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  1. EUC Gimbal with GoPro Hero

    Nicely done. That footage is (surprisingly) not too bouncy. I'm impressed with the whole setup, well done!
  2. KS-14C 680WH first impression

    4 months? Damn, you'd think that a warrantee might cover that amount of time... I mean, I'm sure you are within the manufacture's weight limits and while jumping off curbs or riding hard is likely not recommended it might be worth investingating whether or not you are still covered? I don't suppose you purchased your wheel through a retailer, like @Jason McNeil? @LanghamP, you may want to follow up with @KaleOsaurusRex about your 14C...I'm pretty sure there was some sort of warrantee that covered our wheels for some period of time...I know he's getting out of the business, but he can likely point you in the right direction to try and get in touch with King Song...
  3. KS-14C 680WH first impression

    This might be one of the best posts ever on this forum. There should be something better than just a single reputation, like once a year we are allowed to give out a gold star, cause if we could, @LanghamP you would have just got one!
  4. Couple of KS-16S Questions

    My wheel rode incredibly well and so smooth that I am convinced that I could ride it the way it is now (i.e the opposite direction of the arrow) and be 100% comfortable. However, I may as well humor the directional indicator and at least try going in that direction. I know it would always be on my mind if I didn't at least try it the other way. My guess is that it will feel comfortable the new way too and I'll leave it in that direction because I assume I'd be adhering to the direction the tire manufacturer had intended
  5. KS-14C 680WH first impression

    I've been riding the 14C pretty hard for the past month and it's been awesome! All I can tell you is, if you can afford it, I highly recommend the 16S. I just rode mine today for the first time and it's light years better than the 14C, and I really liked the 14C...it's closer to the V8, but still a major upgrade from that. It's also my understanding that the axles are bigger on the 16S, but I have no idea how that compares to some of the larger 18 and 22" options in terms of durability? Just wanted to plug the 16S while it's fresh on my mind Super sorry for you both that the 14C's axles crapped out. Got to be pretty disheartening...
  6. Couple of KS-16S Questions

    Yes, agreed! I'm going to switch up my pedal tilt to match the direction the tire is suggesting I travel in. Great feedback, yet again, from an awesome group of fellow riders!
  7. Couple of KS-16S Questions

    That's a great observation, @abinder3! Based upon the arrow on my tire I've got it backwards currently and the charge port should be in the back... here's a pic of the arrow on the tire and after looking at the tread pattern it makes sense. The only question now is, was the tire put on incorrectly? I'd say at this point though, I've got to accommodate the existing direction that the tire tread is suggesting because my other visual cues don't mean much (i.e. Who cares whether the charge port is front or back and who cares if moldings on pedals read up side down, all that stuff has no impact on riding, but tread sure can). Thanks again @abinder3
  8. Couple of KS-16S Questions

    Awesome, thank you! I'll have to check and see what I'm set to currently so I have a baseline.
  9. Couple of KS-16S Questions

    I'm talking about the moldings on the inside of the pedals, not the outside. Here is a pic of those moldings showing that they read correctly when I have the charge port in the front:
  10. Couple of KS-16S Questions

    So my guess/conclusion was that the front of the device was where the charge port and on/off button is located. I'm pretty sure this is accurate as the inside of the pedals, which have a molded "Kingsong" on them, also reads right-side-up (as opposed to up-side-down) . I also just used my best guess for pedal leveling/calibration and gave a very slight backward tilt. On my KS-14C I have a bit more of a backward tilt because it seems that the pedals adjust with an exaggerated forward lean when I make wide/long corners, so having them start with a bigger backward lean (on the 14C) helps me avoid feeling like I'm going to fall off on those larger corners (again, not necessary on the 16S as the device doesn't seem to lean forward as much on long corners). Anyway, can't say enough good things about this KS-16S. Only put 3.5 miles on but the ride was smooth, smooth, smooth ! Light show on the side is way cooler than I expected (I liked mode 2 the best). Bigger pedals than the 14C is really nice on my feet too. Feels like a huge upgrade! Makes me wish I could try all of the models to get a feel for how they all ride
  11. Repairing MSuper Flat Tire with Slime

    Haha, fair enough and makes perfect sense. I think the intent of my response was to let other readers out there know that special tools are certainly not a requirement of the slime process, but a bit of a luxury. Again, I completely agree with your logic, but don't want anyone to miss out on the advantages of using slime because they think they have to buy more tools just to use it.
  12. Repairing MSuper Flat Tire with Slime

    I've always used the built in removal tool that is part of the slime cap. I only bend the valve stem enough to use the cap tool or to put the pump fitting on. It's not much and it's a tight fit, but it works.
  13. EUC Gimbal with GoPro Hero

    Can't wait to see some footage! If the gimbal is able to keep the camera steady while mounted in this fashion then that's pretty impressive. Good looking setup @Rehab1!
  14. DarknessBot - iOS App

    Is there a known issue with the Darkness Bot app and reading battery percentage on the KS-16S? It seems that the app is showing a percentage that is too high. I charged to 90% using @Jason McNeil's quick charger and the KS app seems to show the percentage correctly but Darkness Bot is showing 100%.
  15. The Photo Thread

    So close now I can taste it! 1) Slime in tires, check 2) Charging with @Jason McNeil's quick charger, check 3) Bluetooth connected and listening to tunes, check 4) Failing and retrying the damn Kingsong speed unlock code...ugh, check First ride tomorrow!!!!
  16. First ride

    Two good places to practice, if you can find them: 1) On a super thin carpet. I learned in the halls of my work place, after hours, and the cubicle walls and short carpet were ideal for protecting my falling wheel and adding plenty of places for me to hold onto. 2) A playground with those soft square floors. Those are hard to find, some playgrounds have them or even ground with wood chips. The wood chips can get a little caught up in the wheel itself (they fall out eventually), but in terms of soft landing and reasonable smoothness, playground areas work well. Obviously just find a place away from kids so that your wheel doesn't hit anyone if/when you run off of it... Good luck! Once you get it, it's amazing.
  17. First ride

    Can you remind me what you got for a pump? I remember you talking about that and I'd like to have one in my bag too...also, if you bought any additional nozzle fittings let me know, just wanted to be sure that I got the right one that fits our regular wheels rather than the super small ones for road bike tires.
  18. First ride

    Interesting. The only mess that I've experienced is occasionally some green slime seeping out when checking tire pressure or pumping tires up when putting nozzle on or taking it off. I wonder if they are referring to the potential mess if the tube had to be changed? @Marty Backe would have to comment on any significant mess that entails, but my experience has been all good with the slime in my wheels. I'm about to slime my 4th tonight.
  19. First ride

    Did they elaborate on this at all? I've been using slime on all of my tires...what was their concern?
  20. The Photo Thread

    My new riding partner
  21. My Wife's KS16S Gets a Silicone Job

    Haha, no, but I almost threw it in a lake when it originally cut out on me It's been smooth sailing ever since replacing the mother board, though. In fact, the wheel has been so good that it ultimately influenced my next purchase to be the KS-16S! Pretty sure that the only thing holding the 16S back from being an ACM/Gotway killer is the range and a little bit of speed. I guess that's not such a small thing, but so many positives for this wheel, can't wait to go on my first ride!
  22. King Song 14C 800W 680Wh - Broken

    It appears that @Jason McNeil has control boards, but I'm not sure about motors... https://www.ewheels.com/product/king-song-14-control-board/
  23. My Wife's KS16S Gets a Silicone Job

    It's like I'm following the same exact path with my EUC purchases...first the KS-14C from Will, now the KS-16S? Mine arrives today!
  24. How many of us are there

    Can you briefly explain how to add a marker to the map? I like the idea although I don't see anyone in my area (Maine). Thanks in advance for the help
  25. Which Map App?

    @Chris Westland do you use the paid version? I've been using this app for a while and have been considering paying for the full version but was curious if you had already done it and if so what you liked about it?