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  1. Looking on Aliexpress, there's this big shop YZPOWER, who sells lots a fastcharger. Have bought from them in the past. A FC for my Ks18s, works fine, with just a small spark. Are there ppl here who have bought a FC from this shop, suitable for GW Monster? I don't want to shell out lots a $$ for the genuine regular FC. That'said why decide for going a little cheaper. If there is a suitable FC in this shop, which one to get and what are your experiences if you bought one yourself? Best.😎
  2. My ACM2 Triumphs, Tribulations, and Failures

    Marty, Is that the 1600wh ACM? 😎
  3. 840wh 18s Range

    Agreed! Nuff said...
  4. EUC Netherlands, Dutch

    U got pm!
  5. 18l presale specs

    If a 1600wh version is true (which WILL come out one day), I'm def. sold!
  6. Time to sell this beauty, due to upgrading. As I'm out of town currently, I'LL check tomorrow the total milage and post actual pics too. Purchased in June last year. Some faint marks of usage on the shell, pedals scratched a bit, but hey, what d'ya expect??!! 😎 Other than that everything's is in working order, flawlessly and trolly still does it's job great! Asking price €880. Prefer collection, but shipping is no prob. (Costs buyer)
  7. Gotway ACM2 (with 1900W Tesla motor)

    ACM is great for long rides wereas Tesla is perfect for daily commuting, due to trolly handle😎
  8. 18l presale specs

    In that case I'do rather upgrade my KS 16s to a potentially new KS16 (XL??) With a slight bigger (1000+) battery, stronger W motor and 84v power. Oh well, one can dream! I dunno, but I predict it will come out on day...
  9. Has Gotway Ended Production of the ACM?

    Hmm, same specs but with more motor W power? (Tesla)
  10. EUC Netherlands, Dutch

    Hi and welcome Tim! just send you send you pm.
  11. EUC Netherlands, Dutch

    Hi and welcome to the board! Please check your mss box, I just send you send you pm. R
  12. 18L Group Buy?

    please add me to the list too!
  13. 18L Group Buy?

    I'm still in: IF a 1600wh version is released!!πŸ’ͺ😎
  14. 18L Group Buy?

    If this is true, I'd rather have an upgraded GW Monster with 100v and bigger (1900w or bigger?) motor...
  15. 18L Group Buy?

    A bigger 1600+ wh batt. (at least) would be great imho...