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  1. Greetings!

    In hopes to bring this back to the original post's intent @Catlord17 here are a few additional things to consider that you may find useful when learning: 1) Pump up the tire to a reasonable pressure, but not too much at first. Depends on your weight, of course, but a softer tire may be easier to ride at first. Make sure that the tire is not too squishy, but I'd encourage you at first to be closer to the minimum PSI than the maximum. As you get better, increase the pressure and you'll get better mileage... 2) If you're calves hurt, try stuffing socks in your socks to add padding or a cheap pair of soccer shin guards could help too 3) If your feet hurt, try a thicker soled shoe like tennis, basketball, or skateboarding shoes. The soles of running shoes tend to be a little too flexible and seem to hurt (my) feet a little more 4) Try to get your body upright and relaxed, once you get on the wheel. Most new riders fall quickly because they are already hunched over and everything is tense in their legs and they are trying to over-correct for every feeling of imbalance. At some point you will correct the balance with the wheel not your body, so for example, if you feel your body falling forward you will increase the speed of the wheel putting your center of gravity back over the wheel, rather than trying to lean back to fix it. Anyway, my goal here was to try and get the thread back on track for @Catlord17 rather than comparing the V8 and KS-16S (which for the record is still a great topic )...
  2. Greetings!

    That's some really good advice! My only thought we be to hold off on the experimenting with low max speeds until you start feeling comfortable with just staying upright no sense in adding another variable too soon.
  3. Greetings!

    Learning on grass is a tough question. You'll get mixed opinions on this, but I would say, yes, try grass, particularly if it's firm ground. I wouldn't stay on grass too long. Once you start to get the hang of it, then grass is harder because it's got so many bumps, but I definitely think it's a good place to start so that when the wheel falls it's only getting dirty not scratched up. Once you can go for a few yards on grass then you'll be solid on pavement and the wheel will be falling less. Again, some people will tell you not to go on grass, but that's how I always let my friends try and I think it gives them confidence to try without fear of hurting the wheel or themselves, which is key (confidence).
  4. Greetings!

    Straps have limited usefulness, just like learning to ride on the grass does. I let friends try my wheel on the grass, just so they don't beat up the wheel too much when it falls and so it's softer on their bodies if/when they fall. Straps are tough because, I think that new riders have such limited balance that they tend to pull up on the strap so much, which isn't really the intended use of a strap. It's supposed to be used to keep the wheel from banging on the ground when you run off of it, because reaching down for the handle can be tricky at times. The strap is supposed to be loosely held in your hand and when you fall/run off you pull the strap up and the wheel stays rolling long enough to grab the handle. The other thing that I don't like about a strap is that it can have an impact on your balance, because one hand is no longer out to the side (normally helping you balance), which is why so many new riders tend to pull up on the strap (for balance). I use a strap now only when I'm going on really rough terrain or steep incline/declines and I basically shove it down the front of my pants so my hands are free and if I fall I have enough time to quickly grab the strap and keep the wheel from free falling/rolling down the hill. Anyway, enough about straps...Congrats on the new wheel and on taking up the best sport/hobby ever! Riding has changed my life and I love it. I enjoy showing people how to ride almost daily and although my wheels take a beating, there's nothing like watching someone "get it". Three of my buddies all "got it" last Monday night after we were tooling around a parking lot post-softball game. Best of luck learning, be patient, and when things hurt or you are tired, take a break. You don't have to learn in one day, week, or even month. Stick with it, cause once you get it, it's worth it!
  5. My first EUC! MSuper 3

    The active ankles are noticeable on my feet, but I deal with any slight discomfort because they allow me to play sports that I would otherwise have to play at half speed because of the fear of re-injuring. I was not aware that you could remove any part of the bottom, but the foot plate that you stand on is pretty essential and bascially keeps the sides rigid and only moving on the pivot point by your ankle. Sorry if I'm misunderstanding the part you are talking about removing... I use them interchangeably on either foot. No offense intended @Dingfelder, but @kasenutty that is funny and the illustration was spot on For what it's worth, I think anyone that is (or has been recently) purchasing a new EUC, is in a similar boat...we've all been waiting forever or have received units that are faulty. Unfortunately I think that we are all beta testers so some extent. I'm pretty sure that @Dingfelder already said something similar (if not exactly the same) to this already...
  6. Bluetooth connection and Gotway App

    It appears like you just needed to wait approximately 7 hours
  7. My first EUC! MSuper 3

    I'm sure you've seen a number of recommendations for foot gear, but in case it is helpful, you may want to consider an "active ankle" brace. I sprained my ankle pretty badly about 15 years ago and it's never been the same. I re-twist/roll it sometimes on level ground. At any rate the "active ankle" brace helps me continue playing sports without fear or rolling it again. It's a little bulky, but might be an alternative to wearing boots. https://www.amazon.com/Stabilizer-Protection-Volleyball-Cheerleading-Compression/dp/B0000E2E9S/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1499709337&sr=8-2&keywords=active+ankle
  8. Is InMotion V8 good for teens? Any thoughts?

