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  1. Not sure how many more suggestions you are looking for, but I found that teaching myself how to turn in both directions helped me. I would do long turns down the street like a giant slalom course, then at the end I would turn completely around using a left turn (180 degrees) then the next turn around would be to my right. Once I felt comfortable with both styles of turns I stopped favoring one side for riding straight. I also agree with @meepmeepmayer that your foot positioning is huge. When you've got your feet "right" you know it and it just seems like there is less pain/cramping in your feet and the wheel seems to fight you less. Good luck!
  2. I was just about the say the same thing that @esaj just wrote, darn it
  3. I've never had this problem. Do you know what your tire pressure is set to? Maybe you need to increase or decrease the pressure a bit? Mine is set to 42 psi. I also have the cover on mine and strap the cover under the pedals. Good luck and congrats on the progress with riding around the block!
  4. Once I realized trolleying was so much easier with it on, I've stopped doing it when it's off. Either way, I've never gone very fast while trolleying, sorry...maybe the beeps had something to with the battery being charged, unexpectedly?
  5. I would reiterate what @meepmeepmayer said about practicing 20 mins a day. I started out practicing after work in the hallways using cubicle walls to help me stand up and to keep me from falling too hard. My calf had a bruise too the first day I spent really trying to mount with no wall help. I never used the strap, but if you do make sure you disable the cutoff switch on the handle from the inmotion app. Ideally, you aren't applying much upward pull on the strap while riding. Howver, I would guess is that, because you are new to riding you might rely too heavily on the strap for balance instead of as a way to keep the wheel from running off, after falling. Good luck! It's a lot of fun once you get the hang of it
  6. Makes perfect sense, thanks @who_the!
  7. I love mine. From what it looks like in another post, you may have just ordered one!?!? If so, congrats! It's my first EUC and the better I get, the more I am enjoying this machine. Maybe at some point I'll need more speed and range, but for now I'm cruising around 10-11mph and 15mph seems to be plenty of speed for me. I'm traveling around 3-4 miles in about 20+ minutes. Looking forward to taking some longer trips but I have no doubt that I'll enjoy the longer ones on this EUC. The wobbling has taken some time to get used to but it seems like I've got the pressure about right (42 psi) and as I get better I seem to be able to make adjustments to my foot placement and how much pressure I apply to the side of the EUC which helps. Anyway, hope you enjoy your new ride!
  8. Great info @Pingouin! Can you explain what a charge cycle is, though?
  9. @LanghamP are saying that trolleying with it on and using the self balancing is easier, right? Obviously you can still trolley with it off, but you are saying it's harder in that state, correct?
  10. Duly noted @Carlos E Rodriguez. It certainly isn't my plan to run the battery down this low on a regular basis. Aside from trying to determine a rough estimate of what my maximum mileage on a single charge would be, I was also trying to get a better understanding of what my Charge Dr. is giving me for Wh information.... The first time that I charged using the Charge Dr. the lower display showing "Wh" was exactly 234, which is 90% of 260. Considering my V8 is supposed to have 480 Wh I was concerned, but thought that maybe it had something to do with the battery being around 50% when I charged. I would have thought the Charge Dr. would have cut out at 432 Wh, which would be 90% of 480. Anyway, I'm trying to understand all of this battery maintenance stuff, which the Charge Dr. site gives some pretty good info on cycles (here is a good example: After my ride today I think that my percent should be in the 20-30% range, so I should have an opportunity to compare the Wh info from the two charging sessions. Strange, I feel like I kind of hijacked my own thread a bit .
  11. Good to know about the stress on the battery, didn't consider that. Thanks @KingSong69
  12. In an effort to see how many miles I can get out of a single charge, I'm working on draining the battery of my inmotion V8 down to zero. Most of my rides are short, 20 minutes-ish, and roughly 2-4 miles, so it takes me all work week to get there. Anyway, I'm getting close, and just wanted to know if there are any warnings to look out for when riding at a low battery percent? I've been reading other threads, where other wheels get "tilt back" when they are getting low on battery or maybe start to slow down. Do these things happen with inmotion wheels too? When I finally get down to zero % will the wheel just turn off, leaving me with no stabilizing help? Thanks in advance for the help, I'm just trying to prepare myself a little so that I don't end up with a fantastic "face plant" story or worse ...
  13. Very cool product @LanghamP! Once I finally take off my inmotion cover I could definitely see using these. As for the charge percent, have you tried using the DarknessBot app? I'm not using the inmotion app at all any more, just DarknessBot and Cyclemeter. Obviously there are a few things that DarknessBot is missing, but so far, for what it offers, it seems reliable.
  14. From @Jason McNeil's comparison chart ( it appears that the V5F is not UL certified, which had me concerned to, but I asked Jason about this and he assured me that they are safe. I don't know what goes into this certification, so I don't want to downplay it's significance, but I have been extremely happy with my inmotion purchase and the service that @Jason McNeil has provided!
  15. I put slime into my V8 today. It was a pain in the butt getting access to the pressure valve. Neat process though. Forgot to remove the metal piece in the valve at first which obviously didn't work well interested to see if the wheel rides any differently tomorrow.