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  1. Survey on Personal Electric Vehicles

    The traffic regulations I know (Spanish) don't allow you to going fast if you can't react whatever comes from blind spots. That means if you are reach a corner or a door fast enough for not being capable of stop immediately you can get a penalty. In Madrid the bikers aren't allowed to ride in the sidewalk but we get a penalty only for speeding or aggressive riding. I really pleased showing the politeness can be one driver become in a euc rider: no need of overtake if there are any risk, speeding only for leave the path free for other users, always watching for eye contact, used a lot of body language for communicating my turns, braking and intersections pass. One of my projects are teaching others to ride safe his euc. If anybody wants to do a euc law regulation sketch I be pleased to contribute and learn
  2. The Photo Thread

    Hi all! I found myself in Google maps riding near my home. Maybe the first picture of a EUC from out space xD
  3. Barcelona, in Spanish

    Hola @Augus, mira el inmotion v8 en el corte ingles o algún proveedor de confianza. No lo compres por Ali expres porque los banean de la app para el móvil. Yo tengo el v5f que es inferior pero por mi poco peso me va bastante bien. Tiene 25km como límite de velocidad y de autonomía aunque da algo mas para evitar cut-off y daños a la batería. Solo me ha hecho parar un par de veces por sobrecarga haciendo descenso en campo durante las horas de mas calor y advierte antes de pararse para que no tengas problemas. Nunca he sufrido un cut-off con el pero me ando con cuidado por mi experiencia con euc baratos Suerte con el meloneo y que lo disfrutes
  4. Self Defence Options when EUC Riding

    Maybe the best solution is practice contact sports on euc like rugby, hockey or wrestling on euc. Showing videos on YouTube of how violent and dangerous can be a euc rider. That maybe dissuade some people, for the rest give us a good training in self defense
  5. I'm not sure how feel about your new way of been on a astral body but tanks for write it @HermanTheGerman. Since my night crash I ride quite more slow but I get falling again. One due sliding my foot out from pedal in a fast turn over asphalt, hiting it frontally with hands, legs and torso. Only getting slightly scratched in a knee and a few pain in my hands, there was a couple watching me very concerned about my health, I was concerned about their been hit by my uncontrolled euc, lucky they wasn't. I have two more falls in dirt tracks or doing funny tricks and I think I deserve it, they aren't a big thing. Btw I healed well from the big scratch in my arm from the night crash I take in this video https://quik.gopro.com/v/h20mg6yRVZ/
  6. Sorry about your accident @YoshiSkySun, that photo in the wheelchair is really impressive. At least you only have superficial injuries, I will be happy if I save a 30mph falling like you did. Sorry too for your euc, no body expect a vehicle catching fire after a water dive.
  7. Trip across Europe on electric unicycle

    Sometime before I warn for the hi temperature in Spanish summer, now I can show it with a picture from my van parked under the sun. Definitely euc isn't for summer (not Spanish summer at least) If isn't quite ridiculous I will carry a umbrella for riding
  8. Scariest fall riding at night

    My v5f is the third euc what I have. I do many cut offs several in middle of a slope, downhill, due over speed without more problem than see my euc crashing long way down on a rocks or trees. Also I rode three more manual unicycles of 20", 24" and 30" doing lot of crazy shit. Just search for "monobruti" in youtu to catch the idea. Since I see some euc riders falling at 40km/h I realized I need to learn how to break falls, and I do it riding over grass to simulating front, back and lateral, falling at different speeds. And I pretty sure it is easier fall (not run off) from a bike than a euc due the numbers of things can going wrong: braking or turning too match, losing a pedal, break or lost the chain, and of course the injuries due hitting the hard or sharp parts of a bike in a crash Btw I have a nice New Fox helmet for my loco riding and I promise a video wearing it
  9. Scariest fall riding at night

    Yes @KingSong69, I have many falls in bike and rollerblade skating with a large collection of injuries in knees, hands and wrists, none of them wearing protection. I also do some Motocross, what is more dangerous and I get some really painful crashes, always wearing full protective gear, some of these will become in serious injuries without helmet. In the opposite I never been ride in night, recording with a phone and trying to get the best footage, being blind for my safety. That's because I get to match confidence due the euc is really easy for save almost any fall: they haven't handles to trap you, brakes who make slide the front wheel or are fixed on your foots making impossible to evade it in emergency cases. Plus of the stability of euc making extremely rare the common but landing of skaters. In few words I think is safer because the speed limit, the great stability and the inexistence of limiting structures like handles and attaches needed for ride other wheeled vehicles but really upsetting in crashes. I have to say I was well trained in braking falls due lot of judo, acrobatic and many circus discipline, thanks those I can talk of my fall from my home, otherwise maybe I do the same from a hospital bed (I got my face passing really fast few centimetres near of a log in last fall)
  10. You can point outside with one knee to make a turn in that direction, pushing inside with the other at the same time. Maybe this help to correct the lateral falling. Point with two knees inside make you move straight forward in theory
  11. Scariest fall riding at night

    The one wheel ride of euc is significantly more stable and safe than a bike or rollerblades, lees wheels come in more secure ride. Maybe if the drivers of cars haven't that safety measures they have less accidents. Mostly of those caused for a over confidence becoming in distractions. And remember those motor vehicles, bikes and skaters are not allowed to ride sideways or inside molls My intention is wearing helmet only if I go to record in the forest by night, leaving it in home when I go for a easy ride.
  12. Scariest fall riding at night

    I was from group 1 rider since I have my first motorbike (and helmet) in 1990. Always wearing helmet, boots, gloves, jacket... But the speed of the euc is below of bikes and those aren't helmet mandatory here. I suspect I go to buy another new helmet to keep it unused like the 7 helmets I already have in home (2 from my childhood, 2 more when I grow, 2 of my father and 1 for the bike) If I stop putting me in danger for video recording, probably I get more safety than wear helmet. Otherwise I share sidewalks and other pedestrian places like molls and station with lot of people who don't wear helmets, if I wear it, is a way to say I'm a danger for me and probably anyone who doesn't wear it and cross in my path. That's isn't good promotion for any kind of transportation, less for one made for commute on the paths shared by pedestrians. I'm happy looking confident with what I doing and let the people come and try my euc because it looks easy and confortable
  13. Can I learn this...?

    I suppose you are looking for one with seat, maybe then you can ride without exhaust your legs. But there are one big problem if you have to carry it. If you plan is ride slow and easy I think it can be a great idea
  14. @eddiemoy your trying is admirable, I remember my learning of manual unicycling like a long time of frustration and few progresses. But I was keen in slow and controlled ride what is hardest than the usual straight and "fast" riding. You need to notice the 20" unicycle normally cruise below 7-8km/h, in the beginning don't try to go faster. Practice how to brake and stop also can give you a extra of confidence
  15. Yesterday I was looking for a helmet but not decided yet about witch one buy. On that night I go for a easy ride what comes into a huge scare. And hugest was my surprise for saving the logs trap with one single scratch in the arm from one log, no faceplant and anymore scratches. Happy for my luck (or reflexes) for saving my head, I go to buy a nice helmet right now. Here is the video I was recording then https://quik.gopro.com/v/h20mg6yRVZ/