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  1. I think the v5f is the cheapest option for a reliable euc. If you are thinking to change it in a couple of years probably is your best option. If you want to expend more than 2 years with it, take the plus or the v8
  2. Today I tried to push to the limit my v5f. Hard accelerations, top speed in asphalt, some off road, some front wind and 1 km pushing a broken Suzuki burgman 125 and his old rider! I get 26km and 17% battery left. But regret I don't have the plus version
  3. @JAL_GRANADA creo que el disfrute hacia el monociclo es común para los que desplazarnos es mas que un tramite. Yo lo encuentro muy satisfactorio por la sensación de flotar, muy parecida a la moto pero con la libertad que da no tener las manos ocupadas, como en los patines. Por otro lado, el mono te convierte en una especie de embajador del vehículo eléctrico, yo casi siempre me encuentro con desconocidos que me preguntan por su funcionamiento y generalmente su reacción es buena (la gente mayor es la mas receptiva y curiosa frente a los ciclistas en mallas que son los que hacen los comentarios mas despectivos) Hay algún hilo del foro donde se discute el por qué de lo adictivo y satisfactorio de montar en monociclo, tengo que echar un vistazo a ver que dicen en inglés, pero creo que yo ya lo tengo claro
  4. I rearch 30km with 25% 30% of charge left in battery. 15km/h of average speed, no slopes and 60kg rider. Speeding or change speed often reduces this range.
  5. Hola @JAL_GRANADA Enhorabuena por unirte al exclusivo mundo del monociclo eléctrico. Espero que tengas mas suerte que yo y encuentres algún otro monociclista en tus rutas, por ahora solo he visto una vez uno en Madrid y otro en Oliva mientras yo iba en bici o en coche. ¿que tal las rutas en granada? ¿se puede entrar en La Alhambra con monociclo? Yo nací en Granada y voy de vez en cuando por allí, puedo avisar la próxima vez que vaya. Ahora estoy en Denia, si alguno está por aquí podemos hacernos alguna ruta. Saludos y pasadlo de pm!
  6. Yea @LanghamP that happen often with the cheap, but only with light ones like @Mono said, many times I alarmed with a crushing sound what I assume are from those little rocks hiting the shell from inside. The only time I catch a stoping rock was in my Montesa cota 25 many years ago. One of my favourite thing of euc riding is I don't really need special equipment, but @xebeche I promise use it when I can get over 25km/h. While I prefer to be cautious and think all three times before doing
  7. My best choice would be a unicycle seat But there is no easy way to fit it without making holes in the shell and chassis of the euc, that isn't my intention for the moment. I gonna try to make something like the detachable seat of ks 18 for my v5f. While it was done is easy to put a bicycle one instead.
  8. Yea @Pingouin what I do is really crouching to slightly touch in the rear of euc top with my ass. There are no seat here and I can't relax at all. I must improve my v5f with a small seat soon. This is how I looks like when riding crowch in my 14" wheel
  9. I have few occasions for ride on strong wind. All of them I have the need of lower my body to sit down, that improves a lot the aerodynamic but make me do more effort and don't allow me to see and be seeing appropriately, is fun but very risky
  10. @Nash I see in the v8 and v5f specification and found that: v5f range 30km, v8 40km. V5f max speed 25km/h, v8 30km/h. I think the v8 don't make enough difference, if numbers don't lie Pd: don't believe always in the numbers. Spain inmotion is a big liar about v5f:
  11. Mayor of them are hits on rocks, the down side takes a lot. Some of front are from the mini bmx track. You can get a idea from my videos The worst crash I had was with one cheap OnlyWeel who I throw it accidentally down hill against rocks and trees when he decided to shutdown due overspeed. I think the vf5 don't survive something like that without many serious damges. Lights, handles, chasis border and others probably break if hits a rock over 15km/h
  12. I want to say that euc appear to be very well mounted. After lots of hard roads, bumps and failed tricks keep making any creeping noise. I read of other users having problems with lose screws on handle bar, I don't have that problem because continuous revisions but mine have a little gap in the hinge who makes it very uncomfortable to carry. I last a week to install the mudward, regret because the handlebar catches all mud, unless you are holding it, then the mud can get to cover you 🙈 Another weak point are the pedals, I use a lot the left pedal hinge because I use right hand to carry, also most of my fails ends with a left step in land and right keeping the euc in result of a lot more impacts in the left pedal hinge. That hinge is coming to malfunction, now I can fit to barely mobility from completely lose with no middle point possible. The screw to set the resistance don't catch in a soft and uniform end like right, it seems to end in aluminium instead of plastic. The more unexplainable issue to me is the battery have three different levels of full. In two hours reach the 100% for the app but charger keeps in red and euc indicator blinking. Almost three hours charger go green but euc keep blinking. After three hours euc also show 100%. Would be nice some expert explain that. Coming soon with more impressions
  13. Maybe a key makes the work but I more comfortable keeping my euc in a safe place or were I can watch it. I really miss a place where attach safely a bike chain. Not the weak handle of my inmotion
  14. Hi. This is my third euc and my first quick review. After a couple of mounts and 669,9 km. think I can show how is riding this euc and gonna try in English, not my native language, pls forgive my bad grammar. The incorrect information from inmotionIberia of max speed and range where it says 40 km/h and 40km but may say 25 km/h and 30km piss me off. But the price was ok for me (700€) I don't want the refound offered and decided to keep it. The advantage of that euc are many, good looking design, useful handle and lift swich. Bright front light, back light blinks when brake. Very comfortable due his curved shapes and hi padded sides. Hi pedals position are damn good for off road. Impressive torque, good autonomy and content weight. Need to improve the pedals and trolley quality, those get loose or comes with it from fabric (trolley). The inmotion app is full of busg. The battery position on top rise the gravity center and makes really hard for boomerang or coin flip tricks. The body shell are quite slim, that not help to keep it straight in hi speed pushing with the legs. They haven't grip at all to pull it up in jumps, foots slide unless you put the extra pads who inmotion gives in for ankles protection. I think is really good for cross due his hi pass pedals and big torque. Not to heavy to do tricks, and enough hard to not break if you don't do it well (unless the trolley bar and the pedals). Sorry but I can't compare it against other in his league, I only have other cheap "oneWheel" Who can't be compared. I want to make an extensive review with my top range, hi slope climb, max turning inclination, better pedal angle and more. Please, make your questions and comments, would be nice gather a great data base for all euc together
  15. I did it in a street performance long time ago, was really fun for the audience and bit challenging for us. They was classics unicycles but works similar. Sorry about your crash @Marty Backe I'm afraid this is really easy to happen, me was in the first week with a foot locked in a parked car weel when I drove about 10 km/h and it was shocking. Too fast crash for my reflexes result in a short belly sliding thought the pavement, no scratch or injuries but my shoulder was hurting a couple of months. Hope you recover soon