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    Haha, fair enough
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    @Jason McNeil provides a great quick charger with adjustments for amperage and percent of charging, eliminating the need for the Charge Doctor. It is quick, but because the battery is so much larger, it's not as quick as the V5F. I agree with the point though that if you want more range, in theory you can still map out a stop at a local restaurant or other where you could charge up and increase range...
  3. My Wife's KS16S Gets a Silicone Job

    I did the same. Has worked well!
  4. First ride

    Glad the guy finally came around on the idea. Nothing worse than when someone decides to tell you how to spend your own money. My personal opinion is that no one can truly relate to the excitement and enthusiasm that an EUC rider has when they take the leap of faith and make this purchase. You are a pioneer of sorts as most of us made roughly a $1000 decision based solely on faith that we would be able to ride it and have fun. The next generation of riders will likely have had some exposure to it having tried one out or have someone they know who already does it and can help. All of us first generation riders are more than likely the first one in our town, city or even state! Glad to hear things are progressing with your riding. Hope that chest infection doesn't slowdown progress too much
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    This is a nice theory, but ask any member which wheel they purchased over the last month and I can almost guarantee that if they bought a King Song the word "safety" will be somewhere in their top 3 reasons why. On the other hand, if they purchased a Gotway (ACM or MSuper) I can almost guarantee that they did it in spite of the safety concerns and in the back of their minds are scared as hell that the wheel may have some problem that has yet to be identified (see one example below):
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    16S is a great choice and I agree with @eddiemoy that the range won't be an issue for you for a long time. @Marty Backe is correct, at some point you may want more (speed, range) but i just had the same dilemma, had the ACM on order (1600) and once the oscillating problem occurred it was enough to change my mind. Did I have regrets while waiting for the 16S to arrive? Yeah, maybe, but now that I've got my new wheel and have been riding it, I'm sold on the wheel, it's speed, range, music, trolley handle and look are awesome!
  7. Couple of KS-16S Questions

    All I know is that the direction of the arrow is the direction that my tire is spinning. I think that is the most important thing. I'm not about to try and overthinking beyond that point. I can't imagine that there is a huge difference, but in the interest of that is "right" and "wrong" I think that setting your machine up to allow the tire to turn in the direction the arrow points is pretty logical to me and in the case of the 16S it puts the power button in front of me and the foot pedal logos reading correctly. I'm satisfied. Quality control, passed @Marty Backe!
  8. King Song 14c 840wh - Stop Working Properly.

    I had a similar problem and needed a new motherboard...once I replaced the board everything was good. Sorry if I'm over simplifying, but that was one of the problems that I was having. See my thread below for details of my problem.
  9. First ride

    Sorry, I meant a demonstration
  10. Test drove a Solowheel Glide 3 today

    Maybe not...from what I understand only the V5F and V8 will be offered by Solowheel, so the V5F+ is actually a wheel that will no longer be available at ALL, making it even more rare, and potentially even more valuable!?!?!
  11. First ride

    That sounds really dangerous... are we trying to help @Catlord17 or get him hurt? Oh man, I'm confused, I think we need a demo @Hunka Hunka Burning Love
  12. My Wife's KS16S Gets a Silicone Job

    Yeah, maybe, but what fun would that be?
  13. My Wife's KS16S Gets a Silicone Job

    I'll admit, you made that sound pretty easy
  14. First ride

    This might be hard to hear, depending on your current mindset, but it isn't just hours on the wheel that will get you there. For example, @Marty Backe says after 2 hours he could do "this" or after 10 hours he could do "that", but it's unlikely that you can simply get the wheel on day 1 and practice for 2 hours and be at the same place that Marty was. What I mean by this is that after a certain point, say 20 minutes, your muscles start to get tired and even if you have figured something out mentally, physically your body is worn out, so you just can't perform the necessary actions and you start making new mistakes or worse, you start getting hurt. Obviously everyone is different, but my suggestion (IF you have the flexibility in your schedule), would be to practice for small amounts of time (15-20 mins) every day or every other day (depending on fatigue/soreness). If you feel good and want to go a little longer (maybe 30 mins per day tops for the first week +-) then have at it. If you (stubbornly) dedicate 5 hours of a given day to "mastering this thing" then you are likely just going to get frustrated... Unless you are a kid (say <25?) then we've all been in the same shoes you are in, trying to figure out how people make it look so easy, when it's so friggin hard . You've heard it before and I'll say it again, once you get it, it's a beautiful thing. Good luck and we look forward to hearing about your success !
  15. My Wife's KS16S Gets a Silicone Job

    haha, no I'm good. The cover is awesome and makes me wish I had one, but you are absolutely correct, probably not worth the expense unless you have talents (and equipment) like yours to do it and make it look so nice
  16. My Wife's KS16S Gets a Silicone Job

    So jealous! My only question is how much will it cost me for you to whip up a second one and ship to Maine
  17. Inmotion & Solowheel

    If prices are the same or similar then the 16S would be my choice, however, I would encourage you to purchase from a dealer. You will certainly not get the cheapest price possible, but you will get after purchase support (at least I've received great support from @Jason McNeil at ewheels.com) which I think is worth every penny when you are investing that kind of money ($1000+) into something...
  18. Greetings...my official "hello!"

    It'll be a huge upgrade from the V3 and you'll love it! Just got mine Tues and it's so good. I can't wait to ride today!
  19. Inmotion & Solowheel

    If I had to guess, I'd say that in 12 months you'll be more than ready to move on to your next wheel, so maybe you just wait till you move to EU and make a purchase through a reseller there to avoid the whole Inmotion problem? Sell your V8 to someone in the US before you leave...problem solved
  20. Inmotion & Solowheel

    I own both the V8 and KS-16S and unless you can pay the old price for the V8 (<1000) then there is no question that the 16S is the better wheel. If you were able to pay <1000 for the V8 then you can make the argument that it's not worth paying an extra 500 for the 16S, but if they are similarly priced at ~1500, then it's no debate at all, get the 16S.
  21. Couple of KS-16S Questions

    Thanks @Justina! So now I'm back to the original setup where the tire is spinning in the direction of the arrow, the power button is in the front of the unit, and the logos on the foot pedals are reading right side up (correctly) :). On the plus side, I'm getting pretty good at re-calibrating the foot pedals OK, so new question... On the KS-14C, there was a way to turn blue tooth off; by pressing the blue tooth icon on the top of the unit. On the 16S there are only two buttons; the power on/off button and the smaller headlight on/off button. Is there some hidden button or button combination that turns the blue tooth on/off? I ask because, once I am done riding my (blue tooth) music continues to play, so I wanted to be able to turn that off from the wheel itself, as opposed to turning it off from my phone. In addition, is there a way to turn off the voice prompt every time that I start the unit that says "blue tooth connected"? Maybe it's in the KS app and I just haven't played around with it enough? As always, thank you everyone for your responses!
  22. Couple of KS-16S Questions

    I agree having the power button in the front seems useful for quick access, but my first priority is to make sure the wheel rides correctly on the tire, so I've switched it up and will see how it rides tomorrow. Road another 3 miles before switching and it road excellent, so we'll see if changing has a negative effect on the ride quality...
  23. Couple of KS-16S Questions

    I moved the rubber piece from the pedal to the inside of the wheel so that the pedal now hits the rubber when they are folded up but are no longer on the foot. Thanks for the suggestion!
  24. Couple of KS-16S Questions

    Hmmm, welp, I've just changed my wheel to go in the other direction so I'm traveling in the same direction that the arrow points putting the power button in the rear. Based upon the tire tread this seems a little more logical. Can anyone clear this up @Jason McNeil or @Diana@szkingsong.com?