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  1. proper foot position?

    Yes , riding with no protection on your feet is just asking for an injury. Once you get hit by the pedal after a simple wipeout you will wish you had on shoes of some kind.
  2. Tested - Gotway Monster with Upgraded Knobby Tire

    I know Monsterman personally and he demonstrated what happens in cold weather when the euc is left in the car and he is totally correct . It was very scary how fast the wheel spun up , like 0 to 100 percent . Talked to the electrician at work and he said it was probably from condensation from the cold that turned it into a death rocket. Just saying believe him and dont leave your monster out in the cold or it will turn into a real monster.
  3. Gotway Monster , eBay , $1,499

    My friend bought one from this seller and it was a legit sale for 1499 shipping included, acm peddles , newer thin side pads , dont know how he sells for this price but I seen it with my own two eyes
  4. In store riding

    Went to walgreens today on the monster to pick up a prescription for my wife and brought the monster in with me because I was afraid to leave it outside by itself. On my way out with the monster on so I could roll it through the store easily , a man come out from the back and seen me and asked if I was the person riding in town on that thing. I said yes and to my surprise he asked me to demonstrate it in the store , all the way from the back at the pharmacist department . I told him I didnt think it was a good idea because I didnt want to get in trouble and he reassured me I would not because he was the manager. So of course I had to oblige , cant believe I didnt have my gopro on me. Would have been a awesome video
  5. Msuper v3s hit 47km/h easy, WOW.....

    Felt very smooth and stable , just scared the hell out of me when it beeped at me .Only had it beep at me before once at 32.3 mph with first and second alarms off and immediatlely slowed down , but it felt like there was more left
  6. Msuper v3s hit 47km/h easy, WOW.....

    Just thought I would share this!!! Look at the top speed. This was on 1600 Monster
  7. Yet Another First EUC question

    Go with the Msuper . The monster does not have as much torque and takes more work to climb the big hills , but eats up flat ground for lunch
  8. Absolutely gutted :*(

    Yes this is true. I also claimed that EUCs are not a problem in my town since I am the only one around. If they would start to pop up over night it would probably become a problem and new laws prohibiting them would be created. Have had nothing but positive attitudes towards my riding and try to be considerate of everyone else while still having fun. I think they say (there is that guy one the wheel again instead of there is another one of those wheels) Our police seem to think of them in the same way as a bicycle and I always stress the word unicycle when describing them
  9. Recommendations for my first unicycle

    Just bought my monster from Jason at ewheels and he is very knowledgeable with his products . He has a good reputation for after the sales care also. Thought I might be making a mistake buying a monster for my second wheel , but he assured me I would adjust to the size with my previous experience in riding and I am adjusting very well as he claimed. LOVING MY NEW MONSTER!!!! just giving my experience with jason so far. Also forgot to add that the monster is not a wheel for the beginner. I wish gotway would make their cases from polycarbonate as it seems to be the toughest impact resistant plastic. In my opinion the acm 1600 sounds like the best beginner wheel for you but Ive never rode a msuper . One thing the larger wheels have more comfort for long distance riding and tend not to eject you over rougher terrain.
  10. Att all ? Or Shud I say all monster owners

    Ordered mine from Jason at ewheels and should be here in the next few weeks . cant wait to give a review as only other wheel I own is a ninebot e+ and I think I will be blown away by the side by side difference. Every day closer to receiving seems harder to sleep.Love my ninebot but have been craving more speed for a long time and am sure this will fix that just hope I dont push the limits to far because it sounds like it really is a monster. 66 kph is scary to even think about
  11. Is this legit?

    Thanks , I thought the same thing. They offered a monster 1600 for $1800 with shipping included from china , thought that was to good to be true. Where is best place to get a gotway monster in the states right now?
  12. Is this legit?

    www.wheeldaddy.com Dont now if this website is legit . Wanted to sell me a gotway monster , but wanted direct payment through paypal