    @TerminalVelocity I have a 12 and 17 year old and they ride a V5F and a V8. They are both great options and whether you go with either of those or the V5F+ model they will no doubt be very happy. Another option that you may want to consider is the KS-14S. I bring this up because this one offers speakers. Most teenagers I know (mine included) love music and sometimes it's all that matters. The KS offers greater range than either of the Inmotion wheels and the same speed as the V8. The 14S also has lights, not as cool as the V8, but still enough to satisfy the "cool" factor. The 14S also has some pretty significant padding, which for beginners matters a fair amount as lower leg pain is pretty common from most wheels, which don't offer a lot of padding (V8 offers next to none and the V5F has a minimal amount). The trolley handle on the 14S looks pretty solid too, which I think compares more favorably to the V8 than the V5F. Regardless of which wheel you choose, I would reiterate @meepmeepmayer's recommendation of ordering through a reputable dealer. It's not worth saving a few bucks with this type of technology. You'll have questions and if/when something goes wrong, you want a person that you can count on to help you. I've worked with @Jason McNeil at ewheels.com and he's been nothing short of extraordinary. Best of luck and look forward to hearing what wheel you choose and how the big reveal with your son goes in September!
  9. The Photo Thread

    Oh yeah, courses are everywhere! Best of all, if they are maintained well enough the trails are perfect for EUC riding. I had a great conversation with the course owner who was all about me riding on his course. His view was that, if you could ride one of those machines on his course, that it spoke to the quality of the course and how well it had been maintained, to which I promptly agreed !
  10. The Photo Thread

    Thought I'd share a few pics from our recent family trip playing a round of disc golf. First time we've brought the EUCs onto a course and it was awesome! It was literally worth the price of admission to have access to riding on such beautiful trails. What could be better than chucking frisbees and riding on electric unicycles?
  11. Fair enough. I could have said "complete" faith. My point was just to say that based upon my experience with the wheels that I own (V5F, V8, and KS-14C) that the Inmotion wheels have been reliable while the KS has created doubt for me. I agree with your point that ALL brands can lead to falls and injuries. I just wanted to give @WARPed1701D my impression of the V8 compared to the KS-14C.
  12. I have 100% faith in the V8 and V5F, which is why my kids ride those (primarily). The 14C was too good of a deal to pass up, but I think of that wheel as an "old" wheel, so while the specs may be slightly better in terms of speed and range than the V8, I think of the 14C as driving my antique plow truck, so I take it slow, don't ask too much of her and she'll do the job. If I beat on her too much (slam into snow banks or jump off curbs/accelerate too quickly in the case of the EUC) she'll break down and leave me stranded (or face down). Others have had great results with the 14C, so I don't want to make it sound like it its junk, I actually have so much faith in the KingSong reputation that the 16S is my next wheel, but Inmotion, for me, is the most reliable. If they offered a wheel with more speed and range (i.e. a V10?), then I'd be purchasing it, no question.
  13. I had the exact same thing happen to me on my KS-14C, but for me it was my first ride but similar conditions (feeling good, accelerating with no regard for what could go wrong, because up to that point, nothing had ever gone wrong on an EUC). It has taken me a while to get comfortable on my 14C again. I changed out the motherboard to a "newer" one, so there is some added piece of mind that maybe my cutout had something to do with the old board. Honestly though, I think it's just a threshold thing like @Chriull was pointing out and unfortunately it's hard for a rider to predict when to backoff. The wheels are so fun when you can ride them and the only fear on your mind is in your abilities, not the hardware/software. I don't have much advice about the Monster. If it wasn't sitting right in front of you, I might attempt to steer you in another direction, but given that you already have the wheel and the reputation of the Monster is so solid (albeit Gotway's reputation sucks balls and if a "batch" of their Monsters all of a sudden had a problem no one on this forum would be surprised) then I'd say, open the thing, strap on some serious protective gear, and enjoy the hell out of that wheel! In time, as you regain confidence in the wheel an technology, you may find that your riding style changes a bit. I know mine has. The biggest change for me is that I accelerate less violently and try to think more about the demands I am placing on the wheel and whether or not those demands match up with the capabilities of the wheel...good luck and I hope the Monster is everything you hoped it would be

    So true. I'll be honest though, it's damn inspiring! We are going camping for the 4th and I'm determined to learn how to do some of the backwards riding. I'm either going to figure it out or wreck myself trying!

    Summer vacation is a great time to work on your EUC tricks!
  16. My only real fall was a cutout about a month ago going about 15-17 mph on my (new to me) KS-14C. It was a full-on head-first slide. Thankfully I had on a helmet, wrist guards, and a couple of long sleeve layers. The helmet didn't impact, but I don't ride without one. My wrist guards took the brunt of the fall and they worked incredibly well! I think I impacted hands first, then elbows, then left hip. Thankfully a shot of adrenaline allowed me to pop up relatively quickly and assess only minimal damage to my body and wheel. My elbows and hip had road rash even though none of the layers of clothes were ripped (which I didn't realize was even possible before this fall). At any rate, I feel extremely fortunate that I wasn't hurt worse. Any scrapes and bruises are healed up now. The only lingering effects are the mental ones. It has taken me a while to get back to speeds close to 15 mph. I think that I'm a little smarter about how I accelerate, avoiding the quick bursts, and trying to be a bit more methodical about how I get up to speed. But one thing is for sure, when I hear that loud beep, indicating that I'm going near max speed, I have an immediate slow-down reaction. I think that I'm a smarter driver now and have a lot more respect for the possibility of the wheel just leaving me face down. I wish I could pass that respect onto my kids without them having to experience a similar fate, but unfortunately, like many things in life, they might just have to learn the hard way ...
  17. I purchased this wheel from @Jason McNeil about 3 months ago for my sons birthday, but had to wait until (1) his actual bday (4/28) and (2) the most important part, he was supposed to save half the money . Anyway, it all came together today and go figure, it took him about 20 mins to be up and rolling, seriously not fair!
  18. Wobbling sensation on v5f+......feature or issue?

    Really? Man, I love the silver one...also, after hearing about how wide the 14S is going to be, I can't imagine that you'd like the contrast between your V5F+ and the superwide 14S...but who knows
  19. Wobbling sensation on v5f+......feature or issue?

    I thought you were looking to move to a larger wheel? Weren't you talking about the V8 as a possible "next wheel"? Just curious why you'd be more interested in a 14S than a 16S?
  20. Wobbling sensation on v5f+......feature or issue?

    No arguments here. I think that wheel is a winner! Hoping to have my hands on one soon
  21. KS-14C Not balancing

    Anyone know why my KS-14C won't balance? When the wheel turns on it is not balancing. I try to enter into pedal calibration but it seems to have no effect on the wheel, just a beep. When I turn the wheel off it seems to require me holding down the on/off button to get it to even start up but then it just holds a long beep, until I turn it off. This wheel is frustrating...thanks in advance for any help.
  22. KS-14C Not balancing

    I hadn't noticed the headlight going on and off, but it does have a light sensor that he may have been covering and exposing when tilting forward and back, so maybe that's the cause? As for his riding abilities, yeah, he's certainly got the transitioning down to an art form. He rides one footed around the house and thinks he's pretty cool I'm just glad he's enjoying the wheels. It's been the best investment I've made for spending time with my kids. We go out for rides all the time and explore parts of our town that we never had before!
  23. KS-14C Not balancing

    Yup, along with a trolley handle I picked up some grip tape for the pedals from @Jason McNeil, which has been a fantastic addition. I can't imagine trying to stay on those pedals without the grip tape, particularly if your feet are wet and/or dirty.
  24. My new MSuper V3s+ and Gotway Screwed Us

    I wanted that...but not at the risk of a face plant. At this point, I don't think it is overpriced, I think it's the price of safety, right? You are right, currently they are the only option, but I guess at this point I'll stick with the limitations of the manufacturers I trust, and when they come out with the upgrades, then that's when I'll purchase them. I'm not interested in the cutting edge at the risk of safety, particularly when these wheels will be used by not just me, but members of my family or friends, it's just not worth it.