. However, if the wheel is going to fail in some way due to hitting this threshold too often, then maybe it's safer to increase the speed threshold? He seems to handle the tilt back action of the wheel just fine, he just finds it annoying ... Thanks in advance for your feedback!
  4. These look pretty sweet! Any chance you could post a pic of how you have them mounted on your wheel? Would love to get a look at where you have them mounted and how they work with trolley or hand placement for lifting wheel. Thanks @LanghamP!
  5. Hahaha, something tells me she's already made up her mind after seeing the 4th one
  6. In my opinion, the only thing that the wheel doesn't have is long range and based upon your use case it doesn't sound like this would be an issue for you. I can't say enough good things about my V8. Time to join the inmotion club @Marty Backe!
  7. I think that a lot of the reduction in soreness has to do with your improvement as a rider. I don't stretch or do any exercises to help, but as I ride more I press my legs against the wheel less, which helps reduced bruising and I move my feet around periodically as I ride, which reduces foot fatigue and cramping. I think you'll also build calf strength the more often you ride which will reduce soreness in your calves. Hope that helps. This has been my experience at least.
  8. The inmotion V8 is a great wheel whether you turn the light show on or not, it's an option. I've had mine for months and I still have the cover on it. I find it is more comfortable on my legs, it protects it from getting scratched up and it's got a reflective property which helps with visability. I only mention this because I think it's a little unfair to dismiss a V8 as a wheel option solely because it offers a "light show" effect.
  9. I wouldn't worry about getting too nice of a wheel to start. As long as you pad it up enough you should be able to limit scratches and damage a bit while you learn. During the learning process you don't tend to go too fast which limits the big falls which tend to cause more wheel damage. The M Super seems like a good choice for your weight and the larger wheel size may make learning a little easier. I don't have any experience with the gotway wheels so I can't speak from experience but for your son I'd recommend one wheel, the inmotion v5f or v5f+. My son has a v5f and he loves it. I'd also recommend purchasing from @Jason McNeil and his store. Read as many posts as you can regarding Jason and his service, you won't find better support during and after your purchase. Good luck!
  10. I think that the problem with this is that, if you are already going fast enough to engage tilt back, you are likely leaning slightly forward, so if the wheel were to lean you forward even more, you would (more than likely) be forced off the wheel...I think that tilt back attempts to gets your center of gravity and weight moving backwards, which should begin slowing the wheel down.
  11. Definitely my favorite part of the trip. I could see that coming from a mile away, "Yeah dude!".
  12. I purchased this wheel from @Jason McNeil about 3 months ago for my sons birthday, but had to wait until (1) his actual bday (4/28) and (2) the most important part, he was supposed to save half the money . Anyway, it all came together today and go figure, it took him about 20 mins to be up and rolling, seriously not fair!
  13. Good, I'll be using this against him in our nightly trash talking sessions about who is better on their EUC...much appreciated @Carlos E Rodriguez
  14. I appreciate the warning @Carlos E Rodriguez. I created the thread so that I could hear concerns that people had and try to gain a better understanding of the risks. For what its worth, my son slows down when he reaches tilt back and he is never (up to this point) riding with a battery that is low (i.e. below ~40%). I mentioned the battery levels because I'm assuming that some of the "cut out" that can occur is related to the inability of the battery to successfully engage tilt back for a lack of remaining power. My son always slows down when he reaches the tilt back because the wheel makes a loud beeping noise that he hates and it's obviously uncomfortable to ride when the peddle angle is tilted up. Hopefully I'm not being naive and setting my son up for failure. He seems to be grasping a better sense of when he's reaching 14+ mph so I think he's hitting tilt back a little less than a few weeks ago. Thanks again for all of your responses. This forum is truly fantastic and I appreciate all of the feedback!
  15. To be fair, I haven't done a lot of riding in highly populated areas...mostly hiking trails and in pretty affluent neighborhoods. My guess is that the more city riding I do the more I'd be cautious, but so far it's been a great experience. I certainly appreciate articles like this one being posted and other people sharing experiences to at least open my eyes to the possibilities.
  16. I know there are certain realities in life and I certainly don't want to be naive, but I encourage my sons in the totally opposite direction. Maybe it's different for kids or maybe not, but I certainly consider riding these wheels as having a certain level of responsibility to be friendly and receptive to those who are inquisitive. We always try to smile, wave, and say hello to those we are passing on trails or sidewalks. We haven't talked to much about identifying people who might be out to harm us or don't look friendly, instead we've talked a lot about trying to make sure that we answer questions that people have and encourage passers by to try it out (although not on our wheels ). I'm sure that will get old at some point and it won't take too many bad encounters before we are more guarded, but for now, that's been our approach. Hopefully I don't follow up in a few weeks singing a different tune
  17. Thanks @Keith for the warning. It appears to me that he's not ignoring it. He doesn't like the way it rides when the peddles are tilted back, and slows down, so I think that it's serving its purpose. The original intent of the question was to get a better sense of the reasons that the EUC motors were cutting out and trying to ensure that hitting tilt back repeatedly was not a cause of those cutouts. It sounds like that isn't a concern, and the primary concern with tilt back is just the rider's ability to continue maintaining control with the peddles raised until the speed is reduced and the peddles level off.
  18. Thanks @Mono! My son seems to be dealing with the tilt back pretty well. I was just concerned about the wheel cutting out for some reason due to regular tilt back. He seems to be managing it pretty well, but it's apparent that he wants to travel at a speed that is beyond what the V5F is capable of. Hopefully he can just learn what that speed threshold is and avoid constantly exceeding it so that he doesn't have to be alarmed all the time
  19. Certainly the nicest trail we've been on...they've got some great trails up here in Maine. So glad these wheels seem to travel well on all kinds of surfaces!
  20. This is my first real riding video of my younger son and I riding. It's a little shaky, but not too bad. We took a 10+ mile trip on a paved path along an old rail track. Hope you enjoy the contribution !
  21. Just to clarify, the V5Fs do have a trolley handle, it's just an accessory that needs to be purchased separately, but it is integrated and an inmotion specific accessory...not as well done, in my opinion as the one on the V8.
  22. For those requirements, I'd say a V8 would be pretty perfect. If you go with the V5F, then I'd encourage you to get the plus model for added range/speed (similar to V8). The 16 inch tire on the V8 should make the ride a little smoother and the integrated trolley handle is awesome. There are some small aspects of the V5F that I like a little more, such as the padding on the upper part of the shell and the mud guard, but I think that the optional trolley for the V5F isn't quite as nice as the one the V8 offers. The V5F is a little lighter and smaller, so if portability is the highest priority then the size and weight might matter more to you. They are both great wheels, so I don't think you can go wrong with either one. If range is important then you'd likely have to move away from the inmotion brand, but it doesn't sound like that is much of a requirement for you at this point. Good luck!
  23. @Bat sounds like you are having success with changing the tire and or tube, but in case you haven't already tried it, you may want to consider putting in "Tire Slime" into your new tube. I got this recommendation from @Marty Backe and like him, I have had no problems since using it. Here is a link to what I ordered. I also used about 3-4 ounces in my tire:
  24. I take my v8 off of curbs all the time and I haven't had any problems. I get a noise every once in a while but I usually attribute it to water or debris of some kind getting into the wheel because it usually goes away in a short time. I weight about 190lbs, so I'm pretty sure that the wheel can take some pretty good abuse from a pothole. I know how sensitive I am when the wheel seems to be acting or sounding differently, so I don't want to suggest that you should ignore anything, but I also don't have the technical experience of opening the wheel so I can't encourage you to go that route to solve your problem either. If it were me, I'd get in touch with my reseller @Jason McNeil, who never steers me wrong. Hopefully you've got a resource like that to help...good luck!