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  1. The yes, no, or maybe thread.

    Yes both, several times but I never seen them after the encounter. Have you need to carry your euc over your head due the hig level of water/plants/people of the place you are crossing?
  2. EUC without self balance ¿Can be ride?

    One wheel balance isn't impossible and comes easy if you can manage their spin. Throttle and brake is enough for maintain the balance. So, what is the point for the autobalance? I think the best improve is in the hands free throttle/brake system thanks to the automatic foot/weight autobalance device. But maybe is possible and in some ways better to have a manual way for accelerate and brake. I'm not disappointed of it but maybe I can get more fun without it. For now the only use I can figure is using the EUC like a wheel saw xD (thanks to a manual throttle to power it in any inclination)
  3. EUC without self balance ¿Can be ride?

    Maybe I can give some clues of what I try to find with some videos. The first is a professional rider showing his capacity. The second shows a customised unicycle with electric assist.
  4. The question: is possible to ride a EUC without self balance? Obviously I do the question because I think is possible. Someone's trying it with combustion engines like the pictures. But the electric engine is better due his capacity for spin forward and backward and high power at low rpm. Maybe the work of the auto balance system isn't too much for run it manually. But the advantages of manual riding less lifting or jumping are basically none. So it's worth to make and learn ride a not self balance EUC? My answer is yes. For the Venus racing cup! (see it in the Venus Wars movie)
  5. Help with my v5f

    That's like the top speed of the v5 version. Can you check your version?
  6. Help with my v5f

    Hi @Nung where you from? I'm Spanish. My v5f reach 25km/h before get the tilt back. Maybe yours have the speed limited trough the mobile app. Look for it in the appstore and setup the top speed dragging to left inside the vehicle tab. https://file.imscv.com/app/2017/10/11/inMotion-release.apk_6.6.2.apk
  7. Hello. I'm looking for a kick scooter for my girlfriend, Xiaomi m365 is my favourite due that 25-30km speed-range, 12kg easy to carry, matching perfect my v5f. Is bigger than usual kick scooter but smaller than a folding bike. Also is foldable. His wheels are good enough for a comfortable ride. Excellent brakes with disk, kers and abs. And clever function like the wireless connection with phone provide some thief protection. I think there is no alternative in the 400€ range. If you have one please tell me, I probably buy the m365 soon
  8. Legal Speed Limit

    I agree with the idea of suggest some rules for us in order to prevent more restrictive laws due improper riding. I'm not for mandatory use of helmet because anyone is responsible of himself but maybe yes for a strap to keep your euc contact in case of accident. Speed limit of sidewalk must be the speed of the pedestrian ahead. If they are enough space for safe pedestrians overtaking and you have good visibility I'm agree with 10 kilometres per hour sidewalk limit. Also is mandatory get down and walk if they are not space enough to ride your sidewalk. I agree with a weight limit for any unlicensed vehicle but is hard to setup because they are many different electric assisted vehicles with a lot of mass. Looking at my country laws I found a weight limit of 50 kilogrammes for trikes and 25 for the rest. Maybe is better a limit of 17 kilogrammes per wheel, or mandatory use of safe strap for those who didn't have handles. Mind the propensity of euc's for keep running without his rider when he falls. For the higher limits I search again for my country laws and there's a limit of 45 kilometres per hour for electric trikes and 30 or 20 for others depending of his weight. I haven't enough experience to measure the risk of a euc riding up to 25 km/h, but will be nice see our roads full of unicycles mixed with buses, cars and motorbikes. Like bikes today, they are allowed to share the road without any license or insurance. That doesn't mean bikers don't must know the traffic regulations and how to ride his vehicle
  9. Why do EUCs attract such ridicule?

    Since we contaminate all around the world we don't deserve a pollution free environment. Stop consuming electronics, wear, and food what makes insostenible his production and after that talk about stop smoking in public places
  10. Why do EUCs attract such ridicule?

    Air pollution kills people since us use fire for warm our houses. Smoke only speed up the natural selection for a pollution proof people. Show to everyone your smoker and sporting capacity makes you cool in a Darwin way
  11. Why do EUCs attract such ridicule?

    Hi @exoplanet. In my opinion a car is a "suit" to hide people inside when moving around. In opposite, riding a bike, euc, etc, show you to everyone. The old powerful people has made the car a symbol for his status in substitution of they unhealthy body. If you have the health and energy to ride, let the people see it and don't bother about his envy
  12. Barcelona, in Spanish

    Espero que tengáis suerte, aunque yo no tengo muchas esperanzas. Para que nos hagan caso ciertos políticos, hace falta un flujo regular de sobres "B". Como los que reciben de la industria automovilística, y conseguir privilegios que les han sido negados a los coches no va ser fácil. Menos cuando desde la DGT ya se han puesto en contra nuestra (y de cualquiera que use vehículos eléctricos no regulados) . La situación perfecta sería contar con un representante de los fabricantes de vehículos eléctricos no regulados, un representante de la agencia general de tráfico y un docente de escuela de tráfico que sean expertos en estos vehículos y estén a favor de su uso como parte de la solución al actual problema de tráfico y contaminación. A continuación deberíamos hacer un laboratorio de tráfico donde poner a prueba las teorías sobre seguridad y circulación. Documentar todo, si es posible con vídeos y hacer un estudio de viabilidad para normalizar el uso de lo vehículos eléctricos no regulados. Parece imposible pero universidades, asociaciones y casas de juventud buscan alojar ese tipo de actividades. Si se da la situación correcta puede que sea una experiencia única y gratificante
  13. Survey on Personal Electric Vehicles

    I respect the effort of pedestrians for take a walk, sometimes long and tedious. In opposite I'm enjoying my ride and take no effort to me slowing down or stop for letting others pass.
  14. Survey on Personal Electric Vehicles

    I'm not sure of is all invented. The next step for autobalance vehicles maybe can be shoes with one wheel, better if is attached at one exoskeleton. Euc can't be the same as bikes. The size are 3 or 4 times smaller, when you seek for space in a populated track that is crucial. They are more like a rollerblades what isn't need to be attached to your body. Actually I'm writing a sketch of rules for electric personal vehicles. The sidewalk is allowed to all if allow the pass of two vehicles simultaneously, limited to 10km/h and mandatory to let priority to pedestrians, slowing down and dismounting if is necessary. I'm more of teaching than overprotect. If anyone need to wear padding and helmet maybe he isn't trained enough to ride in public spaces. Those wear are good for offroad but needles for street riding. In my personal experience a well constructed euc is enough safe if you don't push it to the limit, is matter of know where they are.
  15. Barcelona, in Spanish

    Creo que no va a salir una normativa que nos guste a todos. Por un lado no puedes quitar mas espacio a los peatones y por el otro tampoco puedes empujar a ciertos pilotos (como niños o de movilidad reducida) a que se defiendan entre coches, motos y autobuses. La solución es demasiado obvia: si la acera esta libre puedes usarla. Si no, también pero a paso de los peatones que circulen por ella. Lo de apearse y empujar creo que no debería considerarse ir en vehículo, de alguna manera tendrás que transportar el vehículo a tu casa.