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  1. Send it to your reseller and take your money back. The rain problem happened in my v5f too, only one time in 6 mounts. That's acceptable because the wheel back to work itself. The scratching tire is a no way problem, you must adapt the pressure for different activities and routes. The range problem look like a issue, the v5f takes my 60 kg 30km far with only 85% depleted if I ride softly. That's is possible with charging to the green light in the adapter instead the 100% in the app (there is one more full indicator when the blue light stop blinking) that's isn't good for battery life but it reaches that fantastic range of >30Km. But your v8 must do >40km without tricks. Maybe your batteries need do a couple of full cicles to reach his maximum capacity or maybe you ride style demand too much due lot of star, stop, accelerations and miss balances corrections but that's explain it only if you ride like dancing pogo
  2. I noticed that wobbling when I try to ride crouched too fast for long time. As many other said that is caused because the stress in the legs become in involuntary shakes making impossible keep the wheel straight. Increased by the uncomfortable posture. You only need some relax before continue and the problem goes away. If happen again try to change ride position to one more comfortable. Maybe the cold, your diet, also vitamins and minerals help to keep balance, our bodies may be affected by a lot of variants.
  3. My bad, I presume that switch must be in the same place of my v5f. Maybe @KingSong69 are right and there is only a hole, sorry about that. My v5f also stop working one day apparently for nothing. And back to normal after couple of hours.
  4. There is a reset switch next to the charger socket, under the rubber cap. Look for a little hole and insert softly a sharp stick in it a few seconds. I hope that helps you
  5. I think the same of @Fahrtwind about inmotion app, more than because I haven't iPhone and I can't reach any alternative app for my wheel. The app crash often, never get a complete track record, don't allow me change my personal information like phone number o portrait and the lack of relevant information like power output and temperature. All this without discussing all the Chinese texts and the suspect treatment of our personal data in his servers.
  6. Think about power are safety in euc. Most of problems I have and read become of a unexpected power off due overpass the euc limit of speed (low specs engine), battery max peak capacity (cheap battery) or balance missed riding irregular tracks. These low specifications euc are rideable but under very specific situations: speed always under 75% of the top, no hard acceleration under 50% of charge, very low speed in hill climbing and I not sure about his balance management in bumpy tracks (my first two can't keep the optimal inclination) The v5 specs 20km/h and 20km range means ride 10km and cruise 15km/h with safety. V5f give you only 5km, 5km/h more of comfort zone and maybe a better balance management. That cost 200€ more, near half price of v5, looks too much but is what take reach v5f specs today with a guarantee. I bet you don't regret you decision whatever there are, any euc is great (before the day it try to kill you or murder someone xD)
  7. Look for a gear icon in the "Me" tab, there must be what you are searching
  8. Is a perfect association. Congratulations for the achievement! Now I anxiously expecting more videos from you
  9. Hi @Uliana I also think that travel is a awesome idea. I'm from Madrid, you and many others who want to do the travel have a crash pad in El Escorial, a town 40km from the city. I didn't try to reach that distance yet but if they are company I will happily try. One of the biggest problems here in summer is the high temperature, yesterday I get and overload warning in my vf5, 37° and offroad downhill was to much. If you are planing to travel here in summer bring a umbrella and prepare to carry lot of water. The highest temperatures can reach 45° and isn't safe to stay outside, less doing something exhausting. I suggest you to see Barcelona before go to Valencia, I also have a crash pad there. You can't travel across Europe without see the Mediterranean! Madrid is more exciting in September, the people who left it in summer comes again and there is more life and fun, otherwise in summer is a unfriendly city. ¿Have you get any representation? Maybe there's any euc manufacturer who want to put some money for sponsorship. I already see some forum posts talking about, my idea was to travel around the world with a support of a van with solar charger and a backup of wheels but I can't convince the driver. Last but not least you need any information you can get. In Spain there are a mapping community who shares nice points for resting in road traveling, his name are furgovw and the map are furgoperfectos, there are a lot of free camping places there. Good luck and hope see you soon
  10. You can drive almost any vehicle like a crazy and wreck it in little time or care it in every ride and get it last forever. EUC are the same. The battery replacement comes cheaper every year, you can presume a big difference in his 5 years or more of life (if you ride careful) Ride it nicely, not to fast, do slows accelerations/brakes, keep away from bumps, respect the advices of battery cares, and don't let it fall. You will enjoy daily lot of years of the ultimate invention for personal transportation
  11. Congratulations for bring back your wheel to the road. Now I know about that fuse, thanks
  12. I'm surprised too. The inside was completely dry, no marks of water, nothing broked, only a bit dusty. Before, I wait, try the power and the reset button, then open the shell, try again the button but nothing works. In some point of the unmount the v5f decides back to life themselve, I touch the power button accidentally, then I thanks that and mount it again with no more questions. The point of the fixing was in the colour lights untaping, maybe I touch the correct wire or simply the v5f have a protection countdown in case of sortcut due wather in the power socket (but I can't see any in it). No more clues of what goes wrong but was the unique malfunction in more of 1500km of rough use, about 500km after that incident
  13. I had a power on failure after cleaning my v5f with a wet mop solved when I open it for inspection. There is a reset switch inside the charge cap, you can try it before open the nearly 40 screws to inspect it inside. In my opinion there is no guarantee problem with open it due is needed for tube repair. Hope you solve the problem easily as I do
  14. Agree with that @Gimlet, nothing like low weight for long rides. There's only one question left: what is the best speed for regenerative braking? I noticed the best speed for improving ranges in flat are close to 12/15 km/h. Can I presume is also the best speed for regenerative braking? My best trick to improve range is walk (uphill mostly)
  15. @Rehab1 Don't understand you, sorry if my English aren't too good. I want to say something like "cabreante" a spanish swearword means anger