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  1. Ahahaha, holy crap that's the funniest thing I've read in a while!!!
  2. Great point about the watch. That was definitely something I've been considering, but hadn't thought about the wrist protection getting in the way
  3. Yeah, I guess? I don't have many examples of functionality from the lock screen, other than date, time, running timer, and maybe a remote for your music player? Maybe that stuff is just too embedded into the iOS and @Ilya Shkolnik can't tap into that area of the phone, but again, just wanted to ask...
  4. I see what you are saying about the notifications, but no, I was actually talking about showing the info on the lock screen like if you set a timer for 10 minutes and then wake your phone up; you can not only see the time of day but also the running timer...maybe that's not possible to show the info from the Darknessbot app like that, but I'm not looking for a static notification, but instead a dynamic or changing display from the lock screen that shows up to date speed or battery life. Again, maybe it's not possible, but I thought I'd ask
  5. This is one of my favorite threads! I can't wait to see what @Ilya Shkolnik will be able to do with this app next! One thing that I would love to see is the ability to put one (or more) of the panels of data on the phone's lock screen. This would allow me to simply "wake" the phone, like checking what time it is, to see the speed I am traveling at or the battery life left in the EUC. Currently I need to unlock the phone and go into the app in order to get this, which takes too much time when riding. Quick viewing access to speed and or battery life (or a panel of my choosing) would be awesome! Thanks again @Ilya Shkolnik for all of your great work on this app! Can't wait to never open my KS or Inmotion apps again
  6. Right on, I'm well aware of the risks and was kidding about volunteering him to test it out Thanks @Ilya Shkolnik for your continued development of the app! Looking forward to some more integrated Kingsong 16S functionality
  7. Haha, pretty sure my son soon as he finds out that his V5F could possibly go faster, he's going to be pumped. I would love to know what the implications are of pushing those wheels faster than what the manufacturer recommends or has as a restriction in their Inmotion app...
  8. Looks awesome! Great work
  9. Congrats @Catlord17! So happy that things are starting to come around for you on your wheel. Now the fun begins
  10. We should probably keep the comments in this thread largely related to feedback for @Ombre and his publication, but if you start a new thread on this topic (ex. "handle cutoff switch vs. automated sensor cutoff") let me know. It might be interesting to see what people's thoughts are on the type of innovation you are eluding to.
  11. Something tells me this will somehow be copywritten by Inmotion/Solowheel now and we won't see it on other wheels but I agree 100%. Started on the Inmotion wheels and it's the most incredibly useful thing to have and infuriating each time i have to turn my wheel off just to lift it up a set of stairs, over a large curb, etc. Once you get used to the button handle it seems ridiculous that other manufacturers don't have it on their wheels...
  12. That seems like it would be the solution to the problem that @Marty Backe has had with his KS-14C...nice to see the evolution
  13. Holy crap that's cool.
  14. I may have been incorrect saying that the music keeps playing after I turn my wheel off. At this point, it seems that, when I turn off my wheel, the audio/music blue tooth connection turns off, so no need for an extra button, I guess. This is still an issue though...I turn my wheel on and off a fair amount and that prompt is annoying. Are there even fans? Did you open the shell? I haven't heard fans running on mine, but maybe you are seeing something on the board? If you have a pic maybe that would help elicit a response from someone?
  15. I just read the preview and it looks good! I'll download a copy tomorrow and try to provide some feedback. Nice idea