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  1. Hi all. I'm surprised almost anybody see the potential weapon we have in ours EUC. Can ram over a pedestrian dealing him lot of damage. Also a kick with a EUC pushing it forward from stop can be very painful. Grab it in your hands and you have a shield or a hammer, if the wheel hit when is spinning can do massive damage. The best self defense are confidence, attention and speed to run out of problems. With wheels you can run over the problems. If you can't run, better to wear protective gear like gloves, hard boots, helmet and use your euc like a shield/hammer. If that isn't enough you can carry some rocks to throw and some marbles for break chases. Otherwise the bike locks are the most common street legal weapons
  2. Hola @andress. Alquilar un euc es difícil y si lo consigues, será para usarlo en un grupo con guía. Estoy casi seguro de que no te van a dejar llevártelo donde quieras Para hacerlo puedes comprar uno de segunda mano y venderlo antes de irte. Busca "monociclo electrico" en, o wallapop Espero que consigas una rueda para disfrutar en tus vacaciones. Suerte y buen viaje.
  3. Today I found this copycat of v5 rebranded to run roll. I have no idea of what are happening but I didn't surprise about another copyright abuse from a Spanish business.
  4. I don't want to be looked like a dangerous element of transport, because this I love your suggestion @WARPed1701D. I ride on the sidewalks with pedestrians, in the molls and markets, if I do wearing like a hockey player everybody get afraid of me and my euc. That's a perfect recipe for a imminent prohibition of euc. I suggest to look at skaters and bikers, those sports are really dangerous and also used for commuting, adapting her wear accord with his route (none of them use a lot of padding out of skate parks or off road tracks) Despite this I love since I was a boy to wear a lot of protective gear for skating and motorcycle riding. As I do now, but not when I share paths with a lot of people who don't wear it, I think is really unfair for them. Because this I look for light protecting gear what don't make me look like I gonna crash in any moment. Long sleeves, gloves and glasses. Only wear helmet, elbow, knee, wirst guard, boots... when I ride over 25km/h and away from pedestrians. I look for a paraglider helmet (one more for my collection of 9) and some nice hi tech gear like this
  5. I watch one video before 2006 with this experimental euc but I can't find it ¿Anybody has seen it?
  6. That's a point @LanghamP the best protection come from training. I think this video catch the idea "and is funny"
  7. Welcome! Is nice to see new people getting on euc. Hope you enjoy it. My advice is mostly the same as @CaptainKBLS said. But getting emphasis in the one foot control when you walk with other (without getting the two feet on the euc). Something like a soft skateboard Impulse. That's really improve your handling and give you confidence nearly as walk. Also pivot around the planted foot is easy and fun exercise what's helps learn euc mechanics and also is the start point of lots of tricks
  8. @radialI think the danger of protective gear is a false sense of security that makes us take more risks. In contraposition long denim pants, closed shoes, jacket and good gloves makes enough protection for abrasions what's the most common injury (sorry for yours @Carlos E Rodriguez) and most important for the laws to come for euc: don't say to everybody you're ready to crash in any moment
  9. I remember my body hiting hard the ground three times: The first day learning to climb 4cm sidewalk I do a hands landing with not injuries but some hurt for a few days. Second my foot get stuck with a parked car in a narrow sidewalk and put me down with all my body in the ground at considerable speed, not injuries again but more hurts in hands, shoulder and hip. My thrid was thanks to my old "only wheel" 200€ euc in a small bmx track coming down from a slope too fast. My but cheeks hurts a few and of course the hands. Since first day I only use gloves for safety gear. That made in my legs two big bruises that last a couple of weeks. One month later I save most falls landing one foot and holding the euc with the other. I'm curious about what safety gear are you wearing and how that help "or not" you to prevent injuries in those falls.
  10. Probably that is the beginning of a new holding company like Fiat. Ferrari was buy and later sell by Fiat but that don't affect the price of the Fiat 500. Maybe Solowheel comes in the luxury brand of inmotion, one with those >40km/h and >40km of range for all who want something more. And IM remains branding the v5 and v8 like now with some improvement in order to maintain competitive and reasonable prices
  11. I chose v5f because the 700€ fit perfect for a impasse euc. The numbers I reach with my 60kg are 30km and +-15% remaining charge with soft riding. Maybe you decision is easier if you can save a significant amount of money choosing a vf5 instead the plus version. Battery comes degraded in less time but in advantage you can choose then to expend the saved money in a new tech battery replacement or put that money in a whole new euc and resell your old v5f
  12. Send it to your reseller and take your money back. The rain problem happened in my v5f too, only one time in 6 mounts. That's acceptable because the wheel back to work itself. The scratching tire is a no way problem, you must adapt the pressure for different activities and routes. The range problem look like a issue, the v5f takes my 60 kg 30km far with only 85% depleted if I ride softly. That's is possible with charging to the green light in the adapter instead the 100% in the app (there is one more full indicator when the blue light stop blinking) that's isn't good for battery life but it reaches that fantastic range of >30Km. But your v8 must do >40km without tricks. Maybe your batteries need do a couple of full cicles to reach his maximum capacity or maybe you ride style demand too much due lot of star, stop, accelerations and miss balances corrections but that's explain it only if you ride like dancing pogo
  13. I noticed that wobbling when I try to ride crouched too fast for long time. As many other said that is caused because the stress in the legs become in involuntary shakes making impossible keep the wheel straight. Increased by the uncomfortable posture. You only need some relax before continue and the problem goes away. If happen again try to change ride position to one more comfortable. Maybe the cold, your diet, also vitamins and minerals help to keep balance, our bodies may be affected by a lot of variants.
  14. My bad, I presume that switch must be in the same place of my v5f. Maybe @KingSong69 are right and there is only a hole, sorry about that. My v5f also stop working one day apparently for nothing. And back to normal after couple of hours.
  15. There is a reset switch next to the charger socket, under the rubber cap. Look for a little hole and insert softly a sharp stick in it a few seconds. I hope that helps you