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  1. Advantages EUC vs bicycle

    I abandon my ebike because I needed a replacement. After get the euc I also ready to replace my motorcycle. The advantage is the ability to ride wherever you walk, is not a vehicle is a extension of the body. No worries or time expend in parking, no need of special wearing, low maintenance, half chances of puncture, work nicely with wheel barrow, trolleys, and even can manage a motorcycle rescue. The possibilities are endless. The bike is a well designed machine perfected along decades, ebike are the last evolution and they are really outplaying the euc in performance but keeping being a bike with his handicap
  2. What is the best personal electric transportation?

    Agree with @Evel_Knievel the daily use for commute 40km need one important investment. I think only ebike can do 8000km in a year with guarantees. Otherwise you may need a backup vehicle.
  3. New Inmotion V10 (V8 Fast)

    It would be great the v10 was completely new. Not a v8 with more range. Makes sense do a 18" wheel, with the retractable handle, slim body and high place for pedals of inmotion, probably taller than v8 with open wheel for keeping the weight low.
  4. What is the best personal electric transportation?

    Looks nice and funny. The wheels too small but that's a owner choice. That's a lot of money for only try it. Choose a 400$ gotway, kingson or ninebot instead the airwheel. I had one 250$ chinese euc, enjoyable but risky
  5. What is the best personal electric transportation?

    I have one Xiaomi m365 and one inmotion vf5. 25km range and 25 kmph top speed both. The scooter cost 350€, is capable of more than 25 kmh and keep feeling safe. Is easy to ride for beginners. The euc cost me 700€, have more power, more wheel radius, delightful control at low speed and the smallest size. Few people can visualize himself riding a euc. Adding the lower price, high top speed and easy use of scooter makes it the winner. But for those who knows the pros of the euc maybe worth paying the overprice: full freedom of movement, hands free, not only for commuting also work tool, off road and freestyle, acrobatic, artistic... his small size and simpler control makes it different.
  6. What Are Your Favorite TV shows?

    Altered Carbon Blood Drive 3% Black Mirror Mr Robot Rick and Morty Attack on Titan Death note High maintenance Z nation
  7. Riding Backwards.

    That's what I thinking. The backwards learning is hard because the fear and the fact of falling. My advice is warmup, run backwards, do slow falling backwards from crouched, warmup legs, arms, hands and neck. Remember wear hard gloves, the hands normally is the first body part to impact, protect it gives you better chances to protect all you body
  8. 2018 who is getting what this year......?

    I need help. I already hapy with my v5f, but don't looks very nice. Should I change the shell or maybe there is time to change euc? I love the big wheels and intended to use off road but I need something light weight, high pedals and minimum shell surface (wheel exposed) Maybe the ninebot (edit: z10) z6 is the winner. What do you think?
  9. how to enjoy riding slow speeds?

    H @Shad0z Ride slow it's easy for one who lives between narrow and populated streets. Others do for the views and enjoy of surrounding. When is possible a few weed help. My favourite one is keep the finest balance to maximize the battery life, image you are riding without autobalance, also being able to lisen the sound of the euc are crucial so you cannot ride over 10kmph.
  10. Rehab1´s accident(s)

    Disagree, earth is precisely the worst thrill for the aviation
  11. When we try to get more range from our euc first thought is swap battery but few models can do it. Instead of swapping we can connect a external one but the manufacturer again didn't think it and we cannot do it. Ok, connect the external battery to charge the euc, but the power lost is brutal and the time expend too much. Also is bad idea try to generate in place the energy for charge the battery. Most of solutions comes worse than walk carrying the euc. And that's the solution, but instead walk what we need is pedals to ride it like classic unicycle powered like a electric bike

    That's awesome! thanks for sharing, is really inspiring. I want try those new triks when I have the time, I need to master that one foot body varial
  13. Videography...

    agreed to that @Marty Backe but gimbal is the correct answer for the best way to keep the camera leveled. Maybe you can teach yours selfie stick tricks. I really appreciate it
  14. Videography...

    The wind noise comes from the mic holes. Cover them with a small piece of fur fabric. This is how look a professional mic windshield: I use Adobe premiere and Shortcut for video editing but they are many other http://www.techradar.com/news/software/applications/the-best-free-video-editor-1330136 The stick is insufficient for preventing camera tilt and lean. You need a gimbal Hope you get fun making videos, be patient and don't bother if they aren't perfect. Add music, sync up the cuts, and enjoy
  15. Not wearing safety gear!

    Hello, I ride motorbikes since 9 years old, allways wearing helmet. Todays I use my EUC instead because I didn't need to wear helmet. I prefer to ride at low speed of 10km/h or less with my senses not being nerfed because the wind noise or lack in reaction due to the high speed. They are one category of euc what can be compared to pedestrian; slow, light, small and safe. If you enjoy riding like this you probably don't need wear safe gear. The higher category which includes speeder, heavy, big and dangerous euc obviously request the best on safe gear, not for preventing the pain or the injuries witch certainly going to suffer. It's only for keeping you alive and probably without sequels. If anybody want experience a unexpected cut off get one old and cheap euc from ebay or Ali express. I use one a lot since I get my v5f. Now I 100% cut off free. But I don't remember any face planting for a cut off, always saved walking or hand saved. I assume is something I doing well because my funambulist training or maybe my juggler reflexes. In all of my cut off I steep off when the euc keeps shell spining forward before crashing into a rock or tree