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  1. Yep. Great ride. It was fun to explore the downtown area. Lots of (unexpected) shade and tons of public art to see. Had some great one wheel carving opportunities and a lot of ramps of various sizes to hit. Weather was actually perfect ( I think) and had a nice break for recharging and conversation. Couple of crashes by those that shall remain nameless. Blame it on animaginary foot ball or pine cones, but I'm thinking....... operator error. Emma rode like a veteran one wheeler and I was impressed with her abilities. Hope she makes it to the next group ride. Looking forward to the Tucson group ride in a few months. Gives you old crash victims time to lick your wounds and recover from your injuries. Ha.
  2. Glad to hear she will be joining us. Its going to be a fun ride. See you all there.
  3. Aw man. Looks like a great itinerary and wouldlive to go but I'm not able to pull it off for this weekend. I'm still ccommitted to the downtown Phoenix ride on the 6th.
  4. Sign me up. Great place to ride !!
  5. Great video Ombre. Even the scenery alone would talk someone into going for their first one wheel experience. Great job behind the camera.
  6. I'm ready for a good communal ride. I haven't wheeled in the downtown mesa area nor even been on the light rail, so should be a nice adventure. I'm on board.
  7. Hey Yunglaos. I'm intersted in your NineBot One E +. Can you send me pics, and maybe a screenshot of the application history page? And what part of California are you? Thanks
  8. All in all you guys have some great information. on everyone's recommendations I definitely will be searching the web for an inexpensive 320wh battery to install in my now antique NineBot One C. Learned a lot along tge way too. Thanks
  9. I'm sure you are correct about the actual battery being compatible. However, the sales director as well as technical support at insist that the attached mother board is not interchangeable from the C to the C+ and so on. But at this point I guess I'm going to have to give a 220wh a try in my NineBot C and hope for the best. Thanks for all the input.
  10. Great info everyone. Part of the issue I've encountered with various sites for batteries is that they say the NineBot C battery is 220wh. In actuality I believe the C is rated at only 110wh. (The C + is the 220wh). I also found out that they are in no way interchangeable. So my search continues for a NineBot C (110wh) battery. Anyone with more information ??
  11. For months now, I have been unable to locate a replacement battery (and attatched mother board) for my ninebot one C. I've emailed China, and made calls to the distributor in Jersey with out any progress. Any ideas would be appreciated.