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  1. Really? Man, I love the silver one...also, after hearing about how wide the 14S is going to be, I can't imagine that you'd like the contrast between your V5F+ and the superwide 14S...but who knows
  2. I thought you were looking to move to a larger wheel? Weren't you talking about the V8 as a possible "next wheel"? Just curious why you'd be more interested in a 14S than a 16S?
  3. No arguments here. I think that wheel is a winner! Hoping to have my hands on one soon
  4. I hadn't noticed the headlight going on and off, but it does have a light sensor that he may have been covering and exposing when tilting forward and back, so maybe that's the cause? As for his riding abilities, yeah, he's certainly got the transitioning down to an art form. He rides one footed around the house and thinks he's pretty cool I'm just glad he's enjoying the wheels. It's been the best investment I've made for spending time with my kids. We go out for rides all the time and explore parts of our town that we never had before!
  5. Yup, along with a trolley handle I picked up some grip tape for the pedals from @Jason McNeil, which has been a fantastic addition. I can't imagine trying to stay on those pedals without the grip tape, particularly if your feet are wet and/or dirty.
  6. I wanted that...but not at the risk of a face plant. At this point, I don't think it is overpriced, I think it's the price of safety, right? You are right, currently they are the only option, but I guess at this point I'll stick with the limitations of the manufacturers I trust, and when they come out with the upgrades, then that's when I'll purchase them. I'm not interested in the cutting edge at the risk of safety, particularly when these wheels will be used by not just me, but members of my family or friends, it's just not worth it.
  7. I guess it's just speculation on my part that forums like this one have a major impact on the sales of wheels. If anyone is willing to get on a Gotway product at this point, then either they don't mind face planting, are unaware of the problem, or are a little crazy. Once you are emotionally connected or disconnected to a "brand" then it's kind of with you for life, in my opinion. Apple products, for example, are my preference. Somewhere in my past they became my product of choice and no matter what functionality a competitor has, it still isn't an Apple product. Gotway had this opportunity with me and my new ACM, but they just lost me. I'm more that willing to use a product now like Inmotion or KingSong, even though they may have "inferior" products in terms of speed or range, but once you've lost your confidence in a brand, it's lost. Maybe this is not true for everyone, and maybe in time I'll try again, but for the foreseeable future my money is not going to a Gotway product.
  8. I think a large group of us all just took that fall with you Marty...I can't imagine how Gotway recovers from this...
  9. Great point, and maybe I'm in the minority, but when I look at my array of tools and I see something that will "do the job" I just try to get it done. No doubt that I wish I had a better set of tools and the correct size tools so that I didn't strip any of the screw heads, but in the end it worked out, so I guess, it was a success Your point is well taken though and I went out last night and purchased a tool so that I could work with screws in the pedals of my 14C a little better. Also, just to update you all, the new board on the 14C is doing great! I went on some pretty extreme mountain/trail riding yesterday evening and the only limitation on the wheel was the driver I was monitoring the temperature and although it was high (135+ degrees) it never overheated. I did take a break after one serious climb, but all in all, I'm regaining my confidence in this machine and to be honest it's quickly becoming my favorite wheel. Adding music to my rides is nothing short of fantastic. I also love that it alerts people on roads that I am coming so that I don't startle them or their pets...
  10. I agree the V5F padding is much better. One thing that I did was use the special Inmotion cover to soften the outer shell. Of course this hides the pretty LED lights, but if that isn't a big deal then it might be a solution.
  11. Yeah, that's probably right, I knew they were the opposite between the V5F and the V8, just couldn't remember which was which
  12. hahaha, that was awesome!
  13. This doesn't sound like a "cut out", is that true? You just over leaned to the point where you fell off the wheel forward? If so, then I agree with your conclusion that it may have been less frustrating I'm sure, but in my case the wheel simply shut down (cut out, I guess it's called) due to asking for more power than the wheel could provide...? Needless to say, I think that your wheel sounds like it's still rock solid in terms of the hardware, which i think is most of the fellow KS-14C riders' concern...When I first got my 14C I didn't like the way the pedals were calibrating and since it felt like it had so much play in how far forward I could lean while accelerating I gave it a more pronounced backward tilt to avoid the type of problem it sounds like you had. Particularly on turns where the wheel inherently tips forward. Not sure if giving it a slight tilt back for pedal calibration would be helpful, but just a thought. Good luck, sounds like you had quick a little ninja move where you rolled and popped up!
  14. Good stuff, thanks to you and @Chriull for the thread. I tried to search for "surge protectors" prior to my post, but didn't see anything, not sure how I missed it, but thank you! Update: I just read that thread and I'm not sure that it is exactly what I was looking for...I'm thinking of something more like this: I'm hoping for something that is portable to fit in my backpack for rides so that I can stop, find a single receptacle and plug all of my chargers into it, plus my phone(s) etc. It seemed like that thread was talking about devices that focus on your home, which is valid in my case, but I'm looking for something that could potentially cover both scenarios. Maybe the answer is that I would need two separate devices (the UPS for home and the surge protector for the road trips)?