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  1. I don't think, sequence matters. What matters is, that connecting parallel battery packs must only be done when all packs are at the same charge level. So, we need to meter the voltage of every individual pack first and as long as we find any significant difference, they must be charged to a similar level individually before connecting them. I'd be worried with any voltage difference >0.2V between the pack (hi experts, please correct me).
  2. That looks much better (sigh of relief). Explanation: Our batteries have a very low "internal resistance" and deliver a very high current when shortened. Connecting two battery packs with a significantly different charging state is very close to a short circuit. Say, at 60V and some 35A flowing, there's a sudden heat source worth >1000 Watt - concentrated at a tiny spot where the pins of your XT60 connectors touch. As a result it gets so hot, that the metal pins just melt away and sparks are flying all over the place. Meaning: you did not connect the wrong wires or magically plus and minus got reversed. Most likely, the connection you tried to close is exactly how it is meant to be wired. Just somehow between disassembly and re-assembly one of the packs was charged up or discharged while the other(s) maintained their charge level. Or did you buy a new pack and connected it the first time?
  3. Could it be that you connected a (mostly) full battery pack to a (mostly) empty one? That would explain a very high current flowing and causing the burns. Hope you did not seriously hurt yourself?
  4. Ich freu mich für Dich, wenn das bei Dir so funktioniert und drück die Daumen, dass das so bleibt. Verallgemeinern darfst Du das leider nicht. Dafür gibt es zu viele Beispiele, wo es trotz vorsichtiger Fahrweise und freundlichem Auftreten zu Anzeigen und gar Beschlagnahmen gekommen ist. Ist leider in manchen Gegenden ein echter Launeverderber.
  5. Been playing in deep sand for kilometers at a time with my Msuper V3 (first model, 820Wh/67V): didn't encounter any problem with the wheel (but I was pretty exhausted). A friend went along with his ACM without problems, too. We're both approx. 80kg.
  6. Hilarous ... but then: I can't envision dear Hunka using any form of indecent vocabulary...
  7. To use @Hunka Hunka Burning Love's epic words: video, or it didn't happen
  8. Sweet! If this was Berlin, I would bet, it was a couple of bicycle cops chasing you all the way around town . Now I want a Monster and move to Paris (before Marie declares Frexit)
  9. For the first year or so of Kingsong's existence, the GW and KS apps could be used interchangeably. They showed cosmetic differences, but the inner workings were identical, i.e. they clearly used the identical interface spec (which is individually defined way above the Bluetooth layer). @esaj did quite a bit of reverse engineering of the protocol at the time. Do a search for "Wheelemetrics" if you're forensically motivated . With the advent of BT 4.0 LE (as used in mcm4, ACM, Msuper V3, etc.), both companies had to redesign their apps internal workings anyway and the compatibility ended, although the similar roots may still be detectable. Back to the Monsters: @Marty Backe please post a picture of your feet after riding >100km in one go . Oh wait ... you got one of them sitting cushions for the elderly with your Monster? That's cheating
  10. Gotway sometimes tends to be a bit secretive about details for new products. I guess, they're still suffering from their early childhood trauma when the Kingsong guys walked out with what they (ehh, both, I guess) considered their intellectual property. That should still be good for about 100km on one charge, right? At least my feet will be grateful for an excuse to slot in a pause then . Picture a 4 amp charger and you can pump close to 400Wh per hour charge time into an empty 100V Monster.
  11. Oh no baby! Damned admin fees consumed all my treasured bonus points. Just sayin'.
  12. Now, that would be an incentive to learn Mandarin No, on a more serious note: mere spoken warnings would not be any better - especially with a synthetic voice that always speaks with the same accentuation. After all, there's a reason why we shout or even scream when stuff gets really dangerous. There is a lot more information in a human voice than just words. And a million different tones between a calm announcement and a panicked warning of imminent disaster. In the analog world we are warned by screaming tires and such. With superior digital technology, we got, eehh, BEEPS? Answering machine voice?? Oh, come on. Sorry @Dmitry71, I don't mean to hijack your thread about the new mcm4. I love GotWay wheels and with every new model I appreciate the customary performance improvement and lament about yet another missed opportunity to improve the human interface to the rider. As a performance leader, GotWay needs it the most.
  13. but, but, but ... it's 2017 ... and silly beepers using sort of morse code to differentiate alarms is 1917 tech ... you're flat on your face still counting beeps/sec ... the answer: more silly beepers???
  14. ... and TWO f**king beepers???
  15. @Hunka Hunka Burning Love here'ya go: