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  1. any tires and tubes that fit the tesla? or evwn tubless?

    acm Size: 16"; 57-305 @16x1.95 should be able to take the old tire to the bike shop and match with something with the proper tubeless tire. Looks like the tesla is a 16 x 2.125 size .
  2. any tires and tubes that fit the tesla? or evwn tubless?

    Not sure but I do believe that that is correct about the tire size being the same as a acm and yes this would be the perfect time to convert ( the tire that is ) I will try and check some specs on wheel size and possibly post back with confirmation of size later .
  3. any tires and tubes that fit the tesla? or evwn tubless?

    I have not converted any off my wheels yet (just have not had a flat yet) but I think you just have to install a proper valve stem and add some sealer to the wheel , not like slime but more like a rim sealer for a motorcycle rim . I also think it would be a smart idea to go tubeless as far as making a repair after a flat and really dont understand why the manufacturers use tubes as I think all wheels have solid rims with no spokes. Good luck on the conversion .
  4. How to Tighten Gotway (ACM) Axle Nuts

    Sorry posted advice as your video was still finishing and thought it would not hurt also. Happy gliding
  5. How to Tighten Gotway (ACM) Axle Nuts

    Marty , try to recalibrate your wheel , the same thing happened to my friends acm after installing a new motor and it fixed his same problem. Good luck
  6. EUC Sailing

    Yeah , carried a kiddie pool over to my daughters on my monster and a tiny amount of wind almost blew me over . Was like a huge sail , not fun.

    Warm weather also near chicago ,so broke out the monster thinking I would ride to get food and had to ride down the most busy street in my town. I thought I would be able to ride the sidewalk but still lots of snow that was piled up in areas with patches of ice in between and had me second guessing my ride. Took my chances in the street with traffic , but after seeing your ride am impressed . By the way Im riding a monster with stock tire . The scary part was the shine on the road that could be either water or ice. Just had to comment , nice riding skills ! Agree with marty I LOVE my monster !
  8. ACM 1600 Anti Slip Pedal Studs

    Hate to see a crash and the wheel spin up with those on. Looks to dangerous to me , would rather have my foot slip off than get hit with a gotway spinning with road warrior studs. Gotta give him credit for the idea though.
  9. If the tire is not turning freely , open side panel and disconnect the battery ,if the wheel spins freely now you have a burnt mosfet.
  10. EUC Messenger

    You could also stop for lunch and have a few brownies !
  11. EUC Messenger

    I have been wanting to explore chicago on euc and this would be a great way to do it and get paid. My biggest fear would be my safety from the citys crime. Chicago is a pretty rough city but its becoming like that all over it seems.
  12. EUC Messenger

    I think Im gonna give it a go this spring . I have a monster and ninebot one and have been thinking of an 18 inch to add to the group. The monster would be great for deliveries as it is very fast and also has an awesome range . I figure you could do a few deliveries in the morning then have a break for lunch while charging. Have never been told I cant plug in when asked politely . People are so interested they seem to always want to help and it doesnt cost much to charge. I just figure I love to ride so much might as well turn it into something that will pay for itself while having fun.Not trying to make a living out off this , just I work 3 12 hr days and have 4 days off a week
  13. EUC Messenger

    Has anyone ever considered delivering packages like a bike messenger on their euc . I would think it would be better than a bike , more maneuverability , speed , and acceleration than a bike . I live near chicago and am thinking of trying this summer in the downtown. I ride quite often in the street and am very aware of the dangers riding with traffic. I realize it will take time to get used to the congestion of traffic in chicago but think it would be an awesome way to see the city and get paid at the same time. Let me know what everyone thinks and if anyone has tried this yet.
  14. Just wondering how you are dealing with the weather so far with your upgraded tire  . I live about a hour from chicago and its very cold here.