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  1. I think the same way :-D If you finds where to buy control board tell me that
  2. May I ask to rider weight? Thx
  3. I am glad you are fine. I have experienced something similar to my MCM4.. but it was my bad It is amazing see how they melted, like nothing.. Gotway should start using XT90 for these batteries packs! So, what is the correct procedure for plug bat? 1. Check Voltage on both packs 2. Then connect small/thin wires together 3. Connect XT60 on both batteries together 4. Connect to motherboard ??
  4. Holy ... He is really hardcore master :-D Testing without helmet backwards ride on the new EUC .. WOW :-D
  5. Where did you buy? I can't find any store in EU with 84V version..
  6. It really looks like first floor of the table(Second is white) On the floor is really just white GW EUC box.. Right side of the picture Such a big optical illusion
  7. If it was on me Yes, I can but later today.. Thank you
  8. I got same issue with mcm4 I changed 2 burned mosfets on the board.. everything was fine, until I pressed On button So, is something more here But off course you can try it as well .. Maybe with better luck
  9. Hi, I burned controller board on my MCM4. So, I am looking for some .. If you have some tips(in EU is better for me), I will buy one. Thank you
  10. I will send it back and use warranty.. But thx for your time
  11. I love thinking about GT16 It is 84V, small weight, funny to ride like 14' .. I love it(except design :-D ) ACM is heavy and big for me.. But I am 97Kg. So, I am really worry about mother board in fire or faceplant in hill And no one sell this wheel in EU
  12. The main board obviously (beep) know you are pressing the power button. So, the problem is in the main board, not in the wiring I guess. Somewhere in the chip which should decide about long press (on / off) and short press (light).
  13. But why? This piece (in the picture) have to be in same size.. I guess. How it is possible?
  14. I guess, problem is in this piece.. and same on the other side. One is too much width and on the other side is too much narrow? I am wrong?
  15. This is not so easy, I am from Czech Rep. So, it is a little bit difficult to return .. But spinning of the wheel is correct without any signs bad axxis. It is just moved to one side.. So, is not any way how to move on different side?