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  1. First off, I hope you are OK. Seems like you are padded up well, but I hope you have held off on any more riding of that wheel...I'm pretty sure after the 3rd or 4th one I would have said, "enough is enough"! I am praying that my new ACM does not have this type of issue...I just don't think that my body can take too many of these cutouts ...
  2. The Gotway Gods Destroyed My ACM

    Great question. I doubt the road is, but maybe the driveway...? I'll have to try and figure out the grade somehow. How did you get that information from Google Earth?
  3. Glad to be alive!

    So glad you are OK @Rehab1! When I heard you in another thread talking about a horrible accident I just assumed that you had been riding your newly repaired ACM and had a cutout or something, but obviously this was worse! Glad no one was badly hurt.
  4. The Gotway Gods Destroyed My ACM

    Sorry about your fall @Marty Backe! As I wait for my new ACM to arrive, I can't help but wonder what settings to pay attention to while riding up hills...I know that temperature and current are displayed in the Darkness Bot app. I'd hate to think that I have to walk my new wheel up my street and driveway when I've been powering up these with ease on my V8...after all, the reputation of the ACM was that it was a "beast" on hills...right? Now I'm lead to believe that I may want to consider walking it up? If anyone has a temperature or current threshold that I should look for on the app, at least I could have a gauge for when things are approaching a problem zone... Thanks again for bringing this topic to the group @Marty Backe!
  5. KS-14C Not balancing

    Great info, thank you!
  6. KS-14C Not balancing

    The longer one is connected to the same place as the shorter one (which is basically the same spot as the single green one on the original board). I tried all kinds of spots to hide it but that was the best I could do. It didn't feel like a great spot but I just couldn't see any other options...do you think it's safe the way I have it or should I go back in and try finding room on the board again?
  7. KS-14C Not balancing

    I know, he makes me jealous
  8. KS-14C Not balancing

    A few observations after doing this wheel repair: 1) its a great feeling to do your own work and have it be successful 2) I stripped the crap out of so many screws that I don't know if I'll ever get it open again, hopefully I don't have to 3) the new smaller board with the battery display actually has a USB port, but it's now hiding under the side panel. Anyone have an idea on how to expose the USB port? Do I need a different side panel for this? No biggie, just would be nice to have as a potential charge port for my phone 4) The new board had two of these larger things on the side (see pics below) while the old board only had one. It made it extremely hard to find room for it to fit. Hopefully it's ok to cram it into the side of the battery cause I really couldn't figure out any other place for it Old board with one big green thing on the side: New board with two big black things on the side and my illustration of me cramming one into the side of the battery:
  9. KS-14C Not balancing

    Success! Here's the first ride after swapping out the board!
  10. KS-14C Not balancing

    Still no luck... I guess I'll try the motherboard ?
  11. KS-14C Not balancing

    Fuse looks good... I guess I'll try replacing the smaller board first...wish me luck!
  12. Issues about Msuper V3s+ and ACMs+

    I think that the "outrage" that most people have, is when they get hurt and think that it is the fault of the wheel. I think that most of us would be OK with falling and getting hurt if we felt like it was due to our own inability to control the wheel at high speed, such as falling due to "speed wobbles" or because of running into a pot hole, stick/root, curb, etc. The idea that we, as riders, need to understand the electronics and not push them because they may fail and leave us face down, kissing pavement is crazy (to me). I realize that many people who read this will give me some analogy to to riding a motorcycle or other vehicle and tell me how I have to understand the limitations of those and likewise the limitations of an EUC, but in my opinion, I think that there is some serious lack of safety precautions that are going on in these wheels with respect to cut-outs. I tell people all the time how much fun these EUCs are to ride and I've got my kids hooked already, but if I take another face plant riding in a manner than seems reasonable to me (it's relative, I know) then it'll be hard for me to continue to promote these devices. So far I've had experience with Inmotion (v5F and v8) and Kingsong (KS-14C). It may be all coincidence but in terms of safety the Inmotion wheel has all of my confidence and the KS has none...again, maybe just some bad luck? Knowing that I have an ACM on the way to my home shortly, gives me mixed feelings, which is brutal when you consider how much we pay for these things...all that I should be thinking right now is how excited I am to ride this badass wheel, but I can't help but think of how I'm going to handle another cutout and whether or not I'll escape major injury...that sucks. I truly feel like the manufacturers of these wheels should provide more confidence to their end-user than they currently have done (sorry @Linnea Lin Gotway). Hopefully in a month I'm touting how much I enjoy the ACM and how well engineered it is rather than seeing me post a "for sale" thread in the "Private Sales" section
  13. KS-14C Not balancing

    So I need to remove the battery pack in order to see it?
  14. KS-14C Not balancing

    Ok, I'm finally here, but I don't see the power inline fuses, can you (or anyone) tell me where they are hiding?
  15. Issues about Msuper V3s+ and ACMs+

    I think you are making an assumption here about passing the cost onto the customer. It may be a fair assumption, but my only point was that I paid a good price for a product that I thought was safe. At the time of my purchase, the only problem that was known was that the gauge wires were too small in the new 84v wheels and I was under the impression that the new batch had resolved this. I agree that KingSong has a reputation for quality, and while it may be well deserved, I just had a cutout (my first) on a new (to me) KS-14C...my very first ride, doing the exact same things that I had done a thousand times before on my Inmotion V8...so let's not get too carried away with how great KS wheels are. As I said in your other thread, if I were making a purchase decision today, I may be choosing the KS-16S instead, but my hope is that the net result of all of this attention on the Gotway wheels will be a better quality product. My fingers are definitely crossed
  16. Encourage Gotway change with my wallet

    Hard to argue with this. If I were purchasing now instead of back in April I might be making a similar decision.
  17. Issues about Msuper V3s+ and ACMs+

    Which is exactly why I feel so good about purchasing from ewheels...at least those of us who purchased there will get some additional piece of mind that QA has actually been done.
  18. Issues about Msuper V3s+ and ACMs+

    Agreed...can't help but wonder what other things were/are known problems with the new wheels but not yet called out by this forum...sorry for the skepticism. Coming off of a recent wheel cutout and some recovery time, there is nothing more reassuring than hearing that your re-seller is going above and beyond to make sure that your brand new wheel will get a little extra QA to try and ensure that a second face plant is less likely , thanks @Jason McNeil!
  19. Respect the King

    So, I've been riding my V8 for about 3 months now, no problems, and I've pushed the wheel pretty hard. In contrast, I've been riding my new KS-14C for about one day and I now have my first official faceplant . It was everything I thought it would be. First off, it had to happen in front of three young dudes shooting hoops. I cruised by playing some Bob Marley from the sweet KS speakers and then turned around at the end of the road and proceeded to crank back past them....I heard the beeps warning me that I was going too fast, but before I could back off and lean backward the wheel just stopped. My whole body fell forward like I was in slow motion. I tried to put a foot down but I was going about 15mph, so running this out was not going to happen. All I remember was my hands going forward and the realization that I was going to take huge digger in front of these guys. Much to my surprise, I popped up rather quickly. My wheel bounced around a bit, but I was in one piece! It was a miracle. My fleece jacket wasn't ripped, I was in shorts, not even a scratch on my knees! My wrist guards were ground down quite a bit, but only on the plastic, none of the leather or glove material was damaged. I hit my elbows pretty hard and had road rash, but oddly no damage to my clothes other than some tears of my shorts by my left hip. I'm sore. I can tell the brunt of the fall was obsorbed by my wrists and hip, but all in all I feel extremely fortunate. My ego took a hit, but on the plus side it has served as a reminder to slow down. It also is a reminder of how awesome the inmotion wheels are. Seriously, I've pushed the limits of my V8 and no concern even entered my mind about it cutting out. I like the KingSong wheel, right up until it cut out I was thinking "damn, I might like this more than my V8!"... Anyway, for any new rider of a KS-14C, be careful, and wear your safety gear
  20. KS-14C Not balancing

    Disregard. They show if I click the link, thanks! Oh and the Charge Doctor was showing a good voltage reading. Counting up from 64ish to 67. It didn't cut out as low as I thought. I set it to cut out around 65, I think.
  21. KS-14C Not balancing

    Images are still not showing on my end...
  22. KS-14C Not balancing

    Any other suggestions for me @Jason McNeil? Opening it is certainly not my preference...is there some kind of reset sequence that I should be trying? Do you know what it means when the power button doesn't turn it on and holding it down just slowly illuminates the battery lights, then slowly they recess until not lit?
  23. what should i buy

    I don't have experience with the V3Pro, but If you can get into a V5F, that's what I'd do. I think that you'd be wishing you'd gone with the single wheel once you learn how to ride the duel wheel...it certainly takes some patience and practice, but the single wheel is fantastic once you get it!
  24. what should i buy

    If your budget is $500 then I'd go with the V5F. If you can afford the V5F+, then obviously do that for the added speed and range, but the V5F is a good fit at roughly that price point. I'd stay clear of the 14inch KS wheels, unless you can consider the D or S versions, but I don't have experience with those and I doubt you'll find them for $500. Not sure about the MCM, no experience with those.