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  1. The Photo Thread

    For reasons of privacy, I would never ever identify @meepmeepmayer in a photo. I'm the one on the right
  2. After i5, S5 is coming

    When I first read about the criticism of the i5 on/off switch, I was like "Ohhh, nooo, IPS, please don't change my beloved power button!" I just love that one swift motion to grab the i5 by the handle, put it to the ground and power it up in one go. Coming to think about it: the only reason, I don't experience your "unwanted turn-on's" (sorry, couldn't resist...), is my fairly unique way of using it. My i5 practically lives in the spare tire compartment with a solid lid protecting it from anything, that could push the power button. And of course I have to agree: A self-starting wheel when transported in a bag is a No-No! Somehow, that effect sounded familiar ... : So, on second thought: "IPS, please steal that idea" and give us a lockable power button! See, you don't even have to invent it. And if you're looking for a new challenge for those idling brain cells: how about a mechanism, that flips open the pedals with power on and closes them with power off ???
  3. The Photo Thread

    Geez, poor guy! That's hard to explain. I don't recall any place along that road ("Villacher Alpenstrasse") where you can drive right up to the ridge of the rock slide. Pretty much all the way, there's a tree line between the road and the ridge. And car parking up there is on the other side of the road. Thanks for the link though
  4. The Photo Thread

    Update: The Monster Inside After some fierce abuse, beating my poor Monster up the mountain sides (pls see my "Alpine Picture Dump" a few posts above), I inspected the inside for melting wires, burnt connectors, discolored sleeves or any sign of stress. Happy to report: Nada! Njet!! Nothing!!! Thumbs up, GotWay, I am positively surprised
  5. German Discussion Group

    ... und sollte es euch mal zu unseren südlichen Nachbarn verschlagen (die mit der wohlmeinenden Rennleitung): da mache ich grad sehr freudvolle EUC Erfahrungen
  6. The Photo Thread

    Alpine eWheeling Picture Dump Every alpine town or village has it's "Hausberg" (house mountain). That's where the local kids learn to appreciate looking at the world from high above, train bob sled and ski. Hausberg of my present place of work, Villach, Austria, is the Dobratsch. That's this guy: 2190m / 7185ft high and subject to one of the biggest rock slides in recorded history: Ok, that was in the year 1348 and the temporary lake it caused is long gone, but the scars in the mountain side are still very present. Needless to say, I wanted to go up there and take a close look. Being an EUC addict, taking the car or - heaven forbid - hiking was out of the question. So I charged my trusty Msuper to the brim and chased it skyward: Yes, I made it to the spectators platform at the site of the rock slide and could enjoy spectacular views: But, that's where it ended. After a mere 15km ride and some 950m altitude gain, my huuuuge 820Wh battery had dreadful 17% left and the mountain top remained a distant dream. Ad insult to injury: after a nice downhill ride, it was back to 43% My new years resolutions to refrain from buying another GotWay until they got their QC act together, survived almost 24h after this devastating experience, and there I was chatting away with my EUC drug dealer of choice (www.electro-sport.de) about a non-bugeted-for-emergency-purchase of a wheel with the appropriate Oooomph for the environment at my new doorstep. Seconds later, I was battling PayPal to send a sizable chunk of money "to a friend". My girlfriend briefly considered divorce, when this cute package arrived two days later in my absence: With no chance for even the tiniest trial run, my shiny new 2400Wh GW Monster and I premiered in Paris at the 230+ EUC group ride through town. Great fun, but not much of a challenge for the Monster. So: Tadaaaa - 83% battery left! Dobratsch, here I come! Yet again, I had to turn around somewhat short of the very top. This time, it wasn't the wheel's fault, but the path turned really ugly and the signs left little doubt, I wasn't supposed to be here: After all, the views from up there left me with an inkling, there could be another mountain or two around, which are worth conquering, too: Dobratsch is entirely Austrian, the mountain ridge in the distance spans Slovenia and Italy. All 3 borders meet at a peek in between: Tromeja! And the plan for today was born To make a 70km / 1500m altitude story short: https://www.relive.cc/view/1221101970 And here are some impressions from along the way: The incline was pretty brutal: over 1000m altitude gain in about 5km ride. Mostly squeeze-your-thighs-and-push-it-upwards steep. Two stretches with about 300m altitude incline with no chance to stop for a cool down. WheelLog showed 74°C peak. If there ever was a situation to blow some MOSFETs or fry some connectors - this was it. But, accompanied by the reassuring humming of the fans, the Monster made it up there without even beeping at me. And it proudly displayed 61% battery at the top (42% when back home). Stupid me, with my newly acquired over confidence in battery life, I forgot (again!) to bring the charge cable for my phone. So, no evidence of the slightly longer ride home (navigating with a dead phone does that). My verdict after 1 week and 150km of Monster riding: I positively love that beast! Finally a transport, where my battery runs out way before the wheel's does Minor downsides: Yes, it is as clunky and as heavy as it looks. I don't want to carry that thing a mere meter. The stock (ACM-style) pedals don't allow mastering steep inclines (up or down) by simple pedal pressure - you have to clench the shell between your thighs and push it up or pull back to manage speed downhill. After a mile of doing that, it turns into an endurance workout. Will try Msuper pedals next and probably mount a bigger plate on top. With the many serpentine turns I've been doing, I noticed a distinct pedal drop on right turns and raised pedals with left turns. A bit irritating at first, but well manageable after getting used to it. But all that is penny-picking. Bottom line: it's a phenomenal wheel. Period.
  7. Dear Administrators! It looks to me like we lost some data between the evenings of October 4th and 5th. I noticed my posting count decreased somewhat (can't tell by how many posts exactly, around 10 or 20) and an entire thread seems to have disappeared: Dunno, if that's a reason to be alarmed. Just wanted to mention it so it does not pass unnoticed and some bigger problem might secretly sneak up ...
  8. I figure, I can hardly bring my (non-wheeling) GF to Paris and all she sees of me on the first night is the vapor trail on me disappearing in the distance ... So, sorry, I'll skip the rides on Saturday, but we will come to the restaurant. Sunday, of course, is ridin' time!!! Halleluja!!!
  9. Gotway Mten3 time limited promotions

    Hi @ir_fuel, switched on all my GW wheels occasionally during charging and never had a problem. Can't see, why it should harm yours.
  10. KingSong Notice about buying EUC on Ali express

    Soooooo, you don't want to test ride it, you're say'in??? Ok, ok, I am an emotionally mature and stable character. I can deal with that. Doesn't affect me at all ( ... hectically searching for my shrink's emergency reach number ... )
  11. KingSong Notice about buying EUC on Ali express

    Fashionable shiny blue, I hope. It's still in the mail...
  12. KingSong Notice about buying EUC on Ali express

    That's what I meant. Consider German VAT @ 19% on top of a $2000 base price and you're at $2380. Remaining diff is roundabout 5%. Still hurts, but there might be room to negotiate when you talk to the sellers directly. BTW: I am slightly embarrassed to admit, that my fine "New Years resolutions" to refrain from buying another GotWay wheel until they demonstrated some serious QC improvements didn't last all that long. I am working in the Austrian alps right now with the most wonderful mountain trails right at my doorstep. The bitter pill: those fine 820Wh in my Msuper may carry me some 50km horizontally, but a mere 1000m upwards brings them to their knees (i.e. <20% batt left; https://www.relive.cc/view/1197393680, and yes, I forgot to turn off the tracker when I returned the last 4km by car...). Long story short: a cute little monster with 2400Wh is in the mail. Cut a deal with a local channel. Don't wanna spoil your mood Marty - I ended up paying much less than your $2400 ...
  13. KingSong Notice about buying EUC on Ali express

    Generally agreed, but the newest KS18S is listed at 1RadWerkstatt (official KS dealer for Germany) at 2099 Eu incl. all taxes and shipping (http://www.1radwerkstatt.de/epages/80603321.sf/de_DE/?ObjectPath=/Shops/80603321/Products/KS18). They show battery capa at 1508Wh, but then, 1RadWerkastatt has always been painfully honest with their battery specs. So, the price difference is not quite as drastic.
  14. German Discussion Group

    Wohl Glückssache. Zitat aus der Berliner WhatsApp Gruppe vom letzten Sonntag: Wir sind gerade im Tiergarten angehalten worden. Zum Glück nur eine Verwarnung. Der Polizist meinte man könne in Deutschland NIRGENDWO legal mit einem elektrischen Einrad fahren. Das Verbot gilt nicht nur für Straßenverkehr, sondern auch für Parks, Wald und das Tempelhofer Feld. Das geht so auf die Nerven. ... Ein Freund hatte übrigens die Berliner Forstverwaltung angeschrieben und für eine EUC Erlaubnis geworben, aber eine negative Antwort bekommen